Adam Anhang Wife: Meet Aurea Vázquez-Rijos Married Life And Kids

Adam Anhang wife

Adam Anhang wife and murder case attract attention once again due to the severity of the crime. The victim’s family made relentless efforts to pursue justice for their son.

Adam Joel Anhang Uster, shortly Adam Anhang, was an entrepreneur, businessman, and real estate developer. The man was known for his successful business ventures.

He had an entrepreneurial spirit and was involved in various projects, mainly in the field of real estate development.

Unfortunately, Anhang’s life was tragically cut short due to a heinous crime. Let’s get to know more about Adam Anhang wife and married life.

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Meet Adam Anhang Wife Aurea Vázquez-Rijos

Anhang was murdered at the hands of his estranged wife, Aurea Vazquez-Rijos. So, people wanted to know more about Adam Anhang wife and her hideous plan. 

As mentioned by the sources, Adam and Vazquez-Rijos were exiting Pink Skirt, a nightclub.

With their marriage ending, the two encounters were filled with strained emotions. The events that followed were incredibly disturbing.

The entrepreneur was violently attacked, enduring brutal stabbings and beatings that tragically led to his death on the street.

Rijos, his estranged wife, also suffered injuries, although they were not as severe.

Adam Anhang Wife Aurea Vázquez-Rijos
Adam Anhang wife, Aurea Vázquez-Rijos, killed her husband. (Source: Daily Mail)

This terrible crime caught the media’s attention and became known as the “Pink Skirt Murder.”

Investigating the businessman’s case was extremely challenging for the authorities. The complex case made it hard to identify the individuals responsible for this horrifying act.

The police worked diligently to investigate the details of what happened. They discovered this was not a random act of violence but a planned and deliberate crime.

At the time, his wife Aurea played a major role in the case. Adam Anhang wife became widely known as the “Black Widow” in the media because she was suspected of being involved in her husband’s murder.

It was believed that she had financial motives for his death, as they were going through a divorce.

Rijos fled to Italy in 2006 to avoid prosecution but was eventually apprehended and deported back to Puerto Rico in 2015.

The investigation took a significant turn when Jonathan Roman Rivera, an employee at the Pink Skirt restaurant, was initially arrested and found guilty of the murder.

However, a subsequent investigation conducted by the FBI cleared Roman of the charges and identified Alex Pabon Colon as the actual perpetrator.

It was revealed that the entrepreneur’s wife had hired Colon and promised him three million dollars to carry out the crime.

As a result of the new evidence, Roman was released from custody and later sued the police and prosecutors for the wrongful conviction he had endured.

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Adam Anhang Married Life And Kids

Adam and his wife encountered many difficulties in their married life. So the two were trying to end things but things went wrong in many ways.

His wife Rijos’ efforts to escape and legal tactics, but was eventually caught.

She was found guilty of the real estate developer’s murder, along with her sister, Marcia Vazquez-Rijos, and ex-boyfriend, Jose Ferrer Sosa.

According to BBC, they were sentenced to spend their lives in prison.

Adam Anhang Married Life And Kids
Adam Anhang wife, Aurea Vazquez-Rijos, was convicted in her husband’s murder case. (Source: Daily Mail)

Anhang was part of a close-knit family devastated by his untimely death. The man was born on 26 January 1973, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

His parents, Abraham and Barbara Anhang, were left heartbroken by the loss of their beloved son.

Despite their immense grief, they were determined to seek justice and uncover the truth surrounding their son’s murder.

The Anhang family went to great lengths in their pursuit of justice.

Abraham hired a private investigator to track down Aurea, which led to the reopening of the case by the Puerto Rico FBI.

The tragic loss of Adam deeply affected his family, who tirelessly fought to ensure that those responsible faced the punishment they deserved.

Their determination was motivated by their desire for justice and to keep their son’s memory alive.

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