Alan Filion Parents: Who Are They? Family Background

Alan Filion parents

From California’s neighborhoods to dealing with swatting troubles, Alan Filion is caught up in the risky business of false alarms, making news nationwide.

Alan Winston Filion is a 17-year-old teenager. He has found himself in legal trouble as an alleged “swatter-for-hire.”

Operating under the pseudonym “Torswats,” he reportedly charged $75 to make hoax bomb threats and mass shooting calls, targeting places like high schools, places of worship, and even the Supreme Court.

Arrested in January, Filion faces charges related to a false police report about a mass shooting at a local mosque in Florida.

Prosecutors claim Alan orchestrated hundreds of swatting incidents across the United States, advertising his services on the encrypted messaging app Telegram.

The charges include false reporting of a bomb threat and involvement in acts of terrorism, both carrying severe penalties.

Despite being a teenager, Filion allegedly displayed a sophisticated approach, using technology to disguise his voice and hide his location.

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Alan Filion Parents: Who Are They?

Alan Filion’s parents must be feeling devastated and helpless after finding out about the illegal activity that their child was doing.

Alan Filion parents
Alan Filion is a young criminal from California. (Source: ABC 7)

Mr and Mr Filion might face a legal procedure with their kid. The authorities can investigate whether they have any relation to Alan’s crime.

The 17-year-old boy has been making false calls about a mass shooting and bombings in various calls. His parents must be unaware of all these facts about him.

Alan’s parent’s identities have not been revealed yet. It is understandable if they want to keep things private and away from public attention.

The news of Alan’s arrest has been all over social media. Some people express their rage in the comments section, while others joke about it.

Nonetheless, it is essential to notice that a young kid like Alan has used technologies and voice converters to execute his plan.

Alan Filion Family Background

Alan Filion was born in Lancaster, California, United States. He has a root connected with the American heritage.

Nevertheless, there is no information available about his family background. He may be of mixed ethnicity, but he certainly has American descent.

Mr. Alan is well-recognized for making bombs and mass shooting threats all across the United States. He was arrested and taken to Florida for further procedure.

Furthermore, Filion computer history showed that he has been curious about disturbing content, which includes violent and life-threatening actions.

As of now, the California teenager is facing multiple charges against him. He is charged with reporting false information and using technologies for terrorist acts.

Where is Alan Filion Now?

Alan Filion is currently facing allegations of criminal acts.

The 17-year-old teenager from California is all over the headlines for reporting false information about mass shootings and bombings.

Alan Filion parents
Alan Filion is facing multiple charges. (Source; Fox 35 Orlando)

The FBI found disturbing content on his computer and electronic devices. Moreover, Filion was engaged in Telegram and other media platforms to execute his evil plan.

Additionally, Alan used different names and devices for swatting attacks. He has made the swatting attacks on several places, including schools and colleges.

The unfolded situation shows the reality of the misuse of technology by the young generation. Sadly, a young kid with a promising future was entangled in an evil and illegal world.

It shows that there are different kinds of people in the world. Many should be aware of all the things that are happening around the world.

Alan might have to pay a considerable price for his illegal activities. He might be taken to juvenile for specific years to improve his traits and thoughts.

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