Arjen Robben Net Worth : Career & Income

The talented Dutch footballer/soccer player Arjen Robben has a net worth of 80 million dollars.

Class act, pure talent, humble and calm is what comes to the mind of football fans after hearing the name Arjen Robben.

Dutch-born Arjen Robben is a left-footed footballer who mainly plays as a right-winger.

The football star is also widely popular for his trademark move “Cutting Inside,” a lethal weapon of his.

Adding on that, His opponent knows what he is going to do, but it’s almost impossible to stop him when he does his trademark move.

On 2014 Arjen made it to 4th place in FIFA Ballon d’Or award.

Arjen Robben wearing Bayern Munich Jersey.
Arjen Robben wearing Bayern Munich Jersey.

Currently, he plays for his boyhood club FC Groningen where he started his football career and is also the captain of the squad.

However, the football legend hung his boot from the national level football in 2017, October 10, and temporarily retired from the club level football in 2019, July 4.

Arjen returned from retirement in the 2020/2021 season to help his boyhood in difficult times despite taking retirement.

He has played for clubs like FC Groningen, PSV, Chelsea, Real Madrid, and Bayern Munich consecutively throughout his professional career.

This football genius has played a sum of 612 games at a club level and managed to found the net 209 times.

In a similar manner, he has appeared 67 times for the Netherlands and has scored 37 goals.

The table below contains many quick facts about Arjen Robben, which you may not typically find in other sources.

Quick Facts

Full Name Arjen Robben
Date of Birth January 23, 1984
Nick Name The Man of Glass, Boyke, The Flying Dutchman
Education No formal education
Religion Christian
Nationality Dutch
Ethnicity White
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Age 54 years old
Height 5 ft 9 inches
Weight 176 lb (80 kg)
Hairstyle Bald
Eye color Green
Build Athletic
Father’s Name Hans Robben
Mother’s Name Marjo Robben
Place of Birth Bedum, Netherlands
Marital Status Married
Wife Bernadien Robben- Eillert
Kids Kay Robben, Luka Robben and Lynn Robben
Profession Football player
Preferred Foot Left
Jersey Number  No. 10 for FC Groningen
Position Winger, Midfielder
Active Since 1996
Net worth 80 Million
Social Media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
Last Updated December, 2023

Arjen Robben: Net Worth and Income

Net Worth

Due to his splendid football talent, Arjen was the man wanted by many.

He was offered Mouth-Watering contracts, salary, and bonus from the club, sponsorship deals, deals to be included in popular video games, etc.

All these things were responsible for Arjen Robben’s impressive net worth of 80 million dollars.

Arjen Robben also has sponsors deals with Addidas and Audi which adds to his net worth annually.

The athlete also has made into the list of one of the richest football players in the world.

It’s incredible that Arjen Robben gets paid a lot by just doing the things he does best and enjoys the most.

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As incredible as the player Arjen Robben is, his football salary was also equally incredible from the viewpoint of commoners like us.

Now, let’s look at his previous contract with his club and his salary as a player.

Going back to 2012, The Flying Dutchman used to earn 5.5 million euros as a Bayern Munich player.

5.5 million euros for a player of such caliber, Arjen deserved a better contract.

Fast forward to the 2018-2019 season, Arjen Robben got a better contract which he rightfully deserves, if not more.

In 2018-2019 his wage was a staggering 160,000 euros per week. He was the highest-paid player of this club, along with Robert Lewandowski, Arturo Vidal, Frank Ribery, Mats Hummels, and Kingsley Coman.

Currently, in his present club, he earns much less wage than in his previous club.

Now what he earns in a year, he used to make more than it in three weeks with Bayern Munich. Crazy right!

It is because his present club FC Groningen is not an elite club as his previous clubs.

Brands like Addidas and Audi also have sponsorship deals with Arjen that pay him regularly to promote their product.

In the entirety of an Arjen Robben net worth, all these incomes have a significant contribution.

Arjen Robben: House and Cars


A house describes its owner’s personality, so does Arjen Robben’s home.

Despite Arjen Robben having a net worth of $80 million, Arjen Robben has chosen to live a pretty humble life and does not own a lavish castle.

The Boyke owns multiple houses in various counties.

The football star primarily lived in his house located in Munich among the posh neighborhood during his professional career while playing for Bayern Munich.

Arjen Robben's house in Germany.
Arjen Robben’s house in Germany.

The house contains a wonderful living room, fantastic bedroom, fine kitchen, and big yard where his little kids can play football.

Likewise, he also owns another house in Newzeland, Pauanui.

After enjoying fabulous success in the elite clubs in the past, he came back to his origin place, and currently, he resides in Netherland.

Arjen now plans to forge a private self dedicated-museum in his own house where he wants to assemble all the awards, boots, balls, jerseys, etc., that he won previously.

This museum, however, will only be open to his friends, family, and his relatives.


