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Dutch DJ and hardcore techno producer Danny Masseling, better known by the stage name Angerfist, net worth is $1 Million.

Danny Masseling is, without a doubt is one of the biggest names in 21st-century hardcore techno.

His relentlessly powerful tracks feature severely distorted kick drums pounding away at 150 or 160 Beats per minute, intimidating sawtooth synthesizer melodies, aggressive samples, or shouted vocals.


Likewise, known for producing aggressive sound with drums and hard bass, Angerfist performs with MC Prozac.

With his black hoodie and white hockey mask, Danny Masseling is easily recognized and has appeared at almost every major hardcore festival and gained an extensive international fan base.

Additionally, he is also part of several groups such as The Supreme Team (with Outblasts, Tha Playah, and Evil Activities), Masters Elite (with Catscan and Outblast), and Rolan and Sherman (with Outblast).

He started making music when he was just 16 years of age.

Danny Masseling was born on 20th June 1981 in Almere, Flevoland, Netherlands.

It all started when Masseling sent a demo track to the infamous gabber producer Mark Vos also known as DJ Buzz Fuzz, who owned a label called BZRK record.

Angerfist began his DJing career in 1997 and has been consistently working in the music industry.

He loved the sample music and contacted Danny to do business.

Moreover, he grasped the respected 39th Spot in DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJ (2011 Edition).

Furthermore, Angerfist worked at a factory that was supposed to be his part-time job, but he had to work there for five whole years before making the jump in the music sector.

He studied business in his school.

Quick Facts

Full Name Danny Maselling
Stage Name Angerfist
Date of birth 20 June 1981
Place of birth Almere, Netherland
Age 42 years old
Nationality Dutch
Ethnicity Dutch
Religion Christianity
Gender Male
Sexuality Straight
Horoscope Gemini
Father Not Available
Mother Not Available
Siblings Not Available
Lovelife Single
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Interests and Hobbies Partying and Traveling
Height 1.85 m, 6 Feet 1 Inch
Weight 161 lbs. (73 kg)
Shoe Size 9 (US), 8 (UK), 42.5 (EU), 27 (CM)
Education Unknown
Profession Professional DJ and Sound Producer
Source of Wealth Live Shows, Tours, and YouTube Channel
Years active 2001-Present
Website Angerfist Offical Website
Social media Instagram, TwitterFacebookYouTube
Net worth $1 Million
Record Label Masters of Hardcore
Associated Acts The Supreme Team, Masters Elite, Roland, and Sherman
Last Update May, 2024

Net Worth And Income

Dutch DJ Danny Masseling, AKA Angerfist, has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

However, some people have proposed that Angerfist’s net worth might really be higher than that. Although the actual net worth of the artist is not finalized, we can surely make an approximate prediction of his income.

Amongst different sources of income, music stage shows and his YouTube channel contribute the most in his income and Net Worth.

Angerfist on one of his performances
Angerfist on one of his performances

Angerfist pockets a minimum of around $15,000-$25,000 per show.

Similarly, he earns an estimated $2 44,970 annually. Likewise, his earnings in 2017 were about $65,000 each month.

Additionally, DJ also earns from songs/albums online streaming on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, performing live shows, and brand endorsements. DJ has released six albums so far.

His monthly earnings over the years

Month Estimated Earnings
May 2021 $2.64K
April 2021 $2.23K
March 2021 $13.4K
February 2021 $2.41K
October 2020 $3.36K
September 2020 $3.08K
August 2020 $3.25K
July 2020 $2.92K
February 2020 $2.85K
January 2020 $4.3K
December 2019 $4.03K
November 2019 $5.05K

YouTube Earnings Breakdown

On average, Angerfist’s YouTube channel gets 4.09 million views each month and about 136,090 daily.

Monetized YouTube channels earn money by serving video ads for every thousand views. YouTube channels may earn anywhere between $3 to $7 per thousand views depending on the country or region they’re being watched.

By using these estimates, we can predict that Angerfist earns about $16.33 thousand per month and $2 44,970 per year.

These are just assumptions about the net worth, though. Optimistically, Angerfist could earn as much as half a million each year but not less than that.

Furthermore, Angerfist likely has additional revenue sources. Successful YouTubers also have sponsors, and they could increase revenues by promoting their own products.

Earning from the Tours

Angerfist travels a lot for musical tours around the globe. The status and location of Angerfist’s tour are scheduled on his official site.

He did a tour in the Netherlands in May.

Similarly, the tour of Maselling is in Germany, followed by Switzerland in June and September 2021, respectively.

From his shows and tours, Angerfist’s fortune will definitely rise at the end of 2021.

Recently, in March, he grossed $13,400 from his tours.

Earnings from Music

Artists in the music industry are known to have fluctuations in their net worth depending upon the sale of their album. Angerfist is no exception.

Even though the individual sales and earnings from the particular albums are unknown, we can estimate from his popularity that he has earned a hefty amount from his album sales.

