Bernice Burgos Ethnicity And Religion: Is She Christian Or Jewish Or Muslim?

Bernice Burgos Ethnicity

Bernice Burgos is an American model, video vixen, and entrepreneur who appeared in music videos for artists like Drake, J. Cole, and Rick Ross. What is Bernice Burgos Ethnicity?

With her curvy figure, striking looks, and fun personality, the American model quickly became one of the most sought-after video girls in the industry.

Beyond modeling, she has crafted a multifaceted career, including establishing her sleepwear brand, Bold & Beautiful.

The entrepreneur has amassed over 7.2 million Instagram followers and frequently makes headlines for high-profile relationship rumors.

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Bernice Burgos Ethnicity

Bernice was born in The Bronx, New York City, on April 17, 1980. She is of Puerto Rican descent. The model’s parents are Puerto Rican, and she has proudly embraced her heritage.

She has said that growing up in a Latino household instilled specific values, including a strong work ethic. The model also notes that her culture impacted her sense of style and how she carried herself.

Being raised in a Latino community has remained an essential part of her identity even as she has achieved mainstream success.

Bernice Burgos Ethnicity
Bernice Burgos’s ethnicity often becomes a topic of discussion among her fans. (Source: Instagram)

The video vixen has spoken openly about her Puerto Rican roots and how her upbringing shaped who she is today. She credits her culture for instilling a dedication to hard work and determination.

The entrepreneur’s sense of style and confidence also stems from her Latina background. Despite gaining fame in the mainstream modeling world, she celebrates her ethnicity.

She often posts about Latin music, food, and traditions on social media. Burgos serves as an inspirational figure for young Latinas chasing big dreams.

Bernice Burgos Religion: Is She Christian or Jewish or Muslim?

There is no definitive information on what religion, if any, Burgos practices. She was raised in a Christian household, as most Puerto Ricans are predominantly Roman Catholic.

However, she has not publicly confirmed following any particular faith as an adult.

The model often uses religious phrases like “Amen” and “God bless” in her social media posts.

She also frequently posts inspirational quotes that reference spirituality. But overall, she seems to keep her religious views private.

Bernice Burgos Ethnicity
Bernice Burgos grew up in a Christian household. (Source: Instagram)

While the video shows Vixen was raised with Catholic values and traditions as a child, it is unclear if she currently identifies with any organized religion.

She shares uplifting content that indicates a belief in God but does not align herself with any specific spiritual community.

There are no indications that she identifies as Jewish or Muslim.

Though she embraces her Latino heritage, the entrepreneur prefers to keep her personal religious affiliations out of the public eye.

She maintains an air of mystery around her exact beliefs while still acknowledging the presence of faith in her life.

Bernice Burgos Family

The American model had a challenging childhood and family life. She became pregnant at just 15 years old and gave birth to her first daughter, Ashley.

After becoming pregnant, Burgos said her grandmother kicked her out of the house.

She had to drop out of high school and work odd jobs to support herself and her baby. The father was not involved.

When the model was 25, she had her second daughter, Sarai, making her first child a teen mom as well. The identity of Sarai’s father is also unknown.

Despite the unconventional family situation, she is very close with her two daughters. She often praises them as her biggest inspirations.

Ashley helped her mother launch her clothing brand, Bold & Beautiful, in 2014.

Bernice Burgos Ethnicity
Bernice Burgos is a mother of two children. (Source: Instagram)

The company initially focused on sleepwear but has expanded to offer stylish activewear and lounge pieces as well.

Sarai and Ashley have appeared on the video Vixen’s popular YouTube channel. She also has one grandson, Amaru, who was born in 2018 when her oldest daughter was just 17.

Though she endured a difficult childhood, the entrepreneur maintains a close relationship with her family.

She has used her experiences as motivation to build a successful career and provide for her loved ones.

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