Alexi Treviso Baby Murder Case Death Cause And Biography

Alexi Treviso

A 19-year-old female teenager named Alexi Treviso has been accused of killing a newborn baby in a hospital restroom in Artesia. Here are some details about Alexi Treviso baby.

On January 27, an officer from the Artesia Police Department received a report about a newborn baby discovered in the hospital bathroom and was informed about the alleged suspect.

While being ready for an urgent helicopter transfer to Lovelace Medical Centre in Roswell, Treviso was not interrogated by the police at the Artesia hospital.

Based on court records, the officer discovered that Treviso had sought emergency room care for lower back pain and had denied being pregnant.

However, a laboratory test revealed her pregnancy to both Alexi and the hospital staff, causing her to lock herself inside a bathroom.

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Alexi Treviso Baby Murder Case

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The hospital staff informed Treviso that they would enter the bathroom, and she unlocked the door for them.

The nursing staff reported to the police that the bathroom was covered in blood, prompting immediate medical attention for Alexi.

Alexi Treviso baby
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Staff conducted a thorough search of the toilet and the surface of the trash but found nothing.

However, during the cleanup process, an employee noticed that the trash bag was unusually heavy.

Following this discovery, two nurses examined the bag and discovered a lifeless newborn boy inside. The baby was cold and displayed no signs of life, as documented in a court record.

Alexi Treviso death case 

Alexi has been accused of first-degree murder in connection with the death of her newborn son in January.

According to a criminal complaint filed in Eddy County, Alexi Treviso is also facing charges of evidence tampering.

Artesia police reported that Alexi had visited the emergency room in late December due to back pain, and subsequent laboratory tests confirmed her pregnancy and labor.

Alexi Treviso
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Following the birth of a baby boy on January 27, she allegedly placed the infant in a bag and concealed it under other trash in a bathroom where she had locked herself, as stated by investigators.

According to investigators, when the baby was eventually discovered, it had already passed away, and Alexi had left the hospital. The autopsy report classified the cause of death as a homicide.

Alexi Treviso case update

Gary C. Mitchell, the attorney representing Treviso, stated on Thursday that his client has no prior criminal history and should not be charged with murder.

He argued that there are significant inconsistencies regarding the events that took place in the hospital, suggesting that this case doesn’t fit the typical pattern of child abuse.

A court hearing has been scheduled for Friday to evaluate the terms of release. This is the second notable case in New Mexico recently involving a mother and a newborn.

Alexi, aged 19, was found guilty by a jury of discarding her newborn baby into an outdoor trash container in Hobbs, New Mexico, in January 2020. Fortunately, the child survived, and she received a prison sentence of 16 years on May 1st.

According to Gary C. Mitchell, an attorney representing Trevizo, he stated that his client has no prior criminal record and should not be charged with murder.

Mitchell emphasized that there are significant inconsistencies regarding the events that took place at the hospital. He argued that this particular case does not fit the typical pattern of child abuse. 

She was initially held at the Eddy County Detention Center without bond, but on May 18, 2023, she was released on a $100,000 unsecured bond with some conditions.

Alexi Trevizo Baby Autopsy Report

The autopsy revealed that the newborn did not have any physical abnormalities or injuries at birth.

It was observed that air was present in the lungs and stomach, suggesting that the baby was likely born alive after a full 38 weeks of pregnancy. The autopsy indicated that the baby might have been suffocated. 

According to the report, the cause of death was attributed to oxygen deprivation in a confined environment, known as entrapment, and the manner of death was classified as a homicide.

Alexee Trevizo was scheduled to make her first appearance on the charges in Artesia Magistrate Court before Judge Jimmy Foster. If convicted, she could face life in prison without parole.

According to my investigation, there is no mention of the baby’s father being involved in this particular case or making any inferences about a relationship between him and the baby’s terrible death.

The material given makes no mention of the father’s role or connection to the unfortunate event.#

Since the matter is still pending, no new information or developments may have been made public or reported.

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