For many of us, we at least have that one type of product category where we spend our money a bit much compared to other product categories due to our love and interest in specific product categories.

Arjen robben is no different. Although the football star may have a modest lifestyle compared to other millionaires Robben certainly likes to travel in style and luxury.

BWM 6 series Gran Coupe convertible
BWM 6 series Gran Coupe convertible

The football legend owns a BWM 6 series Gran Coupe convertible that cost $150,000 where he and his fellow companions go on road trips.

Audi A5
Audi A5

Similarly, he also owns one Audi A5 2014 Luxury Edition-the iconic sports back from the German auto giant worth $58,500.

Furthermore, in his car collection, there are also several luxury Sedans. On another note, Arjen likes his car in black color.

All these cars are high-performance, luxury, and comfort-centric cars. Similarly, they are also equipped with modern technical features.

Arjen Robben: Lifestyle and Vacation


In football, just having talent is not enough because it is a sport that demands a lot of discipline, hard work, and a fit body.

Football has hence encouraged Arjen to stay fit so that he would enjoy injury-free football, which he has frankly struggled to achieves; as a result, he is named “The man of Glass.”

Arjen prefers a small meal at once but multiple meals in a single day.

Out of all meals, his biggest meal being his breakfast which comprises Oatmeal, 6-7 egg whiteness, and seasonal fruit.

He also drinks a glass of mixed one-pound spinach every Friday which brings toxins out of his body.

Likewise, he also enjoys ice cream and pizza pie; meanwhile, his favorite drink is orange Juice.

Arjen Robben is a top professional football player, so he regularly trains with his teammates, hits the gym, and has his weekly workout routine.

Given these points, One could say he has a pretty healthy lifestyle.

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Arjen Robben always has to work hard and maintain discipline off the field so that he can perform at this best on the field.

After much hard work throughout the year, Arjen goes on vacation after the end of the season to rejuvenate physically and mentally.

Arjen Robben flew to the Maldives on June 19, 2011 t to spend his vacation, where he stayed for eleven days.

Likewise, the football star also went to Formentera, Spain, on holiday with his family and friends on June 17, 2013.

Furthermore, He also visited Bali, Indonesia, in 2018, where he spent some time with Dallas Stars Ice hockey star Radek Faksa.

Arjen enjoying on beautiful beaches of Miami with his family.
Arjen enjoying on beautiful beaches of Miami with his family.

The athlete was also spotted enjoying on beautiful beaches of Miami with his family on holidays.

Arjen Robben: Charity

Arjen Robben has gained a lot of success in football which earned him a lot of money and fame, but he also believes in giving it back to the people.

He frequently takes part in many charity events.

The flying Dutchman has been involved in the “Kits for the World” charity group through which he has made many appearances in fundraising games.

Such charity events provide children and adults with essential football accessories which help them to develop their playing skills as these children’s families cannot afford such equipment.

Correspondingly, Arjen Robben has been continually involved in many other charitable activities and is regularly involved in charity football games organized by Ronaldo and Zidane.

In 2003, he gifted his community of Bedum with the “Cruyff Court,” an artificial grass pitch for the development of football.

The Cruyff Foundation had earlier given him the pitch in recognition of his outstanding football achievements.

Recently in 2020, the 37-year-old took part in the “Groningen swim Challange,” where he swam eight km in 100 minutes.

Former Dutch International himself is an ambassador for this annual challenge which raises money for a cancer charity.

The Boyke has handed over many of his worn and signed jerseys throughout his career to United Charity and Charitystars for auctioning them.

Such auctioning fight for various causes such as AIDS, Cancer, Nutrition, Wildlife, and so on.

In addition, Robben has participated in FC Bayern Hilife eV charity matches.

The non-profit organization helps those in need with education, training, and sports facilities.

Arjen Robben: Movies, Endorsement, and Book Publications


Arjen is not just a man of glass but also a man with multiple talents as he has also been featured in numerous movies, Tv-Series, and documentaries.

The football star has been featured in numerous Tv-Series since 2001, such as Villa BVD, Match of the Day, UEFA champions league, College Tour, and so on.

Additionally, there is also a documentary about him called Arjen Robben.

Likewise, he is included in many documentaries such as De 99 Van Robben, Das Aktuelle Sportstudio, Sportclub Story, and many more.

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Arjen is one of the most talented players of his generation, so it is only reasonable for him to get many endorsement deals as he is a very popular figure in football.

The athlete has sponsorship deals with Adidas, one of the most renowned, prominent, and best sportswear and equipment suppliers on the planet.

Arjen Robben wearing Adidas shoes.
Arjen Robben wearing Adidas shoes.

Since the Deadly Strike collection released in March 2018, Arjen Robben has been wearing the same camouflaged Adidas X 17 football boots.

Arjen has also appeared in the 2006 Adidas impossible team short commercial alongside David Beckham, John Terry, Kaka, Platini, and many more.

