Whoopi Goldberg Net Worth: Lifestyle & Career

American actor, comedian, talk show host, singer, author, and political activist, Caryn Elaine Johnson, aka Whoopi Goldberg’s net worth is a staggering $60 million.

She is one of 16 celebrities in history to win a Grammy Award, an Academy Award, an Emmy Award, and a Tony Award.

Goldberg started her career in theater with her one-woman play, Spook Show, in 1983

The show amassed massive success, later running on Broadway and earning a ‘Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album’ for its recorded version.

Whoopi Goldberg On The Set of The View (Source: Yahoo News)

Her second major break came in 1985 when she starred in Steven Spielberg’s The Color Purple. The movie was commercially and critically successful, garnering 11 Academy Awards nominations.

Since then, her career has risen steadily, with each new film outperforming the preceding one.

She started to co-host and moderate daytime talk show The View in 2007, for which she received a ‘Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Talk Show Host.’

Whoopi Goldberg | Quick Facts

Let’s look at quick facts to understand more about Whoopi Goldberg.

Birth Name Caryn Elaine Johnson
Professional Name Whoopi Goldberg
Nick Name Da Whoop, Whoopi Cushion, Whoopi
Birth Date November 13, 1955
Age 68 Years Old
Birth Place New York City, USA
Height 5 Feet 4 Inches (1.65 m)
Weight 250 lbs (113 kg)
Religion Christian
Gender Female
Nationality American
Facial Feature Wire-rimmed sunglasses, Dreadlocks, No eyebrows
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Black
Profession Actor, Singer, Author, Comedian, Television personality, Talkshow Host, Screenwriter, Film Producer
Father’s Name Late Robert James Johnson
Mother’s Name Late Emma Harris
Genre Observational Comedy, Black Comedy, Insult Comedy, Surreal Humor, Character Comedy, Satire
Horoscope Scorpio
Ethnicity African-American
Sibling Late Clyde K. Johnson
High School Washington Irving High School
College Tisch School of the Arts
Production Company Whoop/One Ho Productions/Lil’ Whoop Productions
Clothing Line  DUBGEE
Awards Academy Award (1991), Golden Globe Award (1986, 1991), Tony Award (2002), Mark Twain Prize for American Humor (2001), Grammy Award (1986), NAACP Image Awards, Daytime Emmy Awards
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Divorced
Alvin Martin (m. 1973 div. 1979)​, David Claesse (m. 1986 div. 1988)​, Lyle Trachtenberg (m. 1994 div. 1995)
Children Alexandrea Martin
Active Since 1982-Present
Social Media Facebook, TwitterInstagram
Last Update June 2024

Whoopi Goldberg | Net Worth and Income

Multi-talented actor, comedian, screenwriter, producer, and author Whoopi Goldberg’s net worth is a whopping $60 million.

She has accumulated massive income through her successful acting career.

After starring in Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit (1993), she became the highest-paid actress at that time, earning $7 to $12 million.

In the 1990s, she appeared in the most theatrical films, with 29 movies grossing $1.3 billion in the United States and Canada.

Most of Whoopi’s movies have done well at the box office. Some of her films with top box-office collections are shown below:

Movies Box-office Collection
The Color Purple $94.02 million
Ghost   $517.6 million
Sister Act $231.6 million
The Lion King $986.21 million
Toy Story 3 $1.06 billion
The Rugrats Movie $140.89 million
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle $485 million

She has an annual salary of $8 million from the daytime talk show, The ViewShe secured a multi-year contract renewal with the show in 2021 and is set to co-host the show for the next four years.

As a profound singer, she has sung for the soundtrack for The Lion King franchise and, in her movies, amassing huge money in royalties.

She is also a published author, writing children’s and non-fiction books, piling up her wealth through book sales.

Aside from her work in the industry, she’s also an entrepreneur. Whoopi has a production company, producing several hit movies and shows, and a medical cannabis company.

Similarly, Goldberg also earns from her clothing line, DUBGEE, which sells clothes, shoes, and jewelry worldwide.

In addition, she has more than 300K monthly listeners on Spotify. Therefore, she must earn a decent amount from millions of streams.

Furthermore, her immense fame and star power help her get huge endorsement deals, earning big checks.

Net Worth of Whoopi Goldberg in Different Currencies

Let’s look into Whoopi Goldberg’s net worth in different currencies, including the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

Currency Net Worth
Euro € 53,799,600
Pound Sterling £ 44,771,700
Australian Dollar A$ 85,204,860
Canadian Dollar C$ 76,329,900
Indian Rupee 4,508,010,000
Bitcoin ฿ 1,607

Whoopi Goldberg | Houses, Cars, Jewelry & Art Collection


As of June, 2024, Whoopi Goldberg’s net worth is a whopping $60 million.

