Jesy Nelson Nose Job: Before And After Botox Photos

Jesy Nelson Nose Job

Amid an internet hoax, netizens wonder what happened to Jesy Nelson. Here is more about English singer Jesy Nelson nose job rumours.

Jesy Nelson is a talented singer and television presenter. Likewise, she is best known as a former member of the hit girl group Little Mix.

The gorgeous singer stepped down in December 2020, citing mental health reasons.

Jesy Nelson boasts a whopping 10 million followers on Instagram where she has been inactive for the past couple of months. 

Nelson returned to social media with a festive rendition of ‘Silent Night,’ igniting a decent response from her followers.

After announcing and actioning a hiatus from social media, the English singer excited fans as she shared her first post in months on Instagram and TikTok toasting the season, and showcasing the holiday classic.

While Nelson sounded sweet sonically, the singer’s appearance seemed to spark more debate around her name. Get insights regarding Jesy Nelson Nose Job and her latest look. 

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Jesy Nelson Nose Job

Many are shaken after Jesy Nelson has had another huge transformation recently. 

Former Little Mix singer Jesy Nelson is always in the spotlight for her changing face. Fans ask what plastic surgery has she had, a nose job?

Reportedly, Jesy Nelson has undergone several transformations over the years. While many know about her losing weight and discovering her body confidence after years of insecurities, they are unknown about her nose job.

Not only does her incredible figure look remarkably different but Nelson has allegedly unveiled a brand new face, with more tightly defined cheekbones and plumper lips.

Jesy Nelson Nose Job update
Jesy Nelson Nose Job: Speculation rose after the singer returned with a social media clip after several months. (Source: YouTube)

As suggested by The Mirror, Nelson is known to be a regular visitor to celeb surgeon Dr Esho’s clinic.

Speaking of her latest video on social media after several months of inactivity, many have been commenting on how Nelson has used her hiatus to get rid of the tan and enjoy her white skin again.

Netizens have even commented that the singer looks like a “completely different lady.” A user commented, “Is this really her? Probably, back to her natural skin tone.”

Moreover, in responding to previous black fishing allegations, Jesy said to Vulture:

The whole time I was in Little Mix I never got any of the hate. And then I came out of and many all of a sudden were saying it. I wasn’t on Instagram and other platforms around that time, so I let my team deal with it.

But I love Black culture. I listen Black music. That’s all I grew up on. I’m very aware that I’m a white British woman; I’ve never told that I wasn’t.

While her changing look could be down to several enhancement surgeries, fans have suspected for a while that 32-year-old Nelson has had a little work done. 

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Jesy Nelson Before And After Botox Photos

Former Little Mix singer Jesy Nelson has returned to social media with a huge transformation, and many are shaken about how different she looks. 

Jesy Nelson Nose Job transformation
Jesy Nelson Nose Job Before and After: The English singer (left) in an interview in 2011, (right) in the Boyz video. (Source: YouTube)

Now that the singer is back, she has posted a video of her singing Silent Night on social media for Christmas. “Merry Christmas bitcheesssss,” the clip is captioned.

Several users have been commenting on her new look.

Nelson has previously been accused of changing her looks several times, most latest after the release of her debut single, Boyz. In May 2021, tweets gained traction from users who just learned that Jesy Nelson is a white woman.

Nelson’s appearance on social media confused many as the singer often appears much tanned in skin tone than she used to be when she first hit the public eye as part of Little Mix on The X Factor.

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