Who Is David Cruse, Sherree Burruss Husband? Kids And Family

Sherree Burruss husband

Who is Sherree Burruss husband? Sherree, a popular news commentator and television personality, has happily married David Cruse since 2018.

Sherree, who has been serving as a sports anchor at CBS Sports since January 2020, is currently based in Stamford, Connecticut.

She is the sideline reporter for NFL and college football games in this role.

Furthermore, Sherree is entrusted with hosting college football preview shows, collaborating seamlessly with analysts to provide insightful commentary.

Her involvement extends to college basketball, where Sherree wears the hats of both an in-studio and a remote host.

This multifaceted position demands that she engage with the audience, effectively conveying the excitement of college basketball through various media platforms.

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Who Is David Cruse, Sherree Burruss Husband?

The well-known journalists Sherree and David Cruse got married in 2018. David celebrates his birthday on August 24, as per his wife Sherree.

Sherree and David were in a relationship for 2-3 years before tying the knot in 2018, as the journalist has shared several loving photos of the couple on her Instagram page.

While Sherree gives her social media followers a glimpse into their affectionate bond, she prefers to keep further details about David out of the public eye.

Sherree Burruss husband
Sherree and her husband David were seen at MGM National Harbor (Source: Instagram)

David values his privacy.

Even though his profession remains unclear, he has been an unwavering source of support for Sherree throughout their relationship.

His steady, unconditional love has contributed significantly to Sherree’s ability to thrive in her journalism career.

While she basks in the spotlight of her rising success, David seems comfortable staying behind the scenes, letting his wife shine.

Sherree Burruss kids

David and Sherree were blessed with a baby girl in May 2021, three years after marriage.

Sherree, a journalist, documented her pregnancy journey on Instagram, sharing photos of her growing belly over the months leading up to the birth.

She was dedicated to her career throughout the pregnancy, and after the baby arrived, she admitted it was challenging balancing new motherhood and work.

Sherree Burruss husband
Sherree is the mother of a baby girl whom she gave birth to in 2021 (Source: Instagram)

Even with a newborn at home, Sherree continued pursuing journalism, trying to find a way to focus both on her reporting duties and caring for her little girl.

Though it wasn’t always easy, she was determined to devote herself to her family while advancing her career.

Sherree shared candidly via social media about working moms’ difficulties.

But despite the struggles, she and David were overjoyed about the new addition to their family, and her passion for the job drove her to find a way to make it all work.

David Cruse family

Sherree, a CBS Sports anchor, has kept most personal details about her family off social media and out of the public eye.

She has occasionally mentioned the siblings she deeply admires and respects.

Specifics about her parents, including what occupations they have or had, remain undisclosed as well.

Sherree’s parents have maintained a low profile, unlike some journalists from well-known family backgrounds.

But although her mom and dad shunned the spotlight, their influence on the budding reporter was likely immense.

With the nurture of a family that valued education and ethics, Sherree may have developed the intellect and principles foundational to quality journalism.

Perhaps her parents supported her career aspirations, actively cultivated her talent, and instilled standards of excellence from a young age.

While little is shared by her relatives, behind her accomplishments stands a family connected by blood and mutual understanding.

Though the details are vague, they are the sturdy pillars upholding Sherree as she rapidly rises to success on the national media stage.

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