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20th richest person in the world and second moneyed woman on the planet, Alice Walton’s net worth is $67 billion.

Alice Walton, originally “Alice Louise Walton,” was born on 7th October 1949 in Arkansas, Newport, USA.

Alice Walton is the eldest Daughter of Businessman and entrepreneur Sam Walton (Father) who was the founder of Walmart and Sam’s Club, and Helen Walton (Mother), a philanthropist and prominent arts advocate.

Since her father was the founder of Walmart, the Walton family owns 50% shares of the company in the name of Walton Enterprises LLC.

Alice Walton
Alice Walton

Reportedly the net worth of the whole Walton family is $215 billion, out of which she alone owns about $11 billion in Walmart Shares.

Walton’s are combined worth more than the richest person in the world.

Early Life

Alice Walton was raised in Bentonville along with her three younger brothers.

Inheritor of Walmart went to Bentonville High School, graduated in 1966, and attended Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas.

Alice graduated with BA in economics and finance in 1971. She was very much interested in arts as a child. She bought her first piece of art when she was ten years of age.

Just like any other Texan, she loved to ride horses in her childhood days.

She also loved painting. She used to paint with watercolors along with her mother whenever the family went on a camping trip.

Quick Facts

Full name Alice Louise Walton
Date of birth October 7th,1949
Nationality American
Birthplace Newport, Arkansas, United States
Ethnicity White
Age 54 years old
Religion Christian
High school Bentonville High School
University Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas
Father’s name Sam Walton
Mother’s name Helen Robson Walton
Zodiac sign Libra
Height 5′ 8″
Weight 132 lbs.
Color of Hair Grey
Siblings Jim Carr Walton, John Thomas Walton, Samuel Robson Walton
Eye color Grey
Sexual Orientation Straight
Relationship Status Divorced
Profession Businesswoman
Monthly Salary $250 Million
Net Worth $66.4 billion
Last Update June, 2024

Alice Walton Net Worth and Income

With a staggering net worth of $67 Billion, Alice Walton is the 20th moneyed person globally. She is also the second wealthiest woman in the whole world.

After her father passed away, she inherited 11% of Walmart’s share, which is worth over $11 Billion and which automatically puts her as one of the board members of the family business.

Besides her inherited family wealth, Alice is also an art collector. She has an astonishing collection of paintings from popular artists like Georgia O’Keeffe.

Back in 2011, Alice opened the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.

Alice Walton in Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art
Alice Walton in Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

The art museum is located in her hometown Bentonville, Arkansas, and features Georgia O’Keeffe, Norman Rockwell, Mark Rothko, and Andy Warhol.

She also is known for the horse breeding and selling company Western Bloodstock Ltd. The company was founded in 2002.

Similarly, Alice Walton earns more than the average person’s annual earnings in a day, better yet, an hour.

She has an estimated monthly salary of $250 Million. She reportedly earns $57.69 million in a week.

Alice Walton Income

Per Day Hour Minute Second
$8.22 Million $342,465.75 $5,707.76 $95.13

Alice Walton House, Cars & Yacht & watches


Rocking W Ranch, Millsap, Texas (Former Residence)

Before owning a gorgeous condo in New York City, Alice spent her days in this 3,200 acres of forest land. This one of Texas’s most iconic ranches.

Alice Walton's Rocking W Ranch
Alice Walton’s Rocking W Ranch

Inside this forest land, she has a stucco house with 4,432 square feet of humble living space.

It has a great driveway, a naturally lighted swimming pool, and wooden and stone architecture.

Manhattan Duplex Condo, Park Avenue, New York (Current Residence)

With 6,346 square feet of living space, this condo sits on the 30th and 31st floors of the Co-op building of Lenox Hill.

The place features five bedrooms and six bathrooms.

This condo has a grand staircase, a climate-controlled wine cellar, and a gorgeous scenic view of the city from its 52 windows with every luxurious amenities.


On the contrary of her modern place in New York City, we can say that she is not much into cars. In terms of cars, she has got modest of them all.

Just like any other Texan vehicle, she owns a pickup truck.

Yes, you guessed it right. 2006 Ford F-150. This pickup truck costs around $38,000.

Pickup Truck owned by Alice Walton
Pickup Truck owned by Alice Walton

But don’t get fooled here, the billionaire has changed the interior and exterior of the vehicle, and the outside looks like an average modern truck, but the interior seems luxurious.

Because living on a ranch, you need a powerful engine that can cope up with country terrain and some luxurious touch in the interior.


The Walton family owned a superyacht Cakewalk, but it was sold in 2014 for $150 million. It was first put to sales back in 2011.

