Anthony Davis Teeth Before And After Photo: Oral Surgery And Health 2023

Anthony Davis teeth

Anthony Davis Jr., nicknamed “AD”, is an American professional basketball player currently on the Los Angeles Lakers. Learn about Anthony Davis teeth and dental issues.

The eight-time NBA All-Star has played power forward and centre positions.

In his first Lakers season in 2020, Davis won the NBA championship. Previously, Davis played for the New Orleans Pelicans.

On July 12, 2012, he was chosen for the Olympic team when Griffin experienced an injury to the same knee he had injured during the 2012 NBA playoffs, consequently becoming the sole amateur player on the team.

The team remained unbeaten in London and secured victory in the gold medal match against Spain.

In 2021, Davis was named to the NBA 75th Anniversary Team as one of the greatest power forwards ever. Davis also won gold with Team USA at the 2014 FIBA World Cup.

Over his decorated career, the 29-year-old Davis has established himself as an elite big man and winner at both the NBA and international level.

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Anthony Davis Teeth Before And After Photo

When Anthony Davis entered the NBA with the Pelicans, his facial hair and crooked teeth became signature traits like the bird’s beak.

At least four of Davis’ bottom teeth were visibly misaligned. While alignment issues can cause problems, Davis’ million-dollar grin still shone brightly.

And if his shark-like teeth intimidated defenders, then they served a purpose.

Anthony Davis teeth
                                              An image of Anthony’s teeth before and after surgery (Source: Pinterest)

One must embrace imperfections or find meaning in them, as Kobe counselled Davis. It seems Davis may have already fixed his teeth’s alignment.

The key points are: Davis’ recognisable features when drafted were his facial hair and jagged teeth, resembling a pelican’s beak.

Though misaligned teeth can cause problems, Davis kept smiling confidently. His striking teeth even gave him an advantage against opponents.

But he also took Kobe’s advice to appreciate imperfections. It appears Davis may have now gotten dental work to straighten his teeth.

Anthony Davis oral surgery

Anthony’s teeth have undergone a significant transformation after the 2022 oral surgery, now appearing well-aligned. Davis previously had a misalignment in his lower gums.

While playing college basketball at the University of Kentucky, Davis notably had misaligned teeth that remained unchanged in 2010.

Anthony has had multiple dental treatments to address previous problems. It’s possible he had dental surgery to achieve his perfect set of teeth.

Anthony Davis  teeth
                                               Anthony Davis has tons of fans on his social media handles (Source: Facebook)

The overall cost of Davis’ dental care was likely considerable. Upon investigating the specific costs of each procedure, the following information was discovered on Google:

Braces, whether metal or ceramic, are devices affixed to the teeth and regularly adjusted to reposition them correctly.

The cost of braces can vary from $3,000 to $7,000, influenced by the treatment duration and the complexity of the case.

Anthony Davis Health 2023

Recently, the celebrated basketball player appears to be diligently adhering to a healthy gum care routine, likely involving regular check-ups with his dentist to address his dental issues.

Additionally, his remarkable physical condition has garnered attention and admiration from both his fans and online audiences.

To sustain his dental health, fans speculate that Anthony Davis utilises whitening cosmetic procedures and may also opt for the use of discreet braces.

Despite this, Davis, also known as AD, remains actively involved and committed in the sports arena.

He appears to be equally dedicated to both his sports career and addressing personal health concerns, ensuring a focused approach to managing both aspects of his life.

Furthermore, he has millions of supporters and followers who are impressed with his sporting skills and his dedication to the sports industry.

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