Alison Law Weight Loss Transformation Before And After Photos

Alison Law weight loss

Alison Law serves as the presenter for several popular television shows, including “CURVY BRIDES BOUTIQUE” on TLC/Quest Red, “My Big Beautiful Wedding Dress” on BBC1, and “The Big Clean” on the Really channel. Let’s explore more about the Alison Law weight loss journey.

Alison is a well-known personality who holds the position of television presenter for multiple television shows.

These television programmes that she hosts are likely to significantly contribute to her visibility and recognition in the public eye.

In addition to her television work, she also holds the role of Women’s Ambassador, which likely involves advocating for women’s rights and empowerment.

On her Instagram account, she has amassed an impressive following of over 35,000 people and has posted a total of 1,475 times.

Furthermore, she follows 750 other accounts, suggesting active engagement with her online community.

Her social media presence isn’t just about personal updates; she also uses it as a platform to share information about her upcoming events and TV programmes.

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Alison Law Weight Loss Transformation 

The netizens wonder about Alison Law weight loss transformation. So here is what they need to know: 

As per sources, Law has faced a lifelong battle with her weight, with her struggles beginning at a young age.

Moreover, her weight gain became noticeable when she reached the age of 11.

Initially, this wasn’t a significant issue, but her situation became more complicated when she developed migraines and was prescribed steroid-based medications, which led to further weight gain.

Despite her numerous attempts at weight loss, she found herself continuously gaining weight, making her efforts to shed the extra pounds largely ineffective.

Alison Law weight loss
                                       Alison Law has tons of followers on her Instagram account (Source: Instagram)

Law’s realisation about the underlying cause of her ineffective weight loss efforts came when she was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

This condition posed a significant barrier to her weight-loss goals, making it challenging to shed excess pounds.

Several years later, she received another diagnosis of type 2 diabetes, which not only jeopardised her health but also had the side effect of exacerbating her weight issues due to the medication she had to take for its treatment.

Alison’s connection with food has undergone a profound transformation in the past several years following her sleeve gastrectomy.

Prior to the surgery, she carried a weight of 128 kilogrammes, endured persistent joint discomfort, and dealt with type 2 diabetes. Her lifestyle was largely confined to her home.

Alison Law before and after photos

Alison consulted with Mr. Simon Gibson, a consultant bariatric surgeon at Nuffield Health Glasgow Hospital.

Later, they made the decision to undergo a sleeve gastrectomy—a permanent surgical procedure that would profoundly alter her relationship with food.

Just weeks after consulting with Dr. Gibson, Alison’s bariatric surgery was arranged. She was put under general anaesthesia while Dr. Gibson did a laparoscopic procedure to staple and remove a large portion of Alison’s stomach.

This reshaped her stomach into a smaller sleeve. The transformative effects of the surgery became evident immediately.

Alison Law weight loss
                                          An image of Alison Law before and after her weight loss (Source: Instagram)

Upon waking up, nurses struggled to maintain her blood sugar levels, not due to any adverse reaction but because her type 2 diabetes had gone into complete remission right after the operation.

This marked the first time in five years that Alison was no longer reliant on diabetic medication.

Presently, Alison has shed approximately 30 kilogrammes and continues to make positive strides.

She consumes small meals and adheres to a strict diet plan to ensure she receives the necessary nutrients despite her reduced appetite.

Reflecting on her journey, Alison expressed, “While it has been challenging, I don’t view it negatively because I needed this assistance. The best part is simply enjoying life without letting my weight dictate my actions or choices.”

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