Beckett Rex Left American Idol – Why Did He Drop Out? Parents And Age

Beckett Rex Left American Idol

Beckett Rex is an aspiring young American Idol contestant who suddenly dropped out of the contest. Read the article to learn more about why Beckett Rex Left American Idol.Beckett McDowell or famously known as Beckett Rex participated in the Top 26 of the American Idol Season 21 auditions. However, he was abruptly replaced and never appeared in the season.

Rex has released several singles, including “Wildfire” and “Pale Blue Eyes” This song is titled after his father’s eyes, and the music video included his father.

Overall, he is a rising star in the music business, and both fans and reviewers have already been won over by his distinctive style and moving lyrics.

Despite being replaced early from American Idol has kept going after his goals and established himself as an artist.

Beckett Rex Left American Idol – Why Did He Drop Out?

According to rumors, Paige has taken Becketts’ place. He left the competition before the final edits were made since viewers were unable to see him in even a single scene.

The ambitious singer also informed his followers of this information. “Did you drop out of American Idol?” a follower enquired during a live discussion posted by a fan. Beckett answered,” I did; I made the Top 26 too.”

When Yahoo asked Beckett for a statement, he only offered,” Unfortunately, all Im allowed to say is (it’s) because I choose not to go forward.”

While the precise cause of his departure is unknown, some social media users have their own theories.”Beckett Rez is the contestant who dropped out. Apparently, he was giving no screentime because production was unhappy with how he quit.” a spectator tweeted.

Beckett Rex Left American Idol
Fans are tweeting about Beckett Rex’s departure. (Source: Twitter)

Another viewer tweeted,” I wonder what the reason was…with companies, he could’ve easily quit in a reasonable way, but producers not liking it for some reason. Or he could’ve been a jerk. But let’s not assume, and we have more information first.”

Finally, Rex probably left American Idol to pursue more excellent offers elsewhere. He might not have required this professional chance as much as Paige Annne did; therefore, his departure was probably for the best.

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Beckett Rex Parents

Beckett’s father is Malcolm McDowell, a British actor, producer and television presenter. He was best known for his role as Alex DeLarge in the movie “A Clockwork England.” There is no information about the rising singer’s mother.

The title of one of the two songs Beckett has so far published, “Pale Blue Eyes,” is a reference to the color of his father’s eyes. Malcolm also appears in the music video. To add to it.

Beckett Rex Left American Idol
Beckett Rex has made a song for his Father. (Source: Instagram)

Rex informed the website that the song isn’t necessarily about his father. “To me, this song can represent so many things, and when I wrote. I intended for it to be open-ended and mysterious…it could be about a loss of a loved one or a breakup.”

The rising star also said, “There is nothing more special for a parent to witness (than) one of his children blossom into an extraordinary talent.”

In conclusion, although Malcolm, his father, is a well-known and reputable figure in the entertainment business, not much is known about his mother. 

Regardless, his tight bond with his father and his own distinctive musical abilities have already won him a devoted following and a potential future.

Beckett Rex Age

The rising star has not revealed his birthdate, so it is impossible to calculate his age without an exact birthdate. Still, judging his looks, he might be in his mid-20s, and according to his Spotify bio, he was born and raised in the small southern California town of Ojai.

He started singing at a young age and was obsessed with Elvis Presley’s music, pleading with his mother to play his recording nonstop. He began performing on stage at the age of eight. He took up a guitar at the age of fourteen and had been creating his own songs.

Beckett Rex Left American Idol
Beckett Rex recently served as Dave Mason on Traffic’s opening act. (Source: Instagram)

He claims that his musical influences are in addition to Elvis, Billie Elish, Big Mama Thornton, Billie Joe Armstrong, and many others. He also recently served as Dave Mason on Traffic’s opening act.

According to Beckett, a turning point occurred in 2020 when the pandemic struck, and he had the opportunity to switch to online learning, enabling him to devote more time to his music.

Finally, Becket is a young gifted musician who has always had a passion for music and has been influenced by many different musicians throughout his life. He could focus on his music because of the pandemic and has since created several successful singles.

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