Berki Mazsi Wikipedia Age: Husband And Net Worth

Berki Mazsi

Berki Mazsi Wikipedia is one of the most searched topics on the internet as netizens have been more curious about her. This article discusses Berki Mazsi’s age, husband, and children.

Berki Mazsi is the celebrity wife of the late Krisztian Berki. She rose to stardom as a boxer and dancer. Her husband was a Hungarian former football player, general manager, presenter, and influencer. 

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Berki Mazsi’s Wikipedia

Berki Mazsi doesn’t seem to have a Wikipedia page. The Hungarian boxer is a pretty private person who hasn’t disclosed much information regarding her personal life. Thus, there isn’t much information about her age, parents, and early life.

Berki Mazsi has a charming personality and attracts many people. Netizens liked her bikini pictures on a sandy beach lined with palm trees. 

Berki Mazsi
Berki Mazi (source: Index)

Berki Mazsi is a famous social media icon, having 255K followers on Instagram and 86K on Facebook. Her public figure Facebook account is Berki Renata, and her Instagram account is Berkimazsi.

She seems to be in her thirties, going through her photos on social media. She often posts pictures of her daily activities like traveling, dancing, and boxing on social media.

Berki Mazsi real name is Berki Renata. Although she seems educated, she hasn’t shared much information regarding her academic background with the tabloids.

Berki Mazsi’s Husband Krisztian Berki and their married life

Berki Mazsi married Hungarian former football player Krisztian Berki in 2019. They met at the beginning of 2018 and appeared in public for the first time at the Glamour Gala. They have a daughter, Emma Katerina Berki, born on 4 November 2021.

Her husband, Krisztian Berki, also had a daughter, Natasa Zselyke Berki, from his previous relationship with Pamela Toth-Hodi. Natasa Zselyke Berki was born on 29 November 2013.

Berki Mazsi with her husband, Krisztián Berki
Berki Mazsi with her husband, Krisztián Berki (Source: Pinterest)

Berki and Krisztian had many ups and downs in their relationship. According to their close friends, they used to have loud fights regularly, and Krisztian physically abused his wife several times. It was presumed due to the side effects of steroids that Krisztian used to have. 

Krisztian’s mother, Julia Mayer, rejected the accusation of abuse and expressed her son’s aggression was provoked by his demanding wife, Berki Mazsi. Krisztian allegedly wanted to divorce the Hungarian boxer and dancer.

Berki Mazsi’s Net Worth

Berki Mazsi rose to stardom as the celebrity wife of the Hungarian former football player Krisztian Berki. She has amassed huge earnings through dancing and boxing. However, Berki Mazsi hasn’t talked much about her salary and net worth with the tabloids.

Berki did not have access to Krisztian’s money, which he kept with his father. Krisztian and Attila Ambrus published a book, Bad Boys in Asia, in 2018.

They both had thousands of books to sell, but Krisztian didn’t sell any of them. Later, Attila sold the books and gave several million to Krisztian’s children.

She applied for the money after the death of her husband, but it wasn’t given to her. Krisztian’s parents, Julia Mayer and Ferenc Berki, settled the debt with the involvement of a lawyer. 

Death of Berki Mazsi’s Husband Krisztian Berki

Krisztian Berki, a former Hungarian football player and sports manager, was born on 1 July 1980 in Tatabanya, Hungary. He competed for the post of Mayor in Budapest during the 2019 Hungarian municipal elections and finished with 4,047 votes on 13 October.

Sadly, Berki Mazsi’s husband, 41-year-old Krisztian, passed away on 6 May 2022 at his home in Budapest. His first daughter found his body on the balcony of the apartment, and the police seized suspicious drug material at the scene upon arrival.

They found cocaine, marijuana, and steroids in Krisztián Berki’s apartment after the investigation. His grave is located in the Farkasret Cemetery. 

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