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Boris Sanchez Wikipedia

Boris Sanchez is a CNN anchor and correspondent based in Washington, DC. People are curious about Boris Sanchez’s Wikipedia Bio and more of his details. Please read the article below to get a scoop on his life.

Boris Sanchez is one of the co-hosts of “New DayWeekend” and has covered significant policy decisions and visits by world leaders throughout Donal Trump’s presidency.

He has reported exclusive news about the Trump Administration’s immigration policies, their efforts to pressure Nicols Maduro’s regime in Venezuela, and dealings between Trump associates and Russian nationals before the 2016 election.

In addition to his domestic reporting, Sanchez has also traveled to cover President Trump’s visit to Japan in May 2019 and the G-7 Conference in Quebec, Canada. He has also covered many Trump rallies that have taken place throughout the country.

CNN Boris Sanchez Wikipedia Bio

Sanchez served as a national correspondent for CNN after joining the network in June 2015, and was based in New York then. Later a year, he moved to his hometown of Miami, where he continued to work for CNN.

During his time as a national correspondent for CNN, Sanchez covered numerous breaking news events. He was among the first reporters to arrive at the Fort Lauderdale Airport shooting in 2017 and the Orlando Pulse Nightclub massacre in 2016.

Furthermore, Sanchez’s reporting on the violent unrest and riots following the shooting that occurred in Charlotte, North Carolina, of an African-American man by Police in 2016 contributed to CNN winning an Edward R. Murrow Award for breaking news coverage.

In 2016, Sanchez reported on several historic natural disasters, that includes the tragic flooding in Louisiana, Hurricane Matthew in northern Florida, and a devastating earthquake in Ecuador.

This coverage helped raise awareness of the impacted communities and bring information to viewers worldwide.

Boris Sanchez age

Boris Sanchez was born in Havana, Cuba, on November 15, 1985. As of March 2023, he is 37 old. In addition to his work as a correspondent and anchor for CNN, Boris Sanchez has also contributed to other media outlets, including MSNBC and NBC News.

Regarding his education, Sanchez graduated from Syracuse University in 2009 with bachelor’s degrees in broadcast journalism and international relations.

Boris Sanchez Wikipedia
Boris Sanchez is a television anchor for CNN from the United States. (source: legit)

Before taking a job anchoring weekends at KRCR in Redding, he had interned at Miami NBC affiliate WTVJ while completing his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science at the University of Florida.

These experiences from the internships helped him gain experience to develop his reporting and anchoring skills. They prepared him for his current role as a national correspondent and anchor for CNN.

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Who Is Boris Sanchez wife?

Boris Sanchez is happily married to his wife, Jenifer Piekut Sanchez. The couple exchanged vows on September 17, 2016, in Truckee, California, with only their close friends and family in their presence, and since then, they have been together for six years now.

Boris has kept personal details about his wife unrevealed. This might be for various reasons. One of the many reasons may be that he didn’t want the paparazzi and media to meddle in his wife’s private life. 

Boris Sanchez Wikipedia
Boris Sanchez with his wife, Jennifer Piekut Sanchez. (source: thenetline)

It is common for public figures to keep personal information private for their benefit and security. It becomes serious when families get involved. As a result, even the slightest information about his wife is hard to find on any internet platform.

However, it is known that Boris and his wife do not have any children yet. But they have a pet dog they treat as their child. This pet dog often gets featured in Boris’s Instagram posts.

Boris Sanchez salary 

According to various sources, Boris Sanchez’s salary ranges from $44,215 to $110,500 per year as an anchor and correspondent for CNN. However, the exact figure for his salary has not been established.

CNN is known to be one of the largest and most renowned news channels in the world. Its anchors are expected to maintain a high level of accuracy, professionalism, and journalistic integrity.

As a result, Boris Sanchez’s salary is likely to be influenced by his experience, expertise, and performance in his role. He has covered a range of significant news events and has shown his ability to provide insightful analysis and breaking news coverage.

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