Who Is Kaye Garcia, Mariel Rodriguez Sister? Siblings And Age Gap

Mariel Rodriguez Sister

Who Is Mariel Rodriguez sister? She has one beautiful sister Kaye Gracia and two half-siblings, Ethan and Julia Termulo.

Mariel Rodriguez Padilla has made a name for herself in the Filipino entertainment industry.

She is an ordinary actress and a versatile talent who has worn many hats in her career.

Mariel is widely recognized for her work as a commercial model and endorser. In addition to her modeling gigs, Mariel has a successful career as a television host.

Also, The actress has served as VJ. She introduced music videos, interviewed artists, and engaged with viewers making her a familiar face on  Television screens.

Mariel has shown her acting talents in several films. She has acted in films like “Agent X44”, “Sa ngalan ng ama”, and many more.

Moreover, Mariel has turned herself into an entrepreneur. She has started her food delivery service @cookinginafoodmarket.

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Who Is Mariel Rodriguez Sister?

Mariel Rodriguez is a famous Filipino television personality. She and her sister Kaye Rodriguez Garcia spent their childhood together.

Moriel Rodriguez’s sister, Kaye is married. Also, she has children. Kaye’s Instagram posts are filled with her days with children.

Kaye Garcia is known for her clothing line called Hot Pink Lingerie. Mariel often promotes her sister’s work on her Instagram just like Kaye does for her food service delivery.

Mariel Rodriguez Sister
Mariel Rodriguez Sister Kaye is happily married with three kids. (Source: Instagram)

The duo shares a close bond as sisters. Just like Mariel, Kaye has ventured into the world of business. Kaye is involved in the fashion industry.

In personal Kaye is married just like Mariel. However, she has chosen to keep information about her souse or any details about her wedding a mystery.

Kaye has a son and two daughters. She remembers the first day she went to school after sending her children off to their respective schools.

Kaye has displayed her work on her Instagram with pride. She is also seen with many celebrities like Joy Sotto, Ruffa Gutierrez, and many more.

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Siblings Of Mariel Rodriguez

Apart from her sister Kaye Rodriguez Garcia, Mariel also has two half-siblings. They are Ethan and Julia Termulo.

Regarding her half-siblings, there isn’t much information available. Her siblings must have wanted to keep their identity a secret.

Mariel Rodriguez is one of the prominent stars of the Philippines. So, it is understandable if she hid certain aspects of her life from the public.

Mariel Rodriguez’s parents got separated when she was young. Her half-siblings are the relation of one of her parents with another person.

Ethan and Julia Termulo share one parent with Mariel Rodriguez. It is possible that they are not in contact with each other.

As Mariel has started her own family. The actress is happily married with kids, and no particular posts or hints on her social suggest any info on her half-siblings.

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Mariel Rodriguez Age Gap With Her Siblings

Mariel Rodriguez was born on 10th August 1984. She is currently at the age of 39. Mariel and her sister Kaye Garcia must be around the same age.

Both the sisters are happily married with kids. So, there must be at least a year difference between Mariel Rodriguez and Kaye Garcia.

Mariel Rodriguez Sister
Mariel Rodriguez was born in 1984 at the age of 39. (Source: Instagram)

Mariel Rodriguez began her career as a commercial model at just 15 years old. She has even worked for Clean and Clear.

Moreover, Mariel became a regular host on shows like Extra Challenge. She appeared in Love to Love and engaged with her audiences.

Additionally, Mariel has co-hosted Pinoy Big Brother: 737. She appeared as a celebrity houseguest on the show.

Mariel has over 4 million followers on Instagram. This shows her influence in the entertainment industry worldwide.

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