Simon Jordan Wife: Is He Married To Michelle Dewberry In 2023? Dating History

Simon Jordan Wife

Simon Jordan wife is Michelle Dewberry? Simon is a British entrepreneur who is currently in a relationship with Michelle Dewberry.

The couple shares a cozy snap of both pouting and having fun.

Simon Jordan is a notable English entrepreneur, former football club chairman, and media personality.

Born on September 24, 1967, Simon is known for his remarkable achievement in business. Moreover, he spent his early life in his hometown in South London.

2000 Jordan made headlines by purchasing Crystal Place Football Club for $10 million. The club was struggling financially at that time.

However, under his leadership, the club strengthen again. He invested heavily in players and facilities. Jordan helps the club regain its position in the premier league by 2004.

Through his tenure as chairman, Jordan gained a reputation for his candid and sometimes confrontational style. 

He sold the club in 2010 and transitioned his career into media. He became a frequent commentator on various TCV and radio shows. 

Despite his professional success, Jordan faced personal challenges. He battled with a distraught health condition, prostate cancer.

Simon Jordan Wife: Is He Married To Michelle Dewberry In 2023?

Simon Jordan wife isn’t Michelle Dewberry. As of 2023, Simon Jordan isn’t married.  

However, Simon Jordan is currently in a healthy relationship with Michelle Dewberry. His partner, Michelle, is a businesswoman and broadcaster.

Simon Jordan Wife
Simon Jordan is currently dating Michelle Dewberry, who is a businesswoman. (Source: The Mirror)

His lover Michelle gained public recognition by winning the second British reality TV show,” The Apprentice” series, in 2006.

She has a history of entrepreneurial success and has worked in various media roles.

The couple’s relationship began when they appeared on a TV show together. They seemed to develop feelings for each other during their time in shows.

Later, they went to a concert and delivered a lot of affection towards each other during the event. Michelle even posted pictures of them together.

They often share playful tweets indicating they enjoy each other’s company. Their relationship seems full of happiness after the previous challenges in their lives.

Michelle Dewberry was previously married and had difficulty recovering from her past relationship experience. She might soon turn into Simon Jordan’s wife.

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Simon Jordan Wife Michelle Dewberry Dating History 

Before Simon’s relationship with Michelle Dewberry, he had been involved with several women. 

In the past, he dated entrepreneur and activist Meg Mathews.

Their relationship garnered attention, and there were reports of grand gestures, such as Jordan purchasing an expensive Porsche for Mathews.

Additionally, Jordan was in a relationship with Suzi Walker. He even has a daughter named Cameron with Suzi. They had their daughter in 2008.

However, Jordan and Suzi’s relationship didn’t last long. The two separated their path in 2008. 

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Simon Jordan Wife Michelle Dewberry Gave Birth TO A Baby Boy

Simon Jordan and his current girlfriend Michelle Dewberry recently welcomed a new family member.

In 2022, the duo had a beautiful son. Simon’s lover, Michelle, had their baby boy early. Her water broke when she was 28 weeks pregnant.

Michelle took it to her Instagram to share her happiness. She had some complications, but her little boy is a fighter like her.

She shared a picture of herself and her baby on her Instagram @michelledewbs, but their son’s name is still a secret.

Michelle had a tough time before because she had a miscarriage, which made her sad. However, Simon and Michelle’s son has brought a bundle of joy into their lives.

Simon Jordan Wife
Simon Jordan and Michelle Dewberry recently welcomed their baby boy. (Source: Instagram)

Michelle Dewberry also has an 11-year-old daughter. She shares tweets showcasing her daughter’s playful relationship with Simon Jordan.

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