Anna Duggars Parents Mike And Suzette Keller, Siblings And Ethnicity

Anna Duggars

Anna Duggars Parents have a topic of interest among her fans. Fans have been curious to know more about her family background and personal life. To know more, read the article below.

Anna Duggar is an American television personality. She gained prominence by appearing on the reality TV show “19 Kids and Counting,” which aired from 2008 to 2015. 

Anna Duggars is the wife of Josh Duggar who was convicted of child pornography charges in 2021. Despite this, Duggar chose to stand by her husband, and they continued their relationship.

 Anna Duggars has maintained that he is innocent and has visited him regularly in prison with their children. Anna has faced criticism and scrutiny from the public and the media for her decision to stand by her husband.

Anna Duggars Parents – Mike And Suzette Keller

Anna Duggar was born to Michael Keller and Suzette Keller. The Kellers have a total of 31 grandchildren, including Anna and Josh’s seven children.

Anna Duggars Parents
Anna Duggars with her family. (Source: TV Show Ace)

Although Mike and Suzette Keller made occasional appearances on the Duggar family’s television show, they were not regular fixtures on the program.

Mike Keller works as a prison chaplain for Rock of Ages Prison Missionaries, Inc. in Florida. Meanwhile, Suzette Keller is a housewife.

Despite not being in the public eye regularly, they have been part of their daughter’s life and have supported her through various stages.

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Anna Duggars Siblings revealed

Anna Duggar has seven siblings: Susanna, Daniel, Priscilla, Rebekah, Nathen, David, and Esther.

Her younger sister, Susanna, is married to York Bridges and they prefer to maintain a low profile. Susanna currently holds the position of Chief Financial Officer at Everett Distributing Co. She had a daughter with Jonathan Walsh.

Anna Duggars
Anna Duggars with her parents and siblings. (Source: Daily Mail)

Esther, Anna’s youngest sister, married John Shrader and together they serve as missionaries in Zambia, Africa. They have thirteen children together.

Rebekah, Anna’s older sister, went through a divorce with Joshua McDonald in 2015. They have two children together. Rebekah has since remarried Kevin Hunt, who serves as the president of ValvTechnologies, Inc. Rebekah’s occupation is unknown as she chooses to keep a low public profile.

Daniel, Anna’s older brother, is married, but his wife’s name is not known publicly. They have adopted a son and prefer to stay out of the public eye.

Priscilla, another older sister of Anna, is a stay-at-home mother and wife. She is married to David Waller, who works as the director of IBLP’s Advanced Training Institute and Family Conferences. They have six children together.

Nathen is Anna’s younger brother and he is married to his wife Nurie Katelin Rodrigues. They have two children together.

Nathan, Anna’s younger brother, is married to Nurie Katelin Rodrigues, and they have two children. Nathan is a pastor while Nurie takes care of the household.

David, Anna’s younger brother, is married to Hannah Marie Reber, and they have one child. Unfortunately, not much information is available about David and his family.

Anna Duggars Ethnicity Revealed

Anna Dugar’s ethnicity is white and she is of American nationality. Anna Duggar was born as Anna Renée Keller on June 23, 1988, in South Florida. 

 Anna Duggar met Josh Duggar at a homeschooling convention in 2006 and they got married in 2008. They have seven children together.

Anna Duggars
Anna Duggars with her husband and children. (Source: Twitter)

Anna Duggar has been a stay-at-home mom for most of her marriage, homeschooling her children and helping out with the family businesses. She has also appeared on several episodes of “19 Kids and Counting” and its spin-off “Counting On”.

Anna Duggar has faced many challenges in her marriage, such as Josh Duggar’s molestation scandal in 2015, his admission of cheating and pornography addiction, and his recent arrest on charges of receiving and possessing child pornography.

Anna Duggar has remained loyal to Josh Duggar despite the controversies and has defended him publicly.

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