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Stephen Fry

Arguably one of the most beloved of Britain’s living national treasures, Stephen Fry’s net worth is $30 million.

Stephen Fry’s career is probably one of the most multifaceted that has ever emerged from Britain.

Known widely as a talented comedian, Fry is also an accomplished actor, producer, director, television host, and broadcaster.

In addition to these Stephen Fry, is also a prolific writer and author of several critically acclaimed novels.

Stephen Fry (Source: Flickr)

Being a tech-savvy guy from his early days, Fry has created good fortune as an investor in several tech companies.

Fry reported in February 2018 that he was recovering from a prostate cancer operation that included the excision of the prostate and 11 surrounding lymph nodes.

He regarded his cancer as aggressive, and he said that early treatment saved his life.

Stephen Fry | Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts about Stephen Fry.

Celebrated Name Stephen Fry
Real Name Stephen John Fry
Date of Birth 24 August 1957
Pace of Birth Hampstead, London, United kingdom
Residence Owns a house in Hampstead, London
Heritage/Origin English
Religion- believes in God? Atheism
Ethnicity White
Product Endorsements  EMI Records
Colleagues Hugh Laurie, Alan Davies
Age 66 Years Old
Height 1.96 m
Weight 78 Kg
Partner Elliott Spencer (m. 2015)
Sexuality Gay (Homosexual)
Kids No
Clothing Styles Classic
Favorite Colors Brown
Feet Size 13
Tatoo No
Hair Color Regular Brown
Skin Tone/ Complexion Fair Skin
Net Worth $30 Million
Social Media FacebookInstagramTwitter
Merch Signed Hobbit Photo
Last Update July 2024

Stephen Fry | Net worth and Income

According to the sources, Stephen Fry’s net worth is approximately $30 million.

Being a tech enthusiast, Fry has served as an angel investor for various early-stage tech firms. Investing in tech firms which is a booming sector of the global economy, accounts for a huge portion of his net assets.

Similarly, Fry has appeared in numerous endorsements and advertisements for multi-million brands such Heineken, Honda, Marks & Spencer, etc.

With one of the most multi-faceted careers, Fry has published more than 15 books to date.

Similarly, he has more than 170 acting credits in his name, hosted the immensely popular Quiz show “QI ” from 2003 to 2016, and has appeared and acted on more than 50 movies.

Net Worth of Stephen Fry in Different Currencies

Let’s have a look at Stephen Fry’s net worth in major currencies, including bitcoin.

Currency Net Worth
Euro € 26,507,610
Pound Sterling £ 22,387,500
Australian Dollar A$ 41,584,950
Canadian Dollar C$ 38,497,200
Indian Rupee ₹ 2,248,770,000
BitCoin ฿ 590

Stephen Fry | House, Cars & Aircrafts

Stephen Fry’s beautiful house (West Binley) lies on the busy A47 seven miles southeast of King’s Lynn. This marvelous estate is worth a whopping $10 million.

Stephen Fry’s House Southeast of King’s Lynn (Source: Flickr)

The house does have an interesting story behind it. Fry originally bought the house from the proceeds of re-writing the script for the musical Me and My Girl.

Stephen Fry has classic taste when it comes to cars. Fry possessed an Alvis TE 21 of 2001 model, priced around $113,649.

Stephen Fry Posing With His Car (Source: The Telegram)

Having owned a classic car, Fry is also a well-trained pilot who flies his classic biplane. The house, the car, the plane…Indeed Fry has a classic touch for aesthetics.

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Stephen Fry | Lifestyle and Vacation

One of the most prolific individuals from England, Stephen Fry’s net worth is a whopping $30 million.

Being an actor, writer, TV host, comedian, Stephen Fry has long been actively involved in traveling and is accustomed to a dynamic and outgoing lifestyle.

Stephen Fry is a great admirer of classic ties.

It isn’t surprising that Stephen Fry’s collection of ties is as colorful as the man himself.

Just to add on his resume, Stephen Fry was also voted as pep-smoker of the year in 2003.

Stephen Fry is a great preacher of traveling. Fry has integrated his love for traveling through many of his TV series.

In his documentary series Stephen Fry in America, he traveled to all 50 states of the US.

However, Fry has always been fascinated by events south of the border.

Through his four-part series, Fry explored his passion by traveling through Mexico and the entire Central America Isthmus to the Panamanian border with South America.

Stephen Fry | Charity

Fry, being actively focused on charities, is mostly occupied with his campaigns.

Stephen Fry has a long list of charities working on diverse issues. He has supported 34 charities and foundations and has given a great emphasis on health, environmental, and wildlife charities.

Children in Crisis, Healthy Planet, Elton John AIDS Foundation, Leukaemia, and Lymphoma Research are some of the examples.

Fry has supported ABF’s The Soldiers’ Charity for several years.