Whoopi Goldberg has bought numerous real estate over the years.

She currently lives in a $2.8 million mansion in West Orange, New Jersey, that she bought in 2009. The 425-acre upscale and private neighborhood has round-the-clock security and a 50-acre park. 

Whoopi Goldberg Former LA House (Source: Town & Country Magazine)

Similarly, she owned a 7,000-square foot house in Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles. The house was sold in 2018 for $8.8 million, making her a huge profit.

In 2003, she purchased a 745-acre property in Vermont for $960,000 and sold it in 2011 for $2 million.

Likewise, she also had a Manhattan apartment that she sold for $3 million in 2010 and a property in Berkeley that she sold for $2.05 million in 2015.


Unlike most Hollywood actors, Whoopi Goldberg isn’t so much into automobiles.

Goldberg owns a black color Volkswagen Beetle which has a base price of $20,000 to $26,000. She has been frequently spotted driving the car across her neighborhood.

Whoopi Goldberg With Her VW (Source: BornRich)

Besides the Volkswagen, she hasn’t revealed any of her cars in her collection.


One of the most successful actresses in showbiz Whoopi Goldberg’s net worth is a massive $60 million.

Whoopi Goldberg likes to collect Bakelite jewelry. She frequently wears Bakelite bangles wherever she goes.

The non-flammable and revolutionary plastic piece can cost up to $100, making her collection worth thousands of dollars.

Whoopi Goldberg Net Worth
Whoopi Goldberg Wearing Her Jewelry (Source: FB/Nina Simone)

In addition, she owns 80-carat canary yellow diamond pendant worth almost $5 million.

Art Collection

Whoopi Goldberg loves art and is fond of collecting art pieces. She has gathered a wide range of arts throughout her career.

In 2011, she sold more than 70 pieces of art from her prized collection of pottery, porcelain, art deco, and various funny pieces gathered over the years.

She frequently visited museums and art galleries because her mother was passionate about the arts. As a result, she also picked up the interest.

She doesn’t like being advised while buying any art. She likes to buy art independently, as per her taste.

The price of her art collection has not been revealed, but it must be worth a fortune.

Whoopi Goldberg | Lifestyle and Vacation


Multi-millionaire actor, comedian, singer, songwriter, and activist Whoopi Goldberg lives a comfortable and lavish lifestyle.

Her biggest inspiration is her mother, Emma Harris. According to Goldberg, she was a stern, tough, and intelligent woman who raised her and her brother as a single mother.

Whoopi Goldberg dropped out of high school and developed a heroin addiction. She later sobered up and pursued an acting career.

Whoopi has been married three times as of June, 2024. She is currently single and doesn’t want to stay in any relationship.

She has a daughter named Alexandrea Martin from her first marriage, who is also an actor. Surprisingly, Whoopi is a great-grandmother as Martin’s eldest daughter, Amarah Skye, gave birth to a baby girl.

Hanging around with her great-granddaughter is one of her favorite things to do.

Whoopi Goldberg Net Worth
Whoopi Goldberg With her Great-Granddaughter (Source: Hello Magazine)

Whoopi Goldberg has supported LGBTQ rights. She has advocated for the transgender and bisexual communities as well as raised AIDS awareness.

Similarly, she is also a pro-choice activist because she underwent an abortion when she was 14 years old.

Goldberg owns two pet cats, Oliver and Vinny. Vinny was a stray cat thrown from a bridge but was rescued and adopted by Whoopi.

Whoopi witnessed a mid-air collision of two planes in San Diego in 1978, which gave her a phobia of flying and caused her to suffer post-traumatic stress disorder. Hence, she always travels on road.

She suffers from acute angle closure (AAC) glaucoma and is a vocal supporter of medical marijuana, which Whoopi uses as part of her treatment. She also struggled with Dyslexia, a reading disorder.

Furthermore, she had been a chain smoker for over 40 years before quitting in 2015.


Whoopi Goldberg has traveled to many countries for movies and shows.

Even though she doesn’t disclose much about her personal trip, she occasionally discusses it on her talk show.

Whoopi Goldberg Net Worth
Whoopi Goldberg in Antiparos for Vacation (Source: GreekReporter)

In 2017, during her vacation in Greece, she went to the island of Antiparos and Mykonos.

She was also seen hanging out on a yacht. Similarly, Goldberg visited Disneyland in 2009.

