Zeinab Harake Children: Adopted Son Lucas And Daughter

Zeinab Harake Children

Zeinab Harake Children: Celebrated YouTuber and content creator Zeinab Harake has found joy in motherhood, embracing her role with an adopted son named Lucas and a cherished daughter.

Zeinab Harake, a prominent figure in the digital realm, has achieved remarkable acclaim as a Filipino YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok star, as well as a model.

Born on December 11, 1998, in Bacoor, Philippines, her charismatic presence and captivating content have garnered a massive following.

Her YouTube channel is at the heart of her digital journey, boasting an impressive 13.6 million subscribers who eagerly anticipate her lifestyle, vlogs, and challenge videos.

With over 277 videos gracing her channel, Zeinab’s dynamic content showcases her ability to engage and entertain a diverse audience.

Her influence transcends YouTube, extending to Instagram, where she shares her moments with an ever-growing number of followers.

Her genuine and relatable approach resonates with admirers, contributing to widespread popularity.

Zeinab Harake Children: Adopted Son Lucas And Daughter

Zeinab Harake’s journey into motherhood is marked by love and devotion as she proudly embraces the role of an adoptive mother to two children: a son named Lucas and a daughter.

Adopting Lucas at 18, Zeinab’s nurturing spirit has been evident as she has lovingly raised him as her own throughout the years.

Zeinab Harake Children
Zeinab Harake Children: Adopted Son Lucas And Daughter. (source: gmanetwork)

Lucas, who recently turned six, symbolizes a remarkable bond forged through the power of adoption.

Zeinab’s celebration of his birthday, complete with a vibrant Roblox-themed party, reflects her commitment to creating lasting memories for her family.

While details about Zeinab’s daughter remain private, glimpses of her presence occasionally grace Zeinab’s social media posts, hinting at the close-knit family they’ve created.

Bobby Ray Parks Jr., Zeinab Harake’s partner, has seamlessly embraced his role as a father figure to Lucas, reaffirming their strong familial ties. 

Demonstrating his affection, he affectionately refers to Lucas as “my son” and recently penned a heartwarming birthday message, affectionately addressing him as “my little man.”

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Zeinab Harake parents 

Zeinab Harake’s familial roots are in her parents, Mr. Harake and Mariafe Ocampo. Her father is a Filipino businessman, and her mother, Mariafe Ocampo, is an entrepreneur.

Both hail from the Philippines, and while their professions and involvement in the entertainment industry aren’t apparent, their influence on Zeinab’s life is undeniable.

Zeinab’s siblings form an integral part of her family. She has a brother named Wessam Harake and a sister named Rana Harake.

In her own right, Rana has ventured into the digital realm as a YouTuber, amassing nearly three million subscribers.

Although Zeinab has maintained a level of privacy about her relationship with her siblings, social media hints at the close bond they share.

Despite the limited information available about Zeinab Harake’s parents, her upbringing and family dynamics have played a pivotal role in shaping her journey as a successful content creator and influencer.

Zeinab Harake partner

Zeinab Harake’s partner, Bobby Ray Parks Jr., brings a unique dynamic to their relationship as a prominent figure in the realm of professional basketball in the Philippines.

Born on February 19, 1993, in Memphis, Tennessee, USA, Bobby Ray Parks Jr. carries an impressive athletic legacy.

Zeinab Harake Children
Zeinab Harake with her partner Bobby Ray Parks. (source: PEP.ph)

Son of Bobby Parks, a former Filipino professional basketball player, his passion for the sport is deeply ingrained.

His journey led him to play college basketball at National University in the Philippines, laying the foundation for his future accomplishments.

In 2015, he gained recognition when he was drafted by the Texas Legends in the NBA G League.

Bobby Ray Parks Jr.’s talents have graced multiple teams in the Philippines, including the Blackwater Elite and the TNT Tropang Giga.

His prowess on the court resonates with fans, solidifying his status as a respected athlete within the country’s basketball community.

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