Alina Burroughs Wikipedia And Age – Who Is She? Parents And Net Worth

Alina Burroughs Wikipedia

Questions about the detective everywhere, Alina Burroughs wikipedia, who she is, and what she does. We got it covered for you in the article.

Alina is the host of Crime Scene Confidential on Investigation, which was released in 2022 and had 6 episodes in its first season. You can watch it on Investigation Discovery and Discovery+. The show centers on herself and her expertise as she looks into some of America’s most controversial and shocking cases.

According to her Linkedin profile, Burroughs is also a senior Business Development Manager at FARO Technologies. She is also a Former CSI and a Forensic Consultant.

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Alina Burroughs Wikipedia and age

Born on 16 January 1977 in Lake Mary, Florida, USA, Alina is a 46-year-old woman. She is the senior manager in Public Safety Analytics and has over two decades of law enforcement experience.

The Tv show host also got 12 years of experience as a Crime Scene Investigator in Orange County, Florida, where she examined some of the most notorious cases in the country. Due to her experience, she received qualifications from the International Association for Identification (IAI) as a Certified Senior Crime Scene Analyst.

FARO Vice President of Product Marketing, Michael Carris, says “We are proud to have forensic experts like Alina Burroughs serving on our team to support our law enforcement partners. The critical importance of forensic technology cannot be understated in capturing, preserving, and analyzing crime scene data.” 

Alina Burroughs Wikipedia
The busy detective finally has free time for her grocery shopping, as her caption on Instagram.(Source: Instagram)

Alina graduated from the American Criminal Justice Association and received honors from the National Criminal Justice Honors Society for her Master of Science in Criminal Justice degree.

As a Tv host, she has good experience in multiple nationally broadcast television shows, and you can find her on Tv or the crime podcast she is working on.

In the show, she can dive deep into the case with an affinity for the cold case and homicide investigations by using modern technology to solve the case.

“Crime Scene Confidential” is under ID and produced by a team of Executive Producers named Nicole Hamilton, David Cargill, Richard Speer, and Jeanie Vink.  

The presenter Alina Burroughs Parents

Alina Burroughs is the younger daughter of Wayne Burroughs(78), her father and her mother, Karen Burroughs(70). There is not a lot of information to support what her parents do.

Alina Burroughs Wikipedia
Alina’s parents are Mr. & Mrs. Burroughs. (Source: Instagram)

However, the two met in college, where Karen was a student, and Wayne was a professor. Mr. and Mrs. Burroughs has been married for about five decades. The

Alina’s elder brother’s name is Adin Burroughs, and he is a Sr. System Engineer and a Program Manager at Northrop Grumman. He has 3 kids with his wife Jennifer.

The present is unmarried and seems to enjoy her single life with her new passion for crime scenes. You can’t find lots of information about the detective us too. Her Instagram is filled with her tv show and works and some weird random quotes.

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Alina Burroughs Net Worth 2023

As of 2023, the presenter’s net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million.

Alina Burroughs Wikipedia
“Crime Scene Confidential” shooting going on. (Source: Instagram)

The host earns over $110000 as a Sr. Business Development Manager for FARO. Discovery pays $38,000 for her work.

The Devtive seems independent, hardworking, and practical in her career. There is no surprise that him having such a net worth as he has worked very hard to earn the fortune he as today. Maybe there is still time for him to increase his earnings and net worth.

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