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Aimée Kwan

Aimée Kwan John Wick actress is from London, UK. Alongside actors Donnie Yen, Keanu Reeves, Hiroyuki Sanada, and Laurence Fishburne, the actress will be seen in the action-thriller movie John Wick: Chapter 4 on March 24, 2023, as Mia.

The actress had taken an interview for the movie John Wick. Since everything was “top secret,” Aimee Kwan wasn’t even aware she was trying out for John Wick: Chapter 4 until she was hired.

When she was sitting in the makeup chair on her first day, and Hong Kong star Donnie Yen entered the room carrying a pastry, she realized she was part of a huge franchise.

Yen portrays Caine, a former assassin summoned back to duty for one more job.  Young woman Mia, who portrays a close friend of Yen’s character, is portrayed by Kwan. It is one of Kwan’s first Hollywood roles.

In the interview, the actress claimed that the actor had previously complimented her on how great she was, and she was delighted by his appreciation. The parts starring Kwan and Yen were shot in Paris, France, which was also the setting for a significant part of John Wick: Chapter 4.

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Aimee Kwan John Wick Actress Age

The actress was born in London, United Kingdom. However, her exact birth date has not yet been disclosed. This British actress’s full name is Aimée Emma Kwan.

Aimée Kwan John Wick
Aimée Kwan with her friends( Source: Instagram)

At first, she started as a pianist and violinist; after that, only she went to acting. She attended the University of Oxford and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Ancient & Modern History.

At the Guildford School of Acting, she then finished her acting MA. She also has journalism and piano diplomas from the Press Association.

According to her LinkedIn profile, she works as a freelancer for Global DEI Entertainment & Sports Consultant Co-Founder, Co-Founder of &ASIAN Magazine, freelancer Content Producer and self-employed Professional Actress.

She is also good at French, German, Italian, Thai, and Korean languages, as per her LinkedIn profile.

Aimee Kwan Wikipedia Bio and Ethnicity

Aimee Kwan is an actress who has demonstrated her acting talent in numerous films. She is also a writer and filmmaker.

The popularity of the actress comes from her roles in Invasion of Planet Earth(2019) and 12(2020). She co-founded the international magazine &ASIAN in May 2021 in addition to acting. She was raised in a British family in London, United Kingdom.

Her mother is from Thailand, and her father is from Ipoh. She is of Malaysian-Chinese, Thai, and Thai-British descent.

Aimée Kwan
Aimée Kwan with co-stars( Source: Instagram)

She is a violinist and pianist with degrees in music and writing.  Since she was a small girl, she has been a Manchester United fan.

From her Twitter account, we also can know that she is a fan of K-pop. We’ll keep you informed if we find out anything new. 

Aimee Kwan Instagram

@aimeekwan is her username on Instagram. She had 2736 Instagram followers as of March 2023. Her Twitter handle is (@aimeekwan). Additionally, she has 598 Twitter fans.

Aimée has only been involved in a few movie productions, but every one of them has praised her for how she performed. In the 2016 short film The Arbor, in which she played Sevens, she made her acting debut.

Then she was cast as Angelica in a Rhapsody. In the well-known movie Invasion Planet Earth, which was released in 2019, she portrayed Nurse Amy. In 2020, she made two film appearances: Sienna in Ultimate Cosplay (Short) and Maria in 12.

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