Zachary Latham Stabbing Video Reddit, Injuries Health Update And Age

Zachary Latham

The term Zachary Latham Stabbing Video Reddit is going viral on social media platforms including TikTok and Twitter. 

The video of William Durham being stabbed by Zachary Latham is spreading quickly on social media platforms.

Recently, a teenager from New Jersey caused deadly harm to a neighbor in an attempt to become famous on TikTok and was detained in Florida after threatening a driver.

Within a brief period, a dispute between neighbors on Vineland Street turned into a violent fight, resulting in bloodshed.

According to the reports, they were shown videos that revealed a troubling escalation leading to the fatal stabbing of William “Timmy” Durham Sr., an off-duty corrections officer, on May 4.

As per Zachary Latham’s lawyer, Latham acted in self-defense as Durham and his sons entered his property due to a longstanding feud.

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Zachary Latham Stabbing Video Reddit

Everyone wants to know about Zachary Latham Stabbing Video Reddit and further details about the case.

After an attraction at his residence in Vineland, Zachary, a teenager from Florida, fatally stabbed his neighbor William, a 51-year-old married man.

William T. Durham was a father who worked as a corrections officer at South Woods State Prison in Bridgeton.

The dispute between the teenager and victim Durham began as a verbal argument and quickly escalated into a violent fight, which was captured on security cameras and shared with New Jersey Advance Media.

Zachary Latham Stabbing Video Reddit
NJ v. Zachary Latham: Nasty Neighbor Stabbing Trial (Source: Court TV)

Following the murder of William Durham Sr., Latham fled the scene but was later arrested in Florida.

He was apprehended on Saturday after allegedly brandishing a BB airsoft gun while in a dispute with a driver near Meridian Center Park.

Further details about Zachary Latham Stabbing Video Reddit are yet to be revealed by the authorities.

Zachary Latham injuries and health update

William Durham Sr. was stabbed several times, which led to his ultimate passing at the scene.

There are conflicting accounts regarding the motive behind Zachary’s fatal stabbing of William Durham.

A video of the incident has gone viral on social media, with viewers suggesting that it was recorded using strategically placed cameras.

Zachary Latham
911 audio released from corrections officer’s fatal stabbing (Source: YouTube)

Latham’s lawyer has argued that his client acted in self-defense when Durham and his sons entered his property due to a long-standing feud between the families.

In contrast, the Durham family’s attorney claims that they visited Latham’s house after having hostile encounters with him.

During the altercation, Latham allegedly tased and stabbed William before killing him on the street.

The Durham family’s legal team has recently issued a statement suggesting that they believe Latham stabbed William intending to record the event and upload it to TikTok to become famous. They also allege that Sarah Latham recorded the incident.

Zachary Latham age revealed

The exact age of Zachary Latham is not available, but some sources state that he is in his teens.

According to the Fort Myers News-Press, Latham, who has been awaiting trial in Florida for the murder of William Timmy Durham Sr., was arrested during a dispute with a driver.

The lawyers representing the Durham family assert that they visited Latham’s house after facing numerous hostile confrontations with him.

The Durham family claims that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they were unable to protect themselves from the harassment they faced from Latham and another attorney before William Sr.’s tragic passing.

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