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The British singer and songwriter Adele’s net worth is around $190 million.

Adele’s net worth is $190 million, making her the second richest singer in the U.K.

As a grammy-winning singer with a strong voice, she has sold millions of copies of her music-making.

The ” Rolling in the Deep” hitmaker released her first album in 2008, called “19“.

Adele’s net worth and income were raised due to her first two albums, “19” and “21,” which helped her achieve her acclaimed success.

Adele claimed that there wasn’t any musical heritage in her family.

But the singer achieved a real passion for music after stumbling on the music of “Etta James” and “Ella Fitzgerald.”


When she was admitted to a BRIT School by her mother, her three-track demos got her recognized.

They were uploaded on her MySpace pages that were for her class projects.

As a result, this escalated quickly, and she got signed to a record deal when producers at XL Recordings heard her tracks.

This was just 4 months after she had graduated from school.

There’s so much to know about her but let’s look at some of her quick facts:

Adele: Quick Facts

Full Name Adele Laurie Blue Adkins
Nickname Addie
Date of Birth May 5, 1988
Place of Birth Tottenham, London, United Kingdom
Hometown West Norwood
Religion                  –
Nationality British
Ethnicity English and Welch
Education The BRIT School
Horoscope Taurus
Father’s Name Mark Evans
Mother’s Name Penny Adkins
Siblings Cameron O’Sullivan
Age 35 years old
Height 5 feet 8 inches
Weight 55 kg/ 121lbs
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Light Brown
Profession Musician, singer, songwriter, and composer
Marital Status Divorced
Ex-Husband Simon Konecki
Children Angelo James Konecki
First album drop 2008
Music Genre Pop R&B, blue-eyed soul pop-soul.
Number of Grammy’s 15
Label XL Recordings, Columbia Records, Legacy Recordings, and Universal Music Groups
EPs iTunes Lives from SoHo, Set fire to the Rain, iTunes festival: London 2011
 Number of Albums 3 studio albums
Net Worth $182 Million
Social Media Instragram  Twitter  Facebook


Music Inspiration Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald
Website Adele
Children One Son; Angelo Adkins
Net Worth $190 million
Last Update April, 2024

Adele: Net Worth and Income

Net Worth

Adele’s net worth till 2021 has been huge due to her record sales and concert performances.

Her first album sold 2.2 million copies that added $1o of millions to Adele’s net worth in 2008.

The “Hello” hitmaker’s album “21” had the biggest selling throughout the 21st century in 2019.

So, Adele’s net worth is set at $190 million as of 2021 and $400 million over the decade span of 2009 to 2019.

The 2012 hit “Skyfall” added 14.9 million pounds to Adele’s net worth.

And she also received Oscars for the song.

In 2016, she was swooped away from her label by Sony Music.

Adele’s net worth was raised more as a result of being signed by Sony; $ 130 million was added to her income.

The second richest singer in the UK might have hit a bump in her net worth in 2020.

The news of not having a prenuptial agreement with her ex-husband broke the news headlines, this might have impacted Adele’s net worth, but the information was kept confidential.


Adele’s net worth and source of income include concert sales, awards, and also television shows.

Her three concert tours, “An Evening with Adele” (2008-2009) and  “Adele Live”(2011, 2018, and 2019), did well.

As a result, it added good revenue to Adele’s net worth.

Adele- net-worth-2021
Singer posing at Grammy’s red carpet

The total earning of $170 million was made just from her concert tours because she made $55 million just from her concert tour of 2016.

Adele’s net worth added $1o million even without releasing new music and going on tours for few years.

The 33-year-old singer’s other income source is mainly royalties.

Adele’s net worth adds a couple of millions a year from royalties that she gets from YouTube and Apple Music etc.

Awards Achieved:

  1. 15 Grammy Awards.
  2. 5 American Music Awards.
  3. 3 Guinness World Records.
  4. 18 Billboard Music Awards.
  5. Time Magazine 2012’s 100 most influential people in the world
  6. MBE in Queen Elizabeth’s birthday honors list 2013
  7. Oscar 2013 for Best Original Song

Adele: House and Cars


The multimillionaire artist owns tons of properties in the USA and UK from Beverly Hills Mansion and townhouses in London.

The millions are spent on Adele’s net worth as she owns two of the mansion in Beverly Hills, USA, and two of the townhouse in Kensington, London.

Beverly Hills Mansion:

In 2016,  $9.5 million was spent from Adele’s net worth in a mansion in Beverly Hills and another secondary one located around the same area that she bought in 2019.

The luxurious mansion consists of a white wooden exterior with a border.

This border is accompanied by shrubs lined around the area which is along with the patio.

Her mansion’s kitchen has a sage green wooden cupboard and handles silver in color and white worktops along with pretty floors made of wood.

Her living room displays neutral colors and walls that are cream-colored with wooden floors that are dark-colored.

It looks like a big amount from Adele’s net worth was spent on her living room only.

A shelf is also included in her living room in which her TV and pictures are displayed together.

A cream-colored hallway with lamps is displayed near the wooden stairs in the singer’s mansion, which she shares with her son.

To sum it up, Adele started her livelihood at her south London childhood home and followed by moving to Notting Hill.

She has owned a West Sussex mansion, Brighton beach house, and a home in London in all these years.

