Who Is Joshua Zamora Ex-Wife Before Jopay Paguia? Married Life And Children

Joshua Zamora

Lately, there has been a wave on the internet, and many questions have been raised about Joshua Zamora Ex-Wife, his married life, and his children. Read below’s full article to learn more about his personal life.

Joshua Zamora is a famous and well-known entertainment figure, mainly in the Philippines.

He has made important contributions to a number of television shows and films. This essay will go into his life and work, providing information about his history, accomplishments, and initiatives.

The page will review Joshua Zamora’s personal life, including his ex-wife, marriage history, and his children’s offering and an overview of his work as a director and choreographer. 

Social media has also become an important part of the entertainment business in recent years, allowing superstars to engage with their followers more directly.

Joshua Zamora is no exception, and his constant connection with his Instagram followers has helped him establish a devoted following base.

We may learn about his personal life, passions, and the creative process by looking at his social media presence.

This write will present a detailed analysis of Joshua Zamora’s ex-wife, his marriage history, and his children, helping readers better understand this famous individual.

Who Is Joshua Zamora Ex-Wife Before Jopay Paguia?

There have been rumors speculating on the internet. The media and public have also been curious to know the relationship history of their favorite actor.

As of reports and information available to us, it is known that Jopay Paguia is the only wife of Joshua Zamora, he does not have an ex-wife, and he does not have any past dating history with someone else.

Joshua Zamora Ex-Wife
Joshua Zamora with his current wife Jopay Panguia. Source: GMA Network

Many celebrities, along with Joshua Zamora, opt to keep their private lives private to preserve a sense of normalcy and shield their loved ones from prying eyes.

It can be difficult to preserve a sense of privacy in the age of social media and continual media scrutiny, especially for famous personalities like actors and musicians.

But it’s vital to remember that celebrities are still people and should be treated with the same regard and respect for their privacy as everyone else.

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Joshua Zamora Married life

Joshua Zamora has been married to his long-term girlfriend Jopay Paguia. The lovely couple exchanged their vows on 6th June 2014. As of 2024, they have been married for 9 years old.

Diofanny Jane Paguia-Zamora “Jopay Paguia” is a Filipina actress, dancer, and singer who rose to fame in the mid-2000s as a member of the popular dance group SexBomb Girls.

She was born on 3rd January 1983 in Manila, Philippines. As of 2024, she is 41 years old.

Joshua Zamora Ex-Wife
Joshua Zamora celebrating his daughter’s birthday. Source: Twitter

She joined the dancing group in 2002 when her career in entertainment got started. In addition, Paguia has been in a number of movies and TV shows, such as “D’ Anothers” and “Maynila: Faith in Love.” 

She is renowned for her charitable work and advocacy for a number of causes,  including animal welfare and disaster assistance,  in addition to her work in the entertainment industry.

Paguia is still a well-known personality in Philippine entertainment and is still involved in a number of endeavors.

Joshua Zamora Children

Jopay Paguia-Zamora, a former dancer, is married to Joshua Zamora, and they have three kids together. With the birth of their first child Alessa, they got married.

Joshua revealed on his Instagram that they had a second child, a baby named Izabelle Ariana, in May 2021.

In the earlier published post, Joshua referenced his sons, Job and Javen. Joshua and Jopay have been open and forthcoming about their family life, constantly posting updates and experiences on social media.

Joshua Zamora Ex-Wife
Joshua Zamora spends his morning with his daughter Alessa. Source: Instagram

They frequently share images of their kids and their enjoyable adventures on social media, along with messages of love and support for one another.

Very important to Joshua is his excellent relationship with his extended relatives. In an interview, he described his mother as his main inspiration and his brothers as his biggest supporters, saying how much he admired them both.

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