Alice Walton Lifestyle and Vacations


Alice Walton is a businesswoman and dresses like one. She does not have a lifestyle like ordinary people.

Her dresses seem to be rather modest, and her signature glasses do suit her. For long traveling, she takes her private jets.

Walton arrested for drink and drive
Walton was arrested for drink and drive.

Even though she is a multi-billionaire, she still needs to have fun. Alice was allegedly arrested and charged for driving while intoxicated.

She went on spending a night in county jail on her 62nd birthday. Texas Highway Patrol also pulled her over for speeding.

Since she has a great interest in arts and paintings, she does not mind spending some portion of her wealth purchasing and collecting arts from well-renowned artists worldwide.

Reportedly she has an astonishing collection of arts which is worth over $500 million.

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Art Collections

She also opened an art museum in Bentonville, Arkansas, in collaboration with Walton’s family in 2011 for $50 million.

On auction of November 20, 2014, she spent jaw-dropping $44 Million on Georgie O’Keefe painting Jimson Weed/ White Flower.

She also owns other iconic paintings such as portraits of George Washington by American painters Winslow Homer, Edward Hopper, and Charles Wilson Peale, the art collection of Rita Fraad and Daniel Fraad at Sotheby’s in New York.

One of the arts in collection
One of the arts in the collection

Likewise, in 2005 she purchased a painting worth $35 Million.

This purchase also broke the record of the most expensive painting purchase, set back in 1999 by Bill gates when he purchased George Bellows’ Polo Crowd for $27.5 million.

Similarly, her art museum has another iconic painting by Norman Rockwell, “Rosie the Riveter.” This Second World War II-era painting was purchased for $4.9 Million.


Alice Walton is a charitable giver. She loves to give back.

Reportedly she donated 3.7 million Walmart shares which were worth $225 million back in 2016, to the Walton family holding trust.

Alice Walton has also helped in erecting the Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport.

The Walton Family Foundation has helped K-12 education, economic growth, and environmental expansion in the locality.

Further, the foundation provides 60 different venture types for children, including the social, economic, and racial framework, and awards the scholarship to 7-17.

Alice Walton’s charity and foundations include Alice Walton Foundations, Crystal Bridges Museum of Arts, Art Bridges, Walton Family Foundation, Camp War Eagle, and Whole Health Institute.

Just like her donations to social causes, the billionaire also supports political causes.

In 2004 she donated $2.4 million to United States prudential elections. She was the 20th largest contributor to the election.

More about Alice Walton Charity works

Movies, Investments, Endorsements & Book Publications

Alice Walton has invested in multiple projects, including Crystal Bridges Art Museum, in which she spent over $317 million.

  • In 2012 she was featured by Times magazine as the most prominent person in the world.
  • In 2018 Alice Walton was inducted into the International Women’s Forum Hall of Fame.


Alice Walton on Award Ceremony
Alice Walton on Award Ceremony
  • She also has been honored with different accolades for her charity and philanthropy.
  • Smithsonian Intuitions ‘ Archives awarded her an American Art Medal.
  • Walton also won a John Cotton Dana medal for visionary leadership in Museums.
  • Lastly, for significant philanthropic contributions, Alice won the Leonore Walter Annenberg award.


After graduating from Trinity University, Alice began working in a Walmart as a buyer of children’s clothes. Still, she left the job and started working as an equity analyst at First Commerce group.

She left that job as well and helped in the family business. In 1988 Alice initiated an investment bank which was a subsidiary of Walton Enterprises.

This company basically engaged in real estate finance, corporate finance, and sales and trading. But due to some legal problems Llama Company, was shut down in 1998.

She is currently dwelled in Texas and is the richest person in Texas.

Signature purple glasses
Signature purple glasses

She got wedded at 24 years of age in 1974, but it didn’t work out, so two and half years later, the couple divorced.

After the divorce, she again got married to the contractor and again got divorced. She is single since then.

Alice Walton has always kept her persona private. She prefers to stay under the radar.

Alice Walton is the key in Walton’s family, who leads the family into philanthropic ventures.

Despite her charitable image and debated issues, she has always managed to live her wealth-privileged life without being too public.

Facts about Alice Walton

  • In October 2011, Alice Walton was penalized $925 for intoxicated driving when she accidentally hit a phone booth and gas meter.
  • In 1989 Alice hit a 50-year-old pedestrian due to overspeeding in Fayetteville, Arkansas, who later died from the injury caused by the accident.
  • Alice Walton was ten years of age when she purchased her first piece of art, Picasso’s Blue Nude.
  • She is the richest of the Walton family, with a net worth of $67 Billion as of 2021.


How much does Alice Walton make in an hour?

Alice Walton makes $342,465.75 per hour.

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