YNW Bortlen Real Name Is Cortlen Henry: Is rapper In Jail?

YNW Bortlen real name

YNW Bortlen real name is Cortlen Henry, and he is an established American rapper with considerable tenure in the music industry, having dedicated himself to this craft for several years.

In addition to his musical career, he ventured into the realm of online content creation by launching his YouTube channel on February 11, 2021.

As of the present moment, his channel has amassed an impressive 369,061 views.

What’s even more notable is that he has garnered a dedicated following, with over 2.6k subscribers on his YouTube channel who eagerly appreciate and support his music.

This digital presence signifies his ability to connect with and captivate audiences beyond the confines of his music, expanding his reach and influence in the entertainment sphere.

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YNW Bortlen Real Name Is Cortlen Henry

As per sources, Bortlen was born on 1999, as of 2024, 25 years old.

YNW Bortlen is an accomplished rapper and musician who has tonnes of fans globally.

What is YNW Bortlen real name? The rapper’s real name is Cortlen Henry, and he has been engaged in the music industry for a long time.

Bortlen, the renowned musician and rapper, maintains an active presence on social media, specifically on Instagram,  where he has shared a total of 72 posts.

YNW Bortlen real name
                                   YNW Bortlen has tons of fans on his Instagram account (Source: Instagram)

His online popularity is quite substantial, evident from the fact that he boasts a substantial following of 402,000 individuals who have chosen to keep up with his updates.

In return, Bortlen reciprocates this engagement by following 381 other accounts on the same platform.

Also, this substantial following and reciprocal connections indicate the significant reach and influence he holds in the digital realm.

In contrast to many other musicians, Bortlen adopts a rather reserved stance when it comes to his personal life, aiming to safeguard his privacy from media intrusion.

Consequently, there is a scarcity of information available regarding his family background and the respective occupations or professions of his family members.

Furthermore, this deliberate effort to maintain a low profile on personal matters underscores his commitment to shielding his private life from the prying eyes of the public and the media.

YNW Bortlen: Is the rapper in jail?

As per sources, on Monday, October 2nd, 2023, YNW Bortlen, whose real name is Henry Cortlen, found himself in the custody of the Miami-Dade Police Department.

This arrest was instigated by an out-of-county warrant, according to information gleaned from police records.

Furthermore, Bortlen’s attorney has corroborated that the reason behind his arrest is related to witness tampering.

Presently, he is detained at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Centre in Florida.

Bryson Paul, a journalist who has been extensively covering the YNW Melly murder trial, reported that Bortlen was apprehended following a raid on his residence on the night of Monday.

YNW Bortlen real name
                                            Bortlen is a young rapper who also has YouTube channel (Source: Instagram)

At this point, precise details regarding the arrest remain quite limited, leaving several questions unanswered.

It’s important to note that the rapper has been out on bond since his initial arrest in 2019.

He, along with YNW Melly, faces charges related to the deaths of Chris “YNW Juvy” Thomas and Anthony “YNW Sakchaser” Williams in October of 2018.

According to law enforcement, Melly is accused of shooting the victims while they were inside a car driven by Bortlen, who then transported the bodies to the hospital.

Bortlen had initially claimed that the victims were targeted in a drive-by shooting.

As of now, Bortlen faces two first-degree murder charges and two charges of being an accessory after the fact in relation to these tragic events.

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