Xavier Molina Missing Case: Texas Teen’s Age Bio And Family

Xavier Molina

Police are stating that Xavier Omarion Molina, a resident of Forrest Glade, is suspected of leaving a family member’s home. To learn about Xavier Molina missing case, read the article below.

He was last seen in E. Palestine before 8 a.m. on Saturday, allegedly taking a relative’s firearm without permission.

Despite rumors, the police have clarified that Molina is no longer a student at the Mexia Independent School District and has not made any threats towards the school or its staff or students.

Molina is described as being 5’8 and approximately 147 pounds, with black hair and brown eyes.

He is believed to be wearing a grey hooded Nike sweatshirt, black pants, black socks, and black slides or sandals.

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Xavier Molina Missing Case

The netizens wonder about the Xavier Molina missing case, as he was last seen on April 15, around 8 a.m.

The Mexia Police Department is seeking help from nearby communities to locate Molina at the earliest opportunity.

Additionally, they want to emphasize that the rumors circulating on social media about Molina being a student at the Mexia Independent School District are false, as he is no longer enrolled there.

Xavier Molina missing
Xavier Molina missing (Source: TikTok)

The authorities and family of the missing teenager are cooperating to find Xavier as soon as possible.

The Xavier Molina family is worried about his safety and health as he has been missing for weeks.

The Mexia Police Department is requesting everyone to inform them if they see or find the missing teenager.

Once there are any updates regarding Xavier Molina missing case, we will be the initial informants, so stay in touch!

Xavier Molina-Texas Teen’s Age and Bio

Xavier Molina is a 19-year-old teenager who was last seen on April 15 and is still missing as of now.

There are no updates related to the missing case of Xavier Omarion Molina, a resident of Forrest Glade.

Xavier Molina
The Mexia Police Department needs your help to find a missing teen (Source: Fox 44)

The detailed information about Molina is not made public by the authorities in order to protect his privacy.

The reason behind taking the firearm of a relative remains unknown, as there is no information available at the time.

If anyone has any information about Molina’s location, they are urged to get in touch with Detective David Bell of the Mexia Police Department at 254-717-5510 or the Mexia PD at 254-562-4154.

Xavier Molina family

Currently, there is no information about the missing 19-year-old teenager’s family or their profession, as Mexia PD has not revealed their identity.

But we are sure the family members of Molina are worried and saddened by Xavier’s sudden disappearance.

Xavier Molina
Molina is 5’8” and weighs approximately 147 pounds (Source: FOX 44)

The family, community, and police department are working daily to learn the whereabouts of Xavier.

The online portals are also working to find out about the missing teen, who is also suspected of taking his relative’s firearm for unknown reasons.

The missing case might take a turn, as in most of the cases the victims are found dead, so the family is requesting everyone to find Molina soon.

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