Zahie Téllez Wikipedia Bio Edad Partner And Instagram Explored

Zahie Tellez

Zahie Tellez Neme, a chef hailing from Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico, currently resides in Mexico City. Here is some detailed information regarding Zahie Tellez Wikipedia bio.

She was given the opportunity to participate in a casting for his own program on the television channel EI Gourmet, which he successfully obtained and continues to work for.

Some of the shows she has hosted include ‘Platos de Cuchara’, Enchilarte, ‘De Chile, Mole y Pozole, ‘Zahie’s Best Recipes, and more.

Zahie has received prestigious awards for her contributions to the promotion of regional Italian cuisine worldwide, including the “Amico della Cucina Italiana nell Mondo” award from the Academia Italiana della Cucina and the “Presea 2010” from the Academia Italiana de Cocina in Mexico City.

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Zahie Téllez Wikipedia Bio and Edad

The netizens are curious to know about the professional chef, Zahie Tellez Wikipedia bio and edad details.

The exact age of Zahie has not been revealed on any sites to protect her privacy, as she keeps her personal details away from the media.

She has a mixed heritage, with Arab roots from her mother’s side and Mexican ancestry from her father’s side.

Zahie pursued a degree in economics and political science at the Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico (ITAM).

Zahie Tellez wikipedia
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Following her graduation, she dedicated nine years of her career to working at the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP).

After completing her tenure at the Ministry of Finance, she devoted two years to pursuing culinary studies at the Letty Gordon Gastronomic Institute of Mexico.

The chef seized the opportunity to work for Nestle, where her responsibilities included developing recipe books, conducting culinary classes, and providing training for vendors.

Zahie Téllez partner 

There are no details about Zahie’s partner or her marital status; however, she has shared several pictures with her son on her social media accounts.

She stated, without a doubt, that my parents played a definitive role in shaping my culinary interests. I have vivid memories of joining my father for fishing trips in Mazatlan on Sundays, where we would relish in the process of preparing delectable dishes like “zarandeado, ceviche, and grilled shrimp.

Tellez also said that anticipation would build throughout the week as I eagerly awaited the opportunity to contribute to these family-style dinners at home, where the table was lovingly set to welcome our loved ones and friends.

Zahie Tellez
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Her passion for food was further fueled by the influence of both my grandmothers. My maternal grandmother introduced me to the enhancement of Lebanese cuisine through an array of dishes and captivating stories.

On the other hand, her paternal grandmother instilled in her a deep appreciation for Mexican traditions, characterized by intricate and time-consuming preparations but above all, the spirit of communal dining and sharing around the table.

Zahie Téllez instagram explored 

Instagram has become one of the most popular apps on the internet, where we can share information regarding our daily lives and chat with different people around the globe.

Unlike other celebrities, Zahie Tellez is also very active on Instagram, where she shares and uploads pictures and clips of her new cuisine.

She has a fan base from all over the globe who are inspired by her cooking skills, and she is very passionate about cooking.

Zahie Tellez
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Her Instagram account has over 121k followers, and she has followed 2982 accounts and uploaded 1,269 posts as of writing and publishing this article.

Stay updated with us to find out more about Zahie Tellez Wikipedia bio details and to know about recent news happening all over the globe.


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