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Bandman Kevo

A famous American rapper Kevin Ford, better known as Bandman Kevo, has a net worth of $5 million.

Kevo is well recognized for his chart-topping singles “Who Is Dat,” “All Foreign,” and “Baller in Me.”

In addition, he posts self-help content on his YouTube channel, which has gained a vast following on the internet.

BandMan Kevo
BandMan Kevo (Source: WHAT’S ON THE STAR?)

Kevo has established himself as a financial counselor who educates individuals on achieving financial security.

His objective is to improve global financial literacy and help people create generational wealth.

Bandman Kevo | Quick Facts

Bandman Kevo’s net worth is as of July 2024 a whopping $5 million. Here are some facts about the multitalented personality of Bandman Kevo.

Full Name Kevin Ford
Celebrated As Bandman Kevo
Date of Birth February 16, 1990
Place of Birth Chicago, IL, U. S.
Residency California, USA
Age 34 Years Old
Nationality American
Ethnicity  Mixed
Gender Male
Horoscope  Aquarius
Religion Christian
Father Will be Updated Soon
Mother Will be Updated Soon
Relationship Status Married
Wife Dyme Kevo
Children Chicago Kevo
Height 5 feet 8 inches/1.72 m/172 cm
Weight 75 kg/171 lbs.
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Profession Film Producer, Voice Actor, DJ
Social Media InstagramYouTubeTwitterSoundcloud
Net Worth $5 Million
Last Update July 2024

Bandman Kevo | Net Worth & Income

The multitalented personality Bandman Kevo’s net worth as of July 2024 is $5 million.

Kevo has established himself as a famous rapper, and his rapping career has bagged him decent fortunes.

The Chicago-based music producer had modest beginnings but developed a rap career that attracted millions of listeners.

His early accomplishment enabled him to gain important knowledge about wealth building, finance, and career.

Let’s explore in detail how Bandman Kevo made his millions.

Kevo began rapping as a hobby but soon decided to make it a career. Following that, he spent around $200,000 on advertising services.

After making millions of dollars in music, Kevo used his fame to make even more money as an internet personality.

Earnings As a Social Media Influencer

Kevo has also established himself as a social media influencer. He has a massive fan base, and he regularly posts videos on his Instagram and YouTube.

Bandman uses an online platform to share his message and encourage others to have a successful life.

Aside from making a lot of money through YouTube videos, he also bags a handsome amount from

Earning As Entrepreneur

Kevo enjoyed experimenting with new ideas and enterprises and soon recognized that a typical 9-5 job was not for him.

Instead, Kevo made the decision to follow his entrepreneurial goals full-time.

And it has worked out beautifully so far! Kevo is continuously developing and devising new methods to serve his consumers.

He’s also developed some great business contacts, which has helped him grow his enterprise immensely.

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Bandman Kevo Net Worth in Different Currencies

Bandman Kevo’s net worth as of July 2024 is $5 million. Here is a diversified look at Bandman Kevo ’s net worth in some major currencies, including BitCoin, the cryptocurrency.

Currency Net Worth
Euro € 4,764,000
Pound Sterling £ 4,089,812
Australian Dollar A$ 7,213,965
Canadian Dollar C$ 6,517,475
Indian Rupee ₹ 389,757,500
BitCoin ฿ 262.84

Bandman Kevo | Cars

Rapper Bandman Kevo is obsessed with luxurious vehicles. He is often spotted flaunting his cars on his Facebook and Instagram.

Bandman Kevo With His Urus
Bandman Kevo With His Urus (Source: WHAT’S ON THE STAR?)

His collection of wheels includes Lamborghini Urus, Rolls Royce, Range Rover, and Mercedes-Benz Maybach.

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Bandman Kevo| Lifestyle

Kevo has an opulent lifestyle. He enjoys wearing designer clothing and accessories.

Kevo once posted a photo of a silver and diamond bracelet, watch, and chains on his Instagram.

Bandman Kevo Enjoying Himself (Source: Instagram)

He also shared images of himself wearing designer gear, calculating money, and even driving his Maserati on Facebook.

Bandman Kevo was married to Dyme Kevo. Together they had a son named Chicago Kevo.

As per the rumors, Bandman Kevo is currently dating Mercedes Hatcher.


Kevo and his girlfriend Mercedes Hatcher were both taken into custody and charged with credit card fraud.

Since his release from prison, he has become a social media expert and motivational speaker.

He even built his own website, where he personally communicates with his fans and provides motivating suggestions for converting challenges into opportunities.

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Bandman Kevo | Music & Ventures


Kevo started his YouTube channel on August 18, 2012. He uploaded his debut video in October 2012, titled  “Bandman Kevo Maserati Candy Apple Red on 22Inch Lanos”.

He released a rap song named “Got Me In It” in November 2012. On December 8, 2012, he released another song titled “F**k Me,” featuring rapper ZMoney.

Kevo released a  song named “All Foreign Official World Premiere Music Video” in January 2013.  The song became a smash hit and also garnered him massive admiration and recognition on social media.

In February 2014, he released the track “Who Is Dat?”

Bandman Kevo "Tor Broser"
Bandman Kevo “Tor Browser” (Source: YouTube)

Kevo’s other songs on YouTube include “Like Dis,” “ZMoney Shawtypaid Ft Bandman Kevo Want My Money,” and “Molly.”

Similarly, his other videos, including “They Think They Gone Rob,” “Baller In Me,” “Day In The Life in Life,” and “Aint Shit,” have garnered considerable views on YouTube.

Moreover, in 2019 he released singles “Uber,” “Tor Browser,” and “Entitled.”


While still maintaining his dedication to music, Kevo has established his own platform focusing on personal finance.

His music career provided him with invaluable expertise, and he uses that skills to assist his fans in learning more about personal finance.

He has perfected the skill of connecting with his followers and providing advice in an innovative way.

Bandman Kevo | Career

Bandman Kevo started off as a bright young rapper in the music business. He had already recorded his first song by the age of seventeen.

Kevo did not have enough money to fund his aspirations when he decided to follow his passion. He was only a kid from a poor household, with no one to hold his hand.

But Kevo understood he had to fight for his dreams and be the change he wanted to see in the world for a better tomorrow.

He worked hard, and through dedication and endurance, he has become an icon in the music industry and the entrepreneurial space.

Unknown Facts About Bandman Kevo

  • Bandman Kevo loves tattoos and has inked his entire back.
  • In one of his interviews, Kevo said that his parents would want him to be a scammer or a con artist rather than be broke.
  • Kevo researched extensively on the music industry while incarcerated for a year, which helped him improve as a musician.


Why did Bandman Kevo join the music industry?

Bandman Kevo only entered the music business to gain popularity. Kevo always craved fame and believed that was the only way to get it.

He might have chosen another way to become well-known, but he went with the music.

Why Kevo’s raps are popular?

Kevo’s music is influenced by traditional funk and soul elements and modern trap rhythms.

His lyrics are introspective and famous for addressing issues like love, hustling, and street life.

Why did Bandman Kevo decide to start his solo career?

The famous entrepreneur and rapper Bandman Kevo decided to go solo and launch his own record company.

According to Kevo, he wanted to develop a platform to encourage people in the field and show the various paths to success.

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