Who Is Chris Jordan Scottsdale? Shyanne-Lee Tatnell Missing Case Suspect Arrested

Chris Jordan Scottsdale

To learn about Chris Jordan Scottsdale topic read the article below which will provide all the essential details regarding Chris Jordan. 

Chris has been accused of murdering Shyanne-Lee Tattnell, a teenager from Tasmania who had gone missing three months ago in Launceston.

She left a youth home to visit a friend one evening, but sadly, she never came back.

After an extensive search, human remains, believed to be those of Ms. Tattnell, were discovered approximately 50km away, near Nabowla in the north-eastern part of the state.

Chris Jordan was charged with her death on Thursday in connection with the incident.

On Friday, Jordan appeared in Launceston Magistrates Court wearing a blue parka, following a night spent in custody.

He did not enter any pleas, and the proceedings were postponed. He was remanded in custody and scheduled to reappear via video link on 16 August.

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Who Is Chris Jordan Scottsdale?

The netizens are eager to learn about Chris Jordan Scottsdale as it has been creating headlines on several online news portals. 

Chris Jordan was born on 1987, as of 2024, 37 years old.

According to the sources, Jordan is a father to a young son whom he shares custody with his ex-wife. 

Over the past few years, Jordan was employed in agriculture, specifically working with sheep.

As per Jordan’s neighbours, he was known as a compassionate and sincere person who used to offered support to his neighbours. 

Chris Jordan Scottsdale
Little details are available about Chris Jordan Scottsdale (Source: The Examiner)

As of now, Chris does not have a featured Wikipedia page, making it challenging to ascertain his parents details and their respective professions. 

The available information about Jordan is quite limited, and authorities have deliberately withheld certain details from the media.

However, one confirmed piece of information is that Chris works as a farmer by profession and is originally from Scottsdale. 

As for his literacy or educational background, without more data, it is purely speculative to make any assumptions.

Therefore, relying on verified information is crucial rather than making assumptions based on limited knowledge.

Until then, we can only acknowledge his profession as a farmer and the scarcity of publicly available information.

Shyanne-Lee Tatnell Missing Case Suspect Arrested

The CCTV footage captured Shyanne-Lee walking along a street in eastern Launceston before vanishing into the darkness of the night on a desolate road.

On Wednesday afternoon, there was a significant development in the case when a member of the public discovered human remains in remote bushlands near Nabowla, which is located 50km north of Launceston.

The authorities confirmed on Thursday that they believe the remains belong to the missing teenager, Shyanne-Lee. 

Following the discovery, a large-scale search operation involving air and ground teams was initiated.

Chris Jordan Scottsdale
Tasmanian Police have charged Chris Jordan with the murder of Shyanne-Lee Tatnell. (Source: Sky News Australia)

As part of the investigation, the authorities cordoned Jordan’s rural property in Scottsdale, approximately 15km from where the remains were found.

Later that same Thursday afternoon, he was apprehended in Launceston, coinciding with the police’s use of a cadaver dog to search his property.

The news of Jordan’s arrest has sent shockwaves through the small, close-knit community, which consists of just over 2300 residents.

Neighbours and locals find it difficult to believe that their fellow resident could be involved in such serious allegations.

Additionally, when Jordan was arrested, he was at the property with his parents, so authorities instructed him to vacate the premises for four days.

Chris and his mother requested access to the shed to retrieve hay, but the officers initially denied them entry. Eventually, they were able to convince the officers to allow it.

On Thursday, police were observed collecting evidence from the vast property, including a large axe.

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