Whoopi Goldberg | Charity

She has used her popularity to raise awareness for various topics, including AIDS, children’s issues, substance abuse, and healthcare.

Throughout her career, she has supported 34 charities and foundations.

Goldberg received the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation Vanguard Award in 1999 for her ongoing support of the gay and lesbian community.

Similarly, Whoopi also served on the Board of Garden of Dreams and was named a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in 2003.

In addition, since 1986, Whoopi has co-hosted the Comic Relief television specials to raise money for charity.

Furthermore, she supports charities like DonorsChoose.org, Elevate Hope Foundation, Hope North, Human Rights Campaign, Legacy of Hope Foundation, and many more.

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Whoopi Goldberg | Movies, Investments, and Endorsements


Whoopi Goldberg has acted in several movies and television shows. According to IMDB, he has 194 credits as an actor and 34 credits as a producer.

In 2021, Whoopi starred in popular television series like Harlem, Tuca & Bertie, Godfather of Harlem, Marvel’s M.O.D.O.K., and Staged. 

Similarly, she has starred in movies like Nobody’s Fool (2018), Rio (2017), King of the Dancehall (2016), Top Five (2014), The Muppets (2011), and many more.

In addition, her movies Sister Act 3, Luck, Till, and Pierre the Pigeon-Hawk are still in production.

She has a total of 60 wins and 87 nominations of awards from movies and television shows.


Whoopi Goldberg’s net worth as of June 2024 is a towering $60 million.

In 2016, Goldberg co-founded Whoopi & Maya, a company that manufactures medical cannabis products for women suffering from menstruation pains.

In addition, Whoopi also owns a production company, One Ho Productions. The company has produced several hit movies and shows.

She was a co-owner of Mary’s Kitchen, a Malibu, California country store/kitchen. Similarly, Whoopi owned a nightclub in Los Angeles.


Aside from acting, Whoopi Goldberg is a New York Times best-selling author. She has written 43 books in total.

She has written several children’s books like Whoopi’s Big Book of Manners (2006), Plum Fantastic (2008), Toeshoe Manner (2010), Terrible Terrel (2010), and many more.

Similarly, she has written fictional, and biography books like Is It Just Me or Is It Nuts Out There (2010) Fata Confetto Sarai Tu (2011) If Someone Says You Complete Me Run (2015), to name a few.


Whoopi Goldberg has partnered with various brands for endorsement that have contributed to her $60 million net worth.

She has appeared in commercials for PoiseGap, and Slim-Fast. Similarly, she endorses GLAAD, an NGO formed to tackle defamatory coverage of LGBT people.

In 2017, Whoopi endorsed My Black is Beautiful, a hair care and beauty product.

In addition, her recent endorsement is Nurtec, a migraine medication.

Whoopi Goldberg | Career

In 1982, Whoopi Goldberg first appeared on screen in Citizen: I’m Not Losing My Mind, I’m Giving It Away.

After her debut movie, The Color Purple, she became the busiest female star between 1985 and 1988, starring in seven films.

In 1990, Goldberg co-starred in the sitcom Bagdad Cafe and starred in The Long Walk Home. 

Whoopi Goldberg Net Worth
Whoopi Goldberg in Nun Act (Source: Twitter/TodayInStarTrekHistory)

Similarly, Whoopi won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role as a psychic in the film Ghost, becoming the first black woman to do so in nearly 50 years.

Goldberg had a recurring role in the Star Trek series. From 2006 to 2008, she hosted a morning radio talk show, Wake Up with Whoopi.

In 2010, she voiced ‘Stretch’ in the animated film Toy Story 3. Moreover, she executive produced a reality television series, Strut, based on transgender models in 2016.

In addition, Whoopi starred in the romantic-comedy Nobody’s Fool and comedy-drama Furlough in 2018.

Some Interesting Facts About Whoopi Goldberg

  • She became the first African-American host at the Oscars. She was also the first woman to host the ceremony alone.
  • Whoopi Goldberg is left-handed.
  • On November 13, 2001, she received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on her 46th birthday.
  • Whoopi holds an honorary doctorate from Wilson College in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.


Why is Whoopi Goldberg Not in The View?

In 2021, she took a break from the show due to health problems but returned after getting well.

Did Whoopi Goldberg fake her illness while filming the Sisters Act?

During the filming, she became deliberately ill because the actors who played the nun were not paid enough, and she wanted the producer to be aware of this wage gap.

Did Whoopi Goldberg and Ted Danson date?

They had a short love affair in the 90s during the production of ‘Made in America.’

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