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The Dominican professional basketball player Al Horford, playing for Oklahoma City In NBA, has a staggering net worth of $60 million.

Horford has come a long way to prove a name for himself in NBA history Rising through the college ranks.

Al has played for several teams in NBA and has proved his worth for the team with his outstanding performance.

Meanwhile, he has represented his country Dominican Republic in the international arena and has helped the team win in the silverware.

Al Horford has a massive net worth of $60 million.
Al Horford has a massive net worth of $60 million.

During his high time in career, in 2017-18, he was shouted as the world’s most paid top 50 athletes.

Likewise, he has earned a different fan base for his stellar display of games for several occasions in the NBA.

He has made professional contracts with NBA teams in millions. Besides, he has amassed huge money from endorsements deal to bolster his net worth.

Despite being at the age of 35, he is still managing to play at the top level in the NBA, showing the character of a true sportsperson.

As of 2021, the Dominican player has an estimated net worth of $60 million.

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Quick Facts about Al Horford

Name Al Horford
Full Name Alfred Joel Horford Reynoso
Nickname Godfather
Age 37 Years old
Date of birth June 3, 1986
Gender Male
Place of birth Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
Nationality Dominican
Profession Professional Basketball Player
Zodiac sign Gemini
Religion Christain
Race Black
Residence Boston, Massachusetts
Height 206 cm, 6 ft 10 in
Weight 245 lbs, 111kg
Hair color Black
Eye color Dark Brown
Build Athletic
Social Media  Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
Sexual Orientation Straight
Father Tito Horford
Mother Arelis Reynoso
Siblings Jon Horford, Josh Horford,  Anna Horford, and Maria Horford
Marital status Married
Children Ean Horford and Alia Horford
Wife Amelia Vega
Education Grand Ledge High School, University of Florida
Teams Atlanta Hawks (2007-2016
Boston Celtics (2016-2019)
Philadelphia 76ers (2019-2020)
Oklahoma City Thunder (2020-present)
Shirt Number 15 (Atlanta Hawks)
42 (Boston Celtics, Philadelphia 76ers, and Oklahoma City Thunder)
Playing Position Center, Power Forward
Favorite Foods  Rice & Beans, Grilled Chicken, Avacodo, and Kale Salad
Awards NBA All-Rookie Team (2008)
All-NBA Team (2011)
NBA All-Defensive Team (2018)
Endroshment  Nike, Dove, Disney, Banco Popular, Intel, and Panini
Merch  JerseyRookie CardAutographed Materials
Career started 2007
Retired Not-retired
Net Worth $60 million
Last Updated February, 2024

Al Horford Net Worth and Income

The NBA star Al Horford has made an enormous amount from his NBA career, worth around $60 million.

Besides the NBA career, he has done some lucrative endorsements deal, which has helped strengthen his burgeoning net worth.

Meanwhile, Horford had started his NBA career in 2007 when Atlanta Hawks picked him. He signed a four-year contract with the Hawks worth $17.53 million.

Later, in 2010, he extended a mega five-year deal with the Hawks worth $60 million. During 2014, his net worth was around $17 million.

According to Forbes, he is the 51st ranked World athlete with a pay of $29.2 million in a total of $27.8 million and $2 million of endorsement.

Further, he signed a four-year mega-deal with Boston Celtics worth $113 million. So if we breakdown Horford’s salary pay from the Celtics, then it looks as:

Horford has signed for the Celtics for $113 million.
Horford has signed for the Celtics for $113 million.

He will be receiving an estimated salary of $28.8 million in 2018-19 and around $30 million in 2019-20.

Moreover, in 2020, he signed a new four-year contract with 76ers worth $97 million.

Besides his earnings from NBA, he earns around $2 million from the endorsement deals.

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Al Horford Cars, Houses, and Watches

He has maintained privacy for his personal life and information related to him. Hence, no real information is available regarding his houses and cars.

As per reports, currently, he is staying in Boston, Masechheutes, US.

However, in his Instagram post, it is revealed that he owns a car named Jaguar XJL that worths around $56,000.

Al Horford rides Jaguar XJL model car
Al Horford rides Jaguar XJL model car

The car has a 5.0L supercharged V8 engine that produces 470 hp and accelerates up to 60 mph in just 4.9 seconds. In addition, the car can hit a maximum speed of 155 mph.

Al Horford Lifestyle and Vacation


As Horford is shouted among the top paid athletes globally, it’s obvious that he can afford a very lavish lifestyle.

Despite earning much in his career, he was obliged to wear the clothes suggested by the sportswear brand Nike due to his contract commitments.

On special occasions, he likes to get dressed at his wife’s suggestion. On that note, many players find him attractive in dresses suggested by Horford’s wife.

Apart from carrying himself in good attires, he is very conscious of his diet and workout plans. As he is playing at a professional level, he works very hard to maintain himself.

Regarding his diet, he likes to have kale salad, turkey burger, shrimp dumplings, and orange fizz.


Al Horford likes to enjoy his spare time going on vacations to exotic places with his family. In 2018, he was spotted in Maine(a vacationland for celebrities).

