Avriel Hooks Missing Lynchburg VA: Michael L. Perry III Arrested For Murder Of 20-Year-Old

Avriel Hooks Missing

The unsettling Avriel Hooks missing case in Lynchburg, Virginia, has taken a grim turn as her husband, Michael L. Perry III, has been arrested on charges of murder.

Avriel Hooks was a 20-year-old mother and wife living in Lynchburg, Virginia. She had a five-month-old son and was married to 21-year-old Michael L. Perry III.

By all accounts, she loved being a mother and would not have left her son willingly.

Her family described her as a devoted mom who always had her baby by her side. At only 20 years old, Hooks had her whole life ahead of her before it was tragically cut short.

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Avriel Hooks Missing Lynchburg, VA

On August 22nd, Avriel Hooks was last seen at her home in Lynchburg around 8 p.m., resulting in a surge in the term “Avriel Hooks Missing” becoming a trending subject across online platforms.

The following day, her mother, Ashley Pittman, received a suspicious text message purportedly from her saying she wanted some “me time” and was at a friend’s house.

Pittman immediately felt the text was odd and didn’t sound like something she would say or how she would text.

Alarmed, she went to her home on August 23rd and found the door unlocked with the lights on but no sign of Avriel.

Avriel Hooks Missing Lynchburg VA
Avriel Hooks missing case has gained significant attention online. (Source: Daily Mail)

It was highly uncharacteristic of the mother of one to leave her baby alone, so her family knew something was wrong.

Hooks’s disappearance prompted a multi-agency search effort between the Lynchburg Police Department, Amherst County Sheriff’s Office, Virginia Department of Emergency Management, and Federal Bureau of Investigations.

Her family also assisted in trying to locate the missing 20-year-old.

Tragically, after one week of searching, the young woman’s body was discovered in a wooded area off the US 60 Lexington Turnpike in Amherst County, Virginia, on August 29th.

Michael L. Perry III Arrested For Murder

The shocking murder of 20-year-old Avriel has led to the arrest of her 21-year-old husband, Michael L. Perry III.

The missing woman’s body was tragically discovered, sending the community tremors of grief and dismay.

Michael now faces serious charges of second-degree murder and unlawful disposal of a body for his presumed role in her death. The couple lived together in their home in Lynchburg.

Michael’s arrest resulted from diligent investigative work by law enforcement, which compiled evidence implicating him in Hooks’ killing.

Avriel Hooks Missing Lynchburg VA
Avriel Hooks’ 21-year-old husband, Michael L. Perry III, has been arrested for second-degree murder. (Source: Daily Mail)

However, the investigation remains ongoing as authorities piece together details surrounding the circumstances and motive for this horrific crime.

As her husband remains jailed without bond, the community struggles to deal with the senseless loss of a young life under baffling conditions.

Justice now seeks to unravel the truth behind this tragedy and bring closure to a grieving community.

Though an arrest has been made, a complex process lies ahead to understand how and why this promising young woman fell victim to such a terrible fate.

Avriel Hooks Missing Case: Killed After Disappearing

20-year-old Avriel Hooks seemingly vanished on August 22nd after being last seen at her home around 8 p.m. that evening.

The young mother would never have left her 5-month-old son alone willingly, so when her mother, Ashley Pittman, received a questionable text the following day, she knew something was wrong.

Pittman found her home unlocked, with lights on but no sign of Avriel, on August 23rd. Her disappearance launched a desperate search effort involving local and federal law enforcement.

Tragically, the missing woman’s body was discovered one week later, on August 29th, in a wooded area in Amherst County.

The young woman’s husband, 21-year-old Michael L. Perry III, was arrested and charged with second-degree murder and unlawful disposal of a body.

Avriel Hooks Missing
Search parties were set up to help find Avriel Hooks. (Source: Daily Mail)

The police investigation is ongoing to determine the circumstances leading to Hooks’ death.

Her family describes her as a loving mother who always had her baby in her arms. Her parents never believed she would have left her 5-month-old son willingly.

While law enforcement has made an arrest, the tragic murder of this young mother remains under investigation.

Hooks’ life was cut short, leaving behind grieving parents, her infant son, and many unanswered questions about what led to her untimely death.

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