Who Is Sarah? Alissa Turney Sister And Parents

Alissa Turney Sister

With countless online searches focused on Alissa Turney sister, Sarah, there is a growing curiosity to uncover her connection to Alissa. Let’s learn about it alongside the details of her parents.

When 17-year-old Alissa Turney mysteriously vanished on the last day of school in 2001 in Phoenix, Arizona, it captured the nation’s attention.

The circumstances surrounding her disappearance have remained uncertain, leading both authorities and her family to yearn for answers.

Shedding light on what transpired before she went missing is Michael Turney, Alissas’ stepfather, as he shares his testimony with law enforcement officials: they left school together.

They had lunch, during which a heated argument erupted when Alissa expressed her longing for more freedom.

Upon returning home after their outing, Michael claimed Alissa was upset and returned to her room. He further stated that around 1 pm.

He left the house for errands primarily but also to pick up Sarah, Alissas Turney sister, from a field trip.

Upon returning home later, there was no sign of Alissa anywhere to his utter dismay.

These puzzling events have plunged investigators and loved ones into grappling with this unfathomable mystery surrounding Alissa’s disappearance.

Alissa Turney Sister: Who Is Sarah?

Sarah Turney has emerged as a dedicated advocate in the case of her sister, Alissa Turney.

Alissa Turney Sister, or half-sister Sarah, has devoted herself to seeking justice and shedding light on her sister’s disappearance.

Through her podcast “Voices for Justice,” she provides a platform to share her family’s story and raise awareness about Alissas’ case.

Alissa Turney Sister
Alissa Turney Sister: Sarah is five years younger than her. (source: allthatsinteresting)

Sarah effectively utilizes social media platforms like TikTok to engage the public and gather support for finding her missing sister.

By maintaining focus and an active online presence, she has cultivated a significant following that amplifies the reach of her advocacy efforts.

A significant breakthrough occurred when Michael Turney, Alissas’ stepfather, was indicted for second-degree murder by a grand jury in 2020.

The trial began on July 7, 2023, when Sarah courageously took the stand to provide crucial testimony.

During her testimony, she bravely recounted unsettling experiences and bizarre conversations with her father following Alissa’s disappearance.

While the ongoing trial has yet to disclose specific evidence leading to Michael Turneys’ arrest, many unanswered questions remain.

However, Sarah remains unwavering in her commitment to seeking justice for her sister and serves as a driving force in the pursuit of truth.

Sarah Turney’s dedication to advocating for justice and sharing her family’s story highlights the resilience of sibling bonds and showcases the power individuals possess when fighting for what is right.

Her unwavering pursuit aims to uncover the truth behind Alissas’ disappearance and draw attention to the broader issue of missing persons cases.

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Alissa Turney Parents

Quite notably, the parents of Alissa Turney played crucial roles in shaping the circumstances enveloping her tragic disappearance.

April 3, 1984, marks Alissa’s birth into the care of Barbara and Stephen Strahm, who initially bore responsibility for fulfilling parental obligations as her biological parents.

When Alissa was three years old, around 1987, her mother, Barbara, met Michael Turney, and they quickly married.

Michael became Alissa’s stepfather, and later on, he legally adopted her, making him her official father in the eyes of the law.

Alissa Turney Sister
Alissa Turney had just turned 17 years old a month before her disappearance. (source: allthatsinteresting)

As Sarah was born due to their subsequent marriage, Alissa and Sarah naturally found themselves navigating the complex intricacies characterizing their blended family dynamic.

After Barbara Strahm passed away from Cancer, Alissa lived with her 12-year-old half-sister, Sarah, and stepfather, Michael Turney.

Unfortunately, the Turney household became an arena that witnessed a series of deeply unsettling events progressively escalating until they inevitably culminated in Alissas’ baffling disappearance.

The circumstances surrounding this perplexing case underwent a significant transformation when Michael Turney confronted charges implicating him in the alleged murder of his stepdaughter.

It is July 7, 2023, a day that marks the commencement of the trial, a critical juncture signifying yet another chapter in an ardent pursuit for elucidation and justice.

Before reaching this juncture, Michael had previously communicated his belief that Alissa had elected to flee from home back in 2001.

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