His YouTube hits songs such as “Take U Back” earned him right around Ten thousand dollars.

Similarly, his other song, ‘Incoming,’ made a collection of around $27,562 digitally.

With total views of 31 million on YouTube, Angerfist’s “Pennywise” generated an average earning of $95,665.

Furthermore, the other song ‘Stigma ‘was the one that had 2.9Million views on YouTube with more than $8500 earning digitally.

Moreover, his famous ‘Mutilate Album,’ which was priced 199 Euros, was the most popular among his creations.

Additionally, his other album ’ Pissin’ Razorbladez‘was priced at 208 Euros, and Retaliate sold at the rate of 29 Euros.

Angerfist House

Unfortunately, information regarding Angerfist’s house is not available.

Angerfist Cars

Mr. Hardcore has been spotted in various automobiles, but it’s fair to say that there is no confirmation about the DJ owning them.

Angerfist on car Concert at Bonn, Germany
Angerfist on car Concert at Bonn, Germany

He performed an in-car concert in Bonn, Germany.

Angerfist Lifestyle and Vacations


Mr. hardcore Angerfist has been able to keep his personal life secretive even though he is well-known around the globe.

From the social media post, Angerfist can be seen partying out with his crew members and friends.

The man is quite busy with his stage shows and his albums.

Reportedly, there is no particular reason for the mask he wears, but it makes him look awesome and intimidating.

In his free time, he loves playing PS4, but there are no particular hobbies for the DJ.

Reportedly, one of the bucket lists for Danny is to jump off the plane.

He defines Bad Moon Rising by Credence Clearwater Revival as his guilty pleasure song and sings it aloud.


Being an artist who is recognized and demanded globally, you got to travel a lot.

Dutch DJ Angerfist has been to numerous countries for his performances. He has been to India, South Korea for his shows in Asia.

Obviously, with such great demand, Dutch DJ Angerfist travels a lot over the globe for corporate events as well.

Reportedly, the ultimate holiday destination of the DJ in New Zealand. He is planning to go there soon.

Apart from his travel for shows, Angerfist likes traveling to various countries in his free time.


Unfortunately, there is no information regarding Angerfist’s charity.

Movies, Investments, Endorsements & Book Publications


Like his personal life, his business ventures are secretive, but Angerfist makes a hefty profit by selling apparel with his mask’s signature logo and name.

Similarly, he is mostly focusing on online business as per the situation of the current world.

His website has a shop section where accessories such as T-shirts, Stickers, mobile covers, etc., are sold.

Angerfist also sells his music from his official website.

He has been featured by numerous magazines such as DJ, Q Dance Magazine, etc.


Angerfist started his music career at the age of 16 with 4-beat programmed loops and breakbeats in 1997.

But it was not until he met Mark Vos, a fellow DJ, to start BZRK033 and gain recognition internationally.

Angerfist started making music and releasing them using a different alias. He released an EP with his third alias Kid Morbid but chose Agerfist as his major project.

Further, Angerfist released ‘Menace II Society’ and ‘Angerfist’ and gained popularity. Angerfist produced the anthem for Master of Hardcore, titled “The World Will Shiver.”

Still thrilled about his unexpected rush of records and the excited fans, Angerfist released tracks consistently.

But his massive hit was yet to come. With 2004 Raise your Fist EP released, his fame and fortune skyrocketed.

Similarly, Danny Maselling has also given his performance in several renowned events like Sensation Black, Masters of Hardcore, Defqon-1, Mysteryland, and Dominator.’

DJ Angerfist on his show
DJ Angerfist on his show

With all the success that came along his way, Angerfist kept his profile mysterious. His face was rarely seen, and only a little piece of interviews existed.

All of those changed in mid-2009 when official pages on Facebook and YouTube channels were introduced.

Now the Dutch Dj interacts with fans worldwide from his social media profile and YouTube channel. He also announces his upcoming projects from the social media platform.

He was listed at number 29 by DJ Mag Top 100.

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Facts‌ ‌about‌ Angerfist

  • Angerfist loves music from 50s, 60s, and 70s. His favorite artists are Jhonny Cash, Elvis Presley. He also loves 90s gangster rap and 80s pop songs.
  • The moniker “Angerfist” came because he was looking for something short and aggressive.
  • Interestingly, there is no particular reason for the DJ to wear the Ice Hockey Mask and a hoodie. He just wanted to look cool and loved the vibe of anonymousness.
  • Angerfist has over 200 Million views on his YouTube videos overall.


When did Angerfist upload his first video on YouTube?

Dutch DJ uploaded his first-ever YouTube video in 2009-07-15.

How many subscribers does Angerfist have on his YouTube channel?

As of 2021-06-13, he has 888k subscribers on his channel.

What is Angerfist’s music genre?

The Dutch DJ Agerfist’s music genre is hardcore techno/grabber.

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