Wednesday, December 8, 2021
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Navyata is a deep and highly sensitive person. She cherishes solitude and peace over everything. She is a lover of nature. Thus, she finds beauty in everything that happens in this universe which is too profound and mysterious to be expressed in words in the way she feels about it. Likewise, she is interested in writing poetry, songs, watching animes, listening to opera, instrumentals, hip-hop, rock, and blues genres of music. NF is her favorite rapper. Besides, she loves reading novels and writing stuff. And, she hates routines but it’s the karma of a human to be busy in schedules. Moreover, she gets lost in her imagination and in her own thoughts. Despite the running chaos in the world, she has deeply rooted herself in her own inner world far away from everyone. She's the rawest, pure, and beautiful gem you'll ever find in this Kaliyug (modern era)!! And, she admires souls like her which is very rare to find nowadays. Also, she loves the dawn, the first sunrise, the sunset, oceans, skies, rainbows, rainy days, the smell after the rain, wind, thunder, snow, wondering, the sun, the moon, stars, cosmos, galaxies, space, aliens, meteor showers, natural five seasons, is wanderlust and the list goes on. Furthermore, she's a phoenix, hope someday her albatross finds her!!! Waiting to soar high and fly across the universe...
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