Begho Ukueberuwa Health Before Death: Died Of Heart Stroke Or Kidney Failure

Begho Ukueberuwa Health Before Death

The subject of Begho Ukueberuwa Health began trending into the news after surprising disclosures on his death case. Let’s find out if the rumors regarding his Heart Stroke Or Kidney Failure are true. 

People are concerned about his health. His death news has come as a shock to many.

Late Begho Ukueberuwa is an Executive and former agent. Ukueberuwa, 27, died on 9 May 2023.

However, his death cause of death has not been released in the mainstream media. 

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Begho Ukueberuwa Health

Late CAA agent Begho Ukueberuwa’s health news concerns everyday citizens. The 27-year-old young man’s health has not been covered by trustee sources. 

It is difficult to assume Ukueberuwa’s health condition before his death as he mostly lived low-key. 

Various online outlets, including Surprise Sports, suggested that Ukueberuwa had several friends while he worked at Thomas Sweet Ice Cream and New York University.

Begho Ukueberuwa Health
Late CAA agent Begho Ukueberuwa’s Health condition was not revealed. (Source: Variety)

According to a Yahoo News article, Ukueberuwa was a CAA agent. He lived in Los Angeles, California.

In 2022 fall, Ukueberuwa served at the Fat City production company as a head of film and television development.

His health condition has rarely been brought up in the mainstream media since he died young. 

Brooklyn native Ukueberuwa was appointed to head up the then-newly launched production company of Ryan Zacarias and Sara Murphy. 

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Begho Ukueberuwa Heart Stroke And Kidney Failure Rumors Explained

According to various sources, including Deadline, Begho Ukueberuwa’s cause of death remains unconfirmed.

Reportedly, he collapsed while trying to run a half-marathon on 9 May 2023, so several media outlets guessed of a potential heart stroke, but the real cause is not verified. 

Generally, heart stroke causes people to collapse suddenly, like in this case, so people expected the same for Begho. 

However, his death cause has not been released, so we cannot be 100 percent sure. 

Begho Ukueberuwa Gofundme

Ukueberuwa’s family raised a huge figure via GoFundMe, collecting over $30 Thousand. According to sources, 27-year-old CAA agent Begho passed away after collapsing during a half-marathon.

The tragic incident responded in a GoFundMe page has been organized on behalf of the Ukueberuwa family.

The fundraising initiative was launched to help his family prepare for the funeral and other expenses. While GoFundMe aimed to hit $25 Thousand, it has already raised more than $32 Thousand.

Begho Ukueberuwa fundraise
Begho Ukueberuwa’s funeral fundraises crossed $32 Thousand. (Source: GoFundMe)

The fundraiser mentioned that the extra fund collected would go to Athens PBJ and the Woodlawn Foundation. 

Pierre De Malliard organized the GoFundMe on the Ukueberuwa family’s behalf. He revealed that Begho Ukueberuwa had been his good friend.

De Malliard wrote, “I learned with great sadness about the passing of our dear friend Begho Ukueberuwa: Begho was a beloved friend who touched the lives of everyone, and I was lucky enough to know him.”

As mentioned on the GoFundMe page, Ukueberuwa had a warm and sociable personality. The late man was friendly, always making new friends wherever he went.

The page also mentioned tributes from close ones he met across New York City, Princeton, Georgia, Austin, and Los Angeles. The fact proves that Ukueberuwa was connected to a vast network of people as they came forward to support his family after his death.

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