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Aleem Maqbool

Fans and wellwishers are curious to learn about the details of Aleem Maqbool Wikipedia. He previously spent years covering news from Pakistan, Gaza/West Bank, and Egypt.

Since the beginning, Maqbool has had numerous religious stories appear on TV from 6 pm to 10 pm. This included a report on American evangelist Franklin Graham and a piece about the Ukraine war.

Revisiting his personality traits, the professionals who Aleem has interacted with praise journalist for being content, exceptionally thoughtful reporters and great analysts.

Furthermore, the BBC stated that Maqbool would “take the lead on the BBC’s professional analysis and insight on the important themes and issues impacting different faiths in the UK and worldwide” when Aleem announced his appointment.

Details Of Aleem Maqbool Wikipedia Bio Explored

As for Aleem Maqbool, he currently leads the BBC’s professional analysis and insight on important topics.

He also challenges impacting many religions in the UK and worldwide. Moreover, he has been based in Washington, DC, since 2014.

Aleem Maqbool
Aleem Maqbool in San Juan, Puerto Rico, reporting for BBC News. (Source: YouTube)

Similarly, Journalist has worked for the BBC for about 20 years, covering political and social news in the United States and beyond for TV, radio, and internet audiences.

Finally, before his journey with BBC, the reporter worked as a Pakistan Correspondent and Gaza/West Bank Correspondent.

On the other hand, as per the source, ZGR net, the BBC’s journalist earns more than 52 thousand dollars annually. There is no information about his net worth.

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BBC: Aleem Maqbool Religion And Family Details Revealed

Aleem Maqbool’s personal information is unknown as the journalist loves to keep his personal information private. Due to privacy concerns, it is acceptable that he has decided to stay low-key at the moment.

By the looks of it, he may have a wife. On the contrary, he has managed to keep his personal life confidential. Talking about Religion, Maqbool is the appointed new Religion editor.

Aleem Maqbool
Aleem Maqbool takes an interview with the JW3- The postcode for Jewish life. (Source: Youtube)

He takes pride in being the editor of Religion because he is impressed with how the role will help him get focused on telling stories associated with faith and ethics and reflecting on all the ways to continue shaping society, however tricky it may be.

The Director or the Deputy Director of the BBC expressed how Aleem was a thoughtful analyst with a solid vision to deliver specific goals to the new audience.

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Does Aleem Maqbool Have A Twitter Account?

BBC’s reporter is highly active on his Twitter account. To further elaborate, his Twitter account’s handle name is @AleemMaqbool. The journalist initially joined the platform in 2010 and has been widely active.

Also, BBC’s reporter is a verified user on his Twitter with over 35.6 thousand followers, along with 7779 tweets made so far. He has classified his location as London and stated his profession on his bio.

Furthermore, the reporter repeatedly posts on his Twitter, sharing his articles and perceptions, retweeting, and replying. He does not hesitate to publish his views and perceptions on particular topics; his vocalness draws in followers and the audience.

On the contrary, it is surprising that Maqbool does not have an Instagram account. The reason behind this needs to be clarified. By the looks of it, he prefers Twitter, its originality and authenticity, and more news is reliable there.

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