Similarly, Fry has always leveraged the power of social media presence to spread his message of charity, helping the one in desperate need, conserving wildlife and the environment.

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Stephen Fry | Movies, Investments, Endorsements & Books


Including his debut film in 1985, The Good Father, Stephen Fry has appeared in at least 52 movies.

“Wilde” is considered one of his acting masterpieces. Portraying the role of his idol Oscar Wilde, many acclaimed his role in the movie as “born to play”.

He has appeared in a crucial role in movies like V for Vendetta, The Hobbit, Sherlock Holmes, Alice in Wonderland, Kingdom, and many more.


As of July 2024, Stephen Fry’s net worth is a staggering $30 million.

Claiming to have owned the 2nd Apple Macintosh sold in the UK and having once said “ digital devices rock my world,” Fry has always been in awe of cutting-edge products.

He describes himself as being” deeply sippy for all things digital.”

Being heavily interested in the digital industry, Fry invested in a company named Summly in 2011, which was an iPhone app developed by Nick D’Aloisio.

The prototype of this app attracted an investment of $300,000 from Horizon Ventures, which is a Hong Kong-based technology investment company.

Similarly, Fry also invested in a London-based video debate platform called Tickle in the year 2013.

Fry has been a successful angel investor who primarily focuses on early-stage tech platforms.

YPlan is one such platform that is an events discovery and booking platform. It was sold for  €1.6 million to TimeOut.


How can such a well-renowned household name not appear in advertisements?

Fry has appeared in numerous advertisements, both on-screen as well as a voice-over.

He received a paycheck of  £25,000 for his advert for Whitbread Best Bitter. Fry has since appeared in endorsements and adverts for brands such as Twinings, Kenco, Marks, Spencer, and Honda.

Fry has also endorsed popular brands such as Heineken, Alliance & Leicester, Virgin, Orange Mobile, Panama Cigars, Direct Line, Calpol, Walkers Potato Crisps, and Vauxhall Media.

Book Publications

Stephen Fry, being a great actor, comedian, is also a prolific writer and author of several critically acclaimed novels.

Some of his greatest books as an author include Mythos: The Greek Myths Retold, The Ode Less Travelled: Unlocking the Poet Within, The Liar, Moab Is My Washpot, and Making History.

Stephen Fry | Career

There is no doubt that the most beloved of Britain’s living national heroes, Stephen Fry, possesses a career legacy that most people can only fathom.

Fry’s television career began with the 1982 broadcasting of The Cellar Tapes, which was written by Hugh Laurie, Emma Thompon, and Fry himself.

After gaining the attention of Granada Television and releasing some successful series, Fry was established as a well-rounded comedian by 1984.

Similarly, his career in documentaries began with Emmy Award-winning Stephen Fry: The Secret Life of Manic Depressivein 2006.

With an immense appetite for creativity and a humorous approach towards his work, Fry began a travel series named Stephen Fry in America (2008).

Fry’s love for film and cinema can be acknowledged from the fact that he took his chances as an actor, producer, and director, not to mention that he had success in all these three endeavors.

He made his film debut with the 1985 film The Good Father.

Fry played in several romantic comedies, but it was in the 1997 film Wilde which finally earned him a nomination for Best Actor-Drama in the 1998 Golden Globe Awards.

Fry has also worked with Rowan Atkinson in a British Sitcom Blackadder (1983-1989).

Moreover, Fry also had a great career as a host of television shows.

He began his hosting career in 2003 QI, which was a comedy panel game television quiz show.

He nailed it. Fry won the Rose dÓr award for “Best Game Show Host” in 2006. What a natural talent!!

Unknown Facts About Stephen Fry

  • During the 2000s, Fry’s popularity surged to a whole new level as he was affiliated with the immensely popular Harry Potter book series. He contributed his voice and acted as a voice artist for the audiobook of the Harry Potter series. Fry has worked as a voice artist for games such as Harry Potter and Fable.
  • Fry’s maternal family consisted mainly of Jews from the mainland of Europe who were displaced as a result of WWII. Several members of Fry’s relatives were exterminated by the Nazis during the infamous Holocaust. Fry entertained the world and brought a smile to their faces, but very few know the tragic past and harsh upbringing of Britain’s most beloved individual.
  • With one of the most multifaceted careers that have ever emerged from Britain, it’s hard to acknowledge that Stephen’s self-confidence used to be so low that he abstained from sex for 16 years.


Is Stephen Fry vegan?

As per the tweet made a couple of months ago by Fry himself, he is a vegetarian, but it appears he still loves his cheese and eggs.

Why did Stephen Fry get expelled?

Fry was expelled from Uppingham boarding school after going absent without taking any permission for leave.

Furthermore, he was also held at a detention center because of his affiliation with credit card fraud.

Was Stephen Fry in Harry Potter?

Stephen Fry narrated the UK editions of the Harry Potter audiobook and also narrated three installments of Harry Potter games.

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