Angela Craig Obituary And Cause Of Death, Husband Children And Age

Angela Craig

The Aurora community was shocked by the news of Angela Craig Obituary. Her husband, James Craig, a well-known dentist, was arrested and charged with her murder. The tragic event has left many in the community reeling and searching for answers.

Tragic news hit the world on Sunday, March 19th, 2023, as Angela Craig passed away at 43. The news of her death has left her loved ones and the community devastated.

Angela, a strong-willed woman, was determined to work on her marriage to her husband, James Craig, despite his ongoing struggles with infidelity and gambling addiction.

However, recent events have taken a turn for the worse, and James Craig now faces a murder charge after allegedly poisoning his wife.

Angela was loved and respected by many people worldwide, and the amount of condolences for her family has been overwhelming.

People seek justice and want the individual responsible for her death to be punished for their acts.

Angela Craig Obituary And Cause Of Death

The tragic story of James Craig and his wife, Angela, shocked the community of Aurora, Colorado.

James, a 45-year-old dentist, has been accused of poisoning his wife with potassium cyanide, leading to her untimely death. It is alleged that James had a motive behind the murder: to start a new life with an orthodontist in Texas.

The court documents state that James had started adding potassium cyanide to his wife’s protein shakes between March 6 and March 15, gradually causing her health to worsen to the point of no recovery.

According to the testimony, James had planned the poisoning carefully, taking advantage of his wife’s addiction to opioids and suicidal thoughts.

James Toliver Craig.
James Toliver Craig (Source: Auroragov)

He reportedly told investigators that his wife had suicidal tendencies and was addicted to opioids, which he used to cover up his crime.

The Police said that the couple’s marriage and business were falling apart and that James had just started dating an orthodontist in Texas.

As the investigation progressed, it appeared this was not the first time James allegedly tried to poison his wife.

Five to six years ago, James reportedly drugged his wife with an unknown substance to kill himself. He had planned to take a lethal injection of something in the bathroom and end his life and had drugged his wife so she wouldn’t be able to save him.

James was arrested just after midnight on Sunday and is facing at least one count of first-degree murder concerning his wife’s death.

The investigation is ongoing, and more details may emerge as the case unfolds.

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Angela Craig Husband and Children

James Craig, a well-known dentist in Aurora, Colorado, married Angela, and the couple had six children together.

James was employed as a dentist at Summerbrook Dental and as an associate professor at the University of Missouri Dental School, where he taught Clinical Dentistry, Biochemistry, and Histology.

According to Angela’s Facebook profile, the couple seemed to be a happy family. They had five daughters and a son who were actively involved in their community. However, their happiness was short-lived, as the couple began to experience marital problems that may have led to a divorce.

Angela Craig Obituary
Angela Craig and her Family (Source: Facebook)

Tragically, Angela’s life came to a short end when she was admitted to Parker Adventist Hospital on March 6. She suffered from abdominal pain, dehydration, vomiting, diarrhea, an altered mental state, and organ failure. She was suspected of being poisoned, and the Police began investigating.

James became the prime suspect in his wife’s death as the investigation progressed. It was discovered that he had been having multiple affairs with several women and had been addicted to pornography since he was a teenager.

Additionally, he had used his office computer to research and buy “undetectable poisons” and had purchased crystalline metalloid arsenic from Amazon a few weeks before his wife’s death.

The evidence against James Craig was overwhelming, and he was ultimately charged with the murder of his wife, Angela.

The Aurora, Colorado, community was left in shock, and the tragedy of the Craig family serves as a reminder of the devastating consequences of infidelity and addiction.

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