Who Is Noah Cappe Wife Keri West: Children And Married Life

Noah Cappe Wife

Noah Cappe wife Keri West has been his companion and supporter for a very long time. They have been enjoying their marriage for years and frequently share glimpses of their happy married existence with their fans.

Noah Cappe is a talented Canadian actor and TV presenter best known for his work on Good Witch, Carnival Eats, and The Bachelorette Canada.

He began his journey into the field of acting in 1997, playing Martin Miller in the television series Exhibit A: Secrets of Forensic Science.

Cappe’s other prominent television series are Defenders, Warehouse, Bitten, and How to Plan an Orgy in a Small Town.

He also hosted Carnival Eats from 2014 to 2020. In the episode, he attended a number of events and tried a variety of weird culinary creations termed gastronomic Freak Shows.

Besides that, he also hosted The Great Canadian Cookbook on the Food Network’s web series.

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Who Is Noah Cappe Wife Keri West?

The Canadian actor Noah Cappe has been married to his better half, Keri West, for over one and a half decades.

In 2014, the actor proposed to Keri in the presence of everyone at Frontier College, using a ring made from her grandmother’s jewelry.

It’s interesting to note that they were married three times. Their initial marriage ceremony was in front of fifty guests, including their family and relatives, in a Toronto art gallery.

They reaffirmed their vows for the second time in September 2012, on top of a beautiful mountain in Scotland, as a tribute to Noah’s grandpa, who hailed from there.

Noah Cappe Wife
Noah Cappe has been married to his partner Keri West, three times (Image source: Facebook)

In September 2017, their third wedding took place in city hall, making their marriage official.

Noah Cappe wife, Keri West, is a Ph.D. applicant in friendly work at the Factor-Inwentash School of Social Work.

Her paper investigates the link between stressful youth interactions and later-life irritation.

Furthermore, her contributions to the Canadian medical care framework include information preparation, government relations, and clinical social work.

Noah Cappe Children

After being married for a long time, Noah and Keri did not conceive a child until 2021, when they welcomed a baby girl called Wolfie.

They began looking into adopting a child since 2017.

Noah is a very proud and loving father who frequently posts pictures of his beautiful daughter on his social media accounts.

In August 2021, he posted a photo of him and Keri meeting their new baby girl for the first time at the hospital.

Noah Cappe Wife
Noah Cappe has a beautiful daughter named Wolife (Image source: Facebook)

Following the post, many people congratulated them on becoming parents and wished them a happy and prosperous future.

Aside from that, they are pet lovers and the parents of two cats, Dr. Peter Venkman and Mr. Gary Wu.

Noah Cappe Married Life

Noah Cappe and his life partner, Keri West, have been together for over 16 years. They began dating after meeting on a Birthright Israel trip in 2001.

Their first official date was at the movie theatre, where they saw Tomb Raider.

So far, the married couple has enjoyed a happy and healthy marriage.

On their various social media channels, they can be seen uploading humorous images of each other and making comments.

Noah Cappe wife Keri, shared a flashback photo of young Noah devouring a cake with the remainder of the cake smeared all over his face on his birthday.

Noah Cappe Wife
Noah Cappe is enjoying his content marriage life with his other half (Image source: Facebook)

She went on to clarify the image by indicating Noah still eats cake in a similar manner.

Furthermore, to honor 17 years of marriage, Noah posted a black and white photo of him and his wife in a calm setting on April 13th, with the caption “17 years. #HappyAnniversary.”

They frequently upload pictures of themselves together at events, on vacation, and generally having a lovely time, which gives the impression that they are inseparable.

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