Every year, he is featured in EA Sports ‘FIFA video game series and Pro Evolution Soccer (PES).

Similarly, In Fifa 15, Arjen was the third-highest rated player in the video game.

German automobile manufacturer Audi has also offered the endorsement deal to Arjen Robben.

As a matter of fact, in honor of Arjen, Audi has built a Special edition Audi A1 car for him.

Along with Salary, endorsement has increased Arjen Robben’s net worth steadily throughout his career.

Book Publications

Mutiple Auther have written books about Arjen Robben.

Donna Tillman has written a book called Arjen Robben 94 Sucess Facts- Everything you need to know about Arjen Robben, which was published on December 19, 2014.

As the book’s name suggests, this book includes all there is to know about Arjen’s Early life, personal life, Sucess and achievements, Carrer, and much more.

Moreover, there is also an animated book for children called Arjen Robben en het magische schot in Rio, which Fred Diks wrote.

Likewise, there also two more animated book called Arjen Robben en het geheim van zijn jonge helden and Arjen Robben en de finale van de champions League.

Alexander Kords has written a biography about Arjen Robben, which was published on April 1, 2015.

The name of the book itself is Arjen Robben and is written in the German language, which consists of many Game reports and interviews of Robben.

Arjen Robben: Career and Individual honors

Club Career

It would not be exaggerating to say his career was successful.

Arjen Robben was born to play football.

Not to mention, he didn’t go to school to get formal education; instead, he convinced his parents to let him join a football academy at the age of two.

He was very involved in football from a very young age and was also equally talented.

Arjen Robben’s professional career began after his hometown club FC Groningen signed him at just the age of 12 in the 1999-2000 season.

Robben, along with his teammate Jordi Hoogstraten, was awarded player of the year in his debut season with the club.

As a phenomenal talent in his first season, he picked up a lot of interest from big clubs.

PSV bought him before the 2002-03 season for 3.9 million euros.

He and his teammate Mateja Kezman was named “PSV co-player of the year,” This duo was often referred to as Batman and Robben.

However, Arjen Robben was bought by F.C Chelsea in 2004-2005 for 18 million euros.

Arjen was injured a lot and missed many games during his time at Chelsea.

The Boyke made his popular move to Real Madrid on August 22, 2007, on a transfer fee of 35 million euros.

Unfortunately, Robben was forcibly sold to Bayern Munich during the 2009-2010 season to make space for new big signings of Real Madrid.

Arjen Robben celebrating his goal.
Arjen Robben celebrating his goal.

His time at Bayern was extremely successful by far as he won every trophy there is to win at club level and also became club Legend.

In 2020 he came back from retirement to join his boyhood club FC Groningen.

International Career

Arjen Robben played his debut match for the Netherlands In April 2003 in a friendly game against Portugal at the age of 19.

The athlete’s first competitive International level match was against the Czech Republic on UEFA Euro 2004.

He played his first FIFA world cup match in the 2006 qualifiers.

He was selected as a man of the match multiple times in the tournament, making him one of the eight-player to receive such honor.

In 2008 Arjen played his second Euro.

2010 was the most successful year for Arjen in international-level football.

He helped his nation reach the finals in the FIFA world cup In 1978, but Spain was able to take the trophy home by a 1-0 win.

Diego Forlan won the best player award in the tournament however, he was nominated as well

Arjen played his third Euro in 2012, but his side was knocked out quickly with three straight defeats.

The Boyke played his third world cup in 2014 and retired from international level football in 2017 after the Netherlands failure to qualify in the world cup.

Individual Honors

Johan Cruijff Prijs: 2002–03
Premier League Player of the Month: November 2004
Bravo Award: 2005
Goal of the Month in Germany: January 2010, March 2010, April 2010, February 2013
VDV Bundesliga Player of the Season: 2009–10
The kicker Man of the Year: 2010
Footballer of the Year (Germany): 2010
FIFA World Cup Bronze Ball: 2014
FIFA FIFPro World XI: 2014
Dutch Sportsman of the year: 2014

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Three Facts about Arjen Robben

  • Arjen Robben is Nicknamed “Man of Glass” since he used to get Injured so easily and frequently throughout his career.
  • He has also written a letter to his younger self in which he gives advice and tells whats his younger self is about to experience in the coming days.
  • Robben set the record for the fastest footballer ever at 37 km/h in the 2014 world cup against Spain. In that game, Spain was thrashed by a 5-1 scoreline.


Does Arjen Robben still play football?

Currently, he only plays football only at the club level. He came back from retirement to rejoin his boyhood club FC Groningen in 2020.

Who is the wife of Arjen Robben?

Arjen Robben married his school sweetheart Bernadien Eillert on June 9, 2007. They have three beautiful children: Kay Robben, Luka Robben, and Lynn Robben.

Does Arjen Robben has cancer?

 In 2004 the Athlete was diagnosed with testicular cancer; however, he successfully beat cancer through the operation.

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