Horford with his fan in Maine
Horford with his fan in Maine

Further, in 2017, he enjoyed a trip to Walt Disney World Resort with his entire family. He had collected wonderful memories over there and perfectly lived them.

Additionally, he went on vacation in Mexico but had to call it off because he had to replace Chrish Bish in the NBA All-Star game.

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Al Horford| Charity

Horford is passionate about being a role model and giving back to the community. He is always a proactive personality to help the needy ones.

Further, he has collaborated with NBA’s fight against AIDS, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and local charities in the Dominican Republic.

Meanwhile, he has donated a hefty amount worth $500,000 to the badly affected people by the COVID19 pandemic.

As he hails from Dominica, he always finds a way to help out the people in his hometown. Back in the days, Horford has reconstructed a basketball court in his hometown during his summer vacations.

He had supported the relief efforts in the Tsunami and earthquake-affected areas of Japan and the pacific region.

To support the cause, he has donated $23,000 to Direct Relief International and further pledged to donate $1000 for each point in the Hawks game.

He built 13 houses for 13 families in Puerto Plata, Dominica, who lost the shelter after the devastating hit of the Hurricanes.

Being an influential personality, he has hosted an anti-bullying rally for the student bodies and has provided the Hawk holiday free tickets to the underprivileged children.

Al Horford’s Media, Endorsements, Investments, and Book Publications


He has played as an actor in NBA Ballers: Chosen One in 1988, The NBA on TNT in 1988, and NBA on YES in 2002.

Further, he has featured in a documentary called SEC Storied in 2016.

Similarly, he has appeared in many television shows like Rome Is Burning, Mike & Mike, 2011 NBA All-Star Game, and many more.

Also, he has included in a video game NBA 2K15.


He has done multiple lucrative endorsements with various brands like Nike, Dove, Disney, Banco Popular, Intel, and Panini.

Though Horford’s deal with the companies is not disclosed yet, the deals could be in millions.

Currently, he is endorsing a brand, Amphin Dt lotion.

To sum up, he earns around $2 million from the endorsement deals.


As he likes to keep things simple and private in life. Hence, there is no proper information available about his investments.

Book Publications

A book called ‘Al Horford: The inspirational Story of One of Basketball’s Most Well-Rounded Power Forwards by Clayton Geoffreys in 2017.

Al Horford's autobiography
Al Horford’s autobiography

The book inspires the readers to work consistently and develop a passion for what you love to do. And, the book is priced at $9.49.

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Al Horford| Career

Horford started his basketball career playing at Grand Ledge High School in Michigan and was the team’s star.

After holding multiple records at the school level, he accepted a scholarship, move to the University of Florida, and played under coach Billy Donovan.

In continuation of his impressive performance, he led the Gators to win the  2005 Southeastern Conference Tournament championship.

Meanwhile, in 2007, the Gators became the first team to repeat as national champions with the same lineup. Later, Horford and his teammates got included in the NBA draft.

Further, he got picked by the Atlanta Hawks with the third pick up in the 2007 NBA draft. His first at Hawks produced 10.1 points, 9.7 rebounds, 1.5 assists, and 0.9 blocks on average in 81 games.

Because of his stellar display, he got nominated in NBA All-Rookie first team.

Likewise, he became the first Hawks draft pick and made a place for All-Star 2009-10 season and scored 14.2 points, 9.9 rebounds, and 2.3 assists.

In 2010, he signed a five-year contract extension with the Atlanta Hawks. The following season, he bettered his performance, averaged 15.3 points, 9.3rebounds, and 1.0blocks in 77 games.

However, in the 2012-13 season, Horford produced his career-best performance and averaged 17.4 points, 10.2 rebounds, 3.2 assists, and 1.1 blocks in 74 games.

Though he usually suffered injuries that have affected his NBA career in between.

Later, in 2016, he signed a four-year contract with Boston Celtics. Again, Horford had a decent performance at the Celtics.

In 2019, he signed a three-year contract with the Philadelphia 76ers but could not start regularly. So, he was traded to Oklahoma City Thunders in the following year.

International Career

He represents the Dominican Republic national team since 2008. Further, he has won a bronze medal at FIBA Americas Championship.

3 Facts| Al Horford

  • He is married to former 2003 miss universe of Dominican Republic Amelia Vega in 2011, and the couples are blessed with a son and a daughter.
  • Besides Horford, his father has played in NBA for three seasons. Also, Al’s elder brother Jon Horford has played professional basketball in NBA but couldn’t reach the heights of Al Horford.
  • He is a five-time NBA All-Star and is the highest-paid Latin American professional basketball player.

FAQs about Al Horford

How many years has Al Horford played in the NBA?

He has now completed 14 years in the NBA. Meanwhile, he debuted for the Hawks in the 2007-08 season and currently playing for Oklahoma City Thunders.

Why did Al Horford leave Boston Celtics?

He left the Celtics because of game time. Nonetheless, he wanted to make himself into the first team and maximize himself financially.

Who did Al Horford play for?

Altogether, he has played for four clubs in NBA. Further, he has started his career from the Hawks and is currently playing for Thunders.

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