Who Is Sam Ibrahim Wife Karen Ibrahim? Wikipedia Bio Age And Children

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People are curious to know about Sam Ibrahim Wife. Karen Ibrahim is the wife of sam, who is the most known criminal figure in Australia.

Sam Ibrahim is an Australian former crime figure associated with various criminal activities for several years.  He is a former motorcycle gang Leader involved in drug trafficking, kidnapping, extortion, and murder.

His criminal activities have led to numerous arrests and lengthy criminal history. He was arrested numerous times throughout his criminal career and has spent time in jail.

In recent years, Sam Ibrahim has been in the news for his links to the Australian underworld and his involvement in illegal activities.

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Who Is Sam Ibrahim Wife Karen Ibrahim?

Sam, the Leader of a notorious motorcycle gang, has tied the knot with Karen Ibrahim.

However, any information regarding the couple’s wedding date and the duration of their union remains elusive. Moreover, Karen’s occupation and place of birth also remain unknown.

It is also unclear whether the couple has been blessed with children, as no details have been made public about their offspring.

Sam Ibrahim Wife
Sam Ibrahim with his wife Karen (Source: SMH)

However, in 2011, Karen spoke out in court during her husband’s trial for kidnapping a teenage boy. She expressed her fear for her life if Sam was to be incarcerated for the crime.

But the presiding judge didn’t show much empathy for Karen’s plea. Instead, the judge asked her to consider the “outrage” of her husband’s actions.

Sam’s brother, John Ibrahim, is a well-known nightclub figure, and Sam himself was found guilty in September of illegally detaining a 15-year-old boy whom he believed had broken into Karen’s home.

It is unclear how long Sam was sentenced to jail or what the trial’s aftermath was for Karen and their family.

Sam Ibrahim Wikipedia Bio 

Regarding Sam’s family relations, his mother is Wahiba Ibrahim, and he is one of six siblings consisting of three brothers and two sisters.

The Ibrahim brothers, Fadi Ibrahim, Michael Ibrahim, and John Ibrahim, are widely recognized for their notoriety in various fields.

John Ibrahim is a prominent figure in the nightclub industry among the three brothers, having owned Kings Cross nightclub.

Sam Ibrahim with his brother
Sam Ibrahim with his brother (Source: Dailymail)

Sam was among the first Lebanese-Australian men to join an outlaw motorcycle club in Australia. In 1997, he was elected as the president of the Granville branch of the Nomads Motorcycle Club.

Under Sam’s leadership, the Granville chapter of the Nomads became a powerful criminal organization in Sydney.

However, due to a falling out with the Nomads’ leadership group, Sam and his followers burst off in 2007 to form a new outlaw motorcycle club, the Notorious gang.

Sam Ibrahim Criminal history 

Sam Ibrahim has had a long history of involvement in criminal activities, with various charges and allegations of misconduct leveled against him over the years. In 2004, he was charged with kneecapping two men in Newcastle.

The media say that Sam helped start the Notorious gang, which is now used as street muscle to help distribute illegal drugs in Kings Cross and other parts of Sydney.

Sam Ibrahim
Sam Ibrahim has been taken to Western Australia (Source: 9news)

In 2009, Ibrahim was charged with the alleged kidnapping of a teenage boy, which resulted in him being held in custody for four months until bail was granted in July of that year.

In addition to these charges, Ibrahim has also been convicted of conspiracy to supply drugs, leading to his arrest and deportation to Lebanon, his country of birth.

Ibrahim has recently been facing another criminal case for allegedly illegally selling weapons.

This further adds to his already lengthy criminal record, which has made him a notorious figure in Australia’s criminal underworld.

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