Also, she owns two properties at Beverly Hills, along with a holiday home in Malibu, the penthouse in New York, and the East Grinstead manor house in the UK.

A huge amount of money has been invested and spent from Adele’s net worth for her houses till 2021.


Adele’s net worth amounts to big money on her cars.

She is an owner of a Porsche Cayenne 4×4 with a starting price of $67,500 to $76,500 for the couple, and she is also rumored to have bought a black Range Rover.

Adele also owns a Volkswagen Sharan because she is frequently spotted in it.

Adele’s net worth has been spent frequently on her luxurious cars.

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Adele: Lifestyle and Vacation:

Adele’s Net Worth spent on Clothing, Makeup, and Hair:

Adele’s net worth is also spent in huge amounts for her lifestyle choices.

She has a celebrity stylist Gaelle Paul whose services cost her about 28,000 dollars per year.

Her stylist revealed that everything is designed specifically for Adele only, which the singer later approves.

Her style goes hand to hand with her music representing elegance and timeless beauty that comes off by paying a heavy amount to her stylist.

She has a sunglasses collection of designer labels like Linda Farror, which costs more than $500 from Adele’s net worth.

Adele- new-look
Adele posing with her new look.

Adele’s net worth used on high fashion designer products, from her Christian Louboutin heels to Chanel bags, is huge.

The millionaire star carries around a luxurious glam squad with her.

The makeup artist takes 14,000 dollars per year from Adele’s net worth for bling-worthy events.

Adele’s net worth of $1000 each year is used for her famous hair-dresses, Lino Carbosiero.


The singer often takes a vacation with her friends and family.

These vacations take up a big amount from Adele’s net worth.

She vacationed at Anguilla in the Caribbean with musician Harry Styles and hosted James Corden recently.

Singer left a huge tip on a $400 bill in the beach getaway along with her star friends who were of $2000.

She was having the time of her life at the beach after her major weight loss transformation by flaunting a beautiful dress.

The “Skyfall” singer vacationed by taking trips to the Colorado River area as well.

Because the singer is seen doing hiking, swimming in lakes, and making memories with friends at a campfire.

Adele: Charity

Adele does different charities by donating and performing at charity events like for two organizations MusiCares and SANDS.

She raised $13,000 during album 21’s live tour because the money collected went to SANDS.

She sang live at a charity concert for MusiCares and signed and donated many items for the auction.

Adele also sang at Little Noise Sessions, whose money went to a Mencap charity that provides for individuals with learning disabilities.

Adele worked with “Keep a Child Alive,” where the people with AIDS/HIV from India, Africa, were provided with service and care.

And further, Adele sang at “Save the Music Foundation,” ‘s a charitable event where she helped raising money.

Movies, Investments, Endorsements, and Book Publications:

Movies and Talk Shows:

Adele has not yet appeared in any movies.

She has hosted episodes of Saturday Night Live.

Adele’s net worth was raised in big numbers because of her one appearance on Saturday Night Live.

She has appeared in talk shows like The Ellen Show and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon for few times.


The singer spent an anonymous amount from her net worth for EVR Holdings.

The star has invested in EVR Holdings, which is a London virtual reality start-up.

The news broke that Adele invested in this startup by being anonymous without revealing her name and amount invested.

Adele’s label, along with other labels like Universal and Warner, has been involved and has signed deals with the startup to produce content for VR.


Adele doesn’t believe in endorsement and actively rejects millions of dollars worth of investment.

In 2020, she rejected a 4o million endorsement that was related to diet.

She rejected $19 million worth of endorsement of the Loreal brand in 2013 because she states it’s shameful to be a sell-out.

And because of that, she would not get involved in any endorsements

This can easily add the amount to Adele’s net worth, but she rejects it.

Adele: Career

Adele achieved fame instantly when she released her debut album in 2008.

Her album was number 1 in the U.K.

Later the American record label signed her, which caused her album more popularity.

Adele was nominated for 4 Grammy’s that year which she won two of them.

This helped to establish her name worldwide.

Adele believes singing is her life because it provides her love and freedom.

She suffered from laryngitis, and her career was at a halt for a moment.

She went through vocal cord surgery and came back stronger than ever.

The 35year-old singer won 6 Grammy’s during 2012 and was tying up with another big artist Beyonce.

She has the talent to bring out her emotional experiences in her song.

Her magnificent hit single “Hello” was very successful.

“Hello” won the hearts of listeners from so many countries, and her album achieved fame by selling 20 million copies in the world.

Adele gained 5 more Grammy’s that year because of winning top categories.

Adele has released 3 studio albums followed by one video album that added value to Adele’s net worth.

She also has two extended plays and 15 singles.

3 Facts about Adele:

  1. Adele still faces stage fright and experiences panic attacks while performing.
  2. In 2012, Adele was 6th on the highest-paid under 30 celebrities Forbes List.
  3. Adele hates flying and becomes homesick while away from London.

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How much weight did Adele lose?

Adele has had a major weight loss transformation because she lost nearly 50 pounds.

Does Adele have any tattoos?

Yes, she has 5 tattoos in total.

What is Adele’s favorite food?

Adele’s favorite food is lasagne, and also she stated she would carry around Italian foods while on tour.


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