Who Is Chaotic Allure – Is She Yourrage Girlfriend? Real Name Age And Face Reveal


Chaotic Allure is Twitch streamer Yourrage girlfriend. The couple has been together since mid-2018. He is an American-based Twitch and youtube streamer. His content revolves around gaming.

The artist posts reaction videos, gaming walkthroughs of GTA-V online, and his favorite game, World of Warfare.

With almost 3 million followers on Twitch and Youtube combined, the influencer is much loved by the gaming audience.

The streamer has not kept his love life secretive, and the fans and followers want to know more about Yourrage’s girlfriend.

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Yourrage Girlfriend – Is He Dating?

Yourrage confirmed his girlfriend is Instagram model Chaotic Allure through his Instagram post in 2018.

The couple is now seen in various of his streams. His girlfriend is also a youtube with more than 24 thousand subscribers.

She also plays games on twitch, but her main content is fashion and cooking. All social media handle is under the name @Chaotic Allure even twitch.

As a profession, Chaotic is a bikini model. Additionally, she launched her one of custom and handmade bikinis under the brand name ChaoticSwim.

Yourrage girlfriend
Yourrage and his girlfriend attended Twitchcon 2022. (Source: Instagram)

The couple met through Instagram when she replied to Yourrage’s one of his stories. Moreover, Chaotic didn’t even know how famous Jossie was on YouTube until one year of dating.

Recently in a twitch stream of Chaotic, she said that life after meeting Josie is fantastic. The couple lives in the USA but not under the same roof. They live in their respective home.

However, the couple frequently visits each other’s houses and enjoys playing games and streaming together. More information on Chaotic’s family is kept a secret by the fashion influencer.

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Yourrage real name and age Revealed 

Yourrage was born on August 17, 1997, in the USA. At the same time, his girlfriend Chaotic was born a year after, on November 12, 1996, in Jamaica.

Yourrage and Allure are both currently 25 years old. The couple recently celebrated their third anniversary in Florida.

The real name of Chaotic is still not known. Maybe it’s her real name. However, Yourrage’s real name is Jossie. His ethnicity is mixed, and no information is found regarding his family on the internet.

Yourrage is a Leo, whereas his girlfriend is a Scorpio. According to Yahoo!, the combination is a match or the complete opposite.

The couple is undoubtedly different from each other. They have different views towards the same thing. 

Chaotic in her stream also tells Yourrage he doesn’t feel things like her. In easy words, she considers Yourrage as not emotional, whereas his girlfriend feels too much and is much emotional.

Chaotic Allure face reveal

Although the couple has been open about dating, Jossie has not revealed his girlfriends’ names and faces on Instagram. Due to this, his Instagram followers are left confused by the streamer.

Yourrage Girlfriend
Yourrage and Chaotic did a Q&A video on YouTube.(Source: YouTube)

He soon mentioned his girlfriend in one of his twitch streams and broke the silence. Similarly,  his girlfriend, on the other hand, loves posting pictures and videos of themselves and constantly posts them on YouTube. Their faces are seen together in the same frame only in their Youtube and Twitch videos.

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