Adira Suhaimi Cerai With Husband Adnan Abu: Reddit Drama

Adira Suhaimi Cerai

The news of Adira Suhaimi Cerai with her husband, Adnan Abu, is spreading all over the Internet, dividing the online community into two sections with different opinions.

Adira Suhaimi’s birthdate is on September 19, 1991, in Ranau, Sabah, Malaysia. She is a talented Malaysian singer.

Adira gained recognition as the runner-up in the eighth season of Astro’s reality program, Akademi Fantasia.

Suhaimi is also known as the “Queen of Soundtracks.” Her notable contributions to the world of soundtracks are visible in her craft.

At 19, Adira auditioned for Akademi Fantasia alongside her sister, Ema. Although her sister was eliminated in the second week, she became the first-ever sibling pair to enter the Astro show.

Adira never landed in the bottom two during the show’s 8th season. Her musical journey on the show included captivating performances of various songs.

Beyond her singing career, Adira was involved in modeling, business, and spokesperson activities. She has been associated with many labels.

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Adira Suhaimi Cerai With Husband Adnan Abu

Adira Suhaimi cerai with her husabdn Adnan Abu. She has filed for divorce from her husband, Datuk Seri Adnan Abu, for the second time.

Adira Suhaimi cerai
Adira Suhaimi cerai with her husband for the second time. (Source: mstar)

The divorce request was made at the Syariah Lower Court in Gombak Barat, Rawang, on October 25. She attended the court with her sister.

This is the second time the star has tried to end her marriage, with the first attempt in April 2019. The reason for the divorce is based on Islamic family law.

The judge criticized Mr. Adnan for intentionally delaying the process, so the case has been postponed to December 18.

Adira and Datuk Red got married in Thailand in 2015. Together, the couple has four children who they love dearly.

It is essential to focus that it is na individual decision to get away from a relationship that makes them feel suffocated.

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Adira Suhaimi Marriage With Adnan abu was Surprising

In a surprising revelation, a local singer, Adira, shared that she tied the knot with a “Datuk Seri.” On top of that, she was the second wife of him.

Adira Suhaimi cerai
Adira Suhaimi and Adnan Abu have been having a rift in their relationship. (Source: Kosmo Digital)

The musician expressed her desire to be transparent about her marital status at the beginning. She emphasized that she had not intended to keep the union a secret from her fans.

Adira explained that the decision to keep their marriage under wraps was initially due to the rapid nature of its occurrence.

The singer revealed that she was introduced to Abu by her sister. After thoughtful consideration, she believed he was her right life partner.

Nonetheless, their marriage took a turn like many. They had a challenging time in their marriage, which obliged the artist to file for divorce twice.

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Adira Suhaimi Reddit Drama

In a Reddit post, users discussed a story’s first episode. Moreover, the show has a format of eliminating its contestants.

Moreover, the Malaysian singer was one of the contestants on the show. Reddit users had varied opinions on whom to eliminate.

The options for their elimination include the famous singers Adira, Ford, Thiago, and many more. Many were reluctant to eliminate the contestant.

Users were fond of Adira and tried to save her. However, some people had another contestant who was their favorite.

The discussion includes opinions on the characters of the contestants. Some expressed dislike for specific traits.

Reddit is a platform where people openly discuss various matters. They come off with their theories and stories.

Additionally, it can turn into a mess when two opinions collide. Adira was the fan favorite in the show, and many wanted her to win.

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