Where Is Leigh Sales Going? Is She Leaving ABC?

Where Is Leigh Sales Going

Where Is Leigh Sales Going? That’s the question on everyone’s mind as the veteran ABC reporter bids farewell to her illustrious 12-year tenure as the host of ABC’s 7.30 show.

Leigh Sales is an accomplished Australian journalist and author who has made a significant impact on the world of broadcasting.

She developed a passion for journalism early on and pursued it with dedication and excellence throughout her career.

During her time as ABC’s Washington correspondent from 2001 to 2005, Sales covered some of the most critical events in modern history, including the Iraq War, the 2004 U.S. presidential election, etc.

One of the highlights of Sales’ career was her appointment as the anchor of ABC’s current affairs program, “7.30,” in December 2010.

Leigh Sales’ career has been marked by dedication, integrity, and a commitment to delivering informative and meaningful journalism.

Let us explore the recent rumor, Where is Leigh Sales going after bidding farewell to ABC’s 7.30 show in detail.

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Where Is Leigh Sales Going? 

The veteran ABC reporter, Leigh Sales has revealed that she will be taking six months off and will be utilizing her long service leave to spend quality time with her two young boys, James and Daniel.

With her children growing older and attending school, Sales feels the need to be more present in their lives during the evenings, a period she has been mostly occupied with work.

This break will give her the much-needed rest and an opportunity to recharge herself after years of dedicated journalism.

While Sales has expressed her interest in radio, there is no official confirmation of her next career move after the break.

Her departure from the 7.30 show has left many wondering if she plans to pursue new challenges within ABC or explore opportunities outside the network.

Where Is Leigh Sales Going
Leigh Sales hosting the Melbourne livestream with Annabel Crabb for Chat 10 Looks 3 (Source: Instagram)

As a highly respected journalist with an impressive portfolio of interviews, it is likely that she will have various options to consider.

Sales’ departure marks the end of an era for the 7.30 show, and her loyal audience is eagerly waiting to see what she will venture into next.

Whatever path she chooses, there is no doubt that Leigh Sales will continue to leave a lasting impact on the media industry with her insightful and hard-hitting journalism.

Is Leigh Sales Leaving ABC?

Yes, Leigh Sales is leaving ABC’s 7.30 show after 12 years as its host. As she marks her final day on the show, Sales has shared her plans for the immediate future.

She will be taking a well-deserved six-month break to spend more time with her two young sons, James and Daniel.

Her decision to step down from the show is driven by the desire to be more present in her children’s lives, especially in the evenings when they return from school.

Sales have expressed her need for rest and relaxation after years of dedicated work in journalism.

Although she is leaving her role as the host of 7.30, there is no indication that she is parting ways with ABC permanently.

Sales have not confirmed any specific career move beyond her upcoming break.

Where Is Leigh Sales Going
Leigh Sales worked for ABC’s 7.30 show for 12 years as its host (Source: ABC)

Given her reputation as an esteemed journalist and interviewer, ABC might consider offering her new opportunities or projects within the network.

Sales’ departure from ABC’s flagship current affairs program has stirred both emotions and curiosity among her audience and colleagues.

While they will miss her insightful and thought-provoking interviews on 7.30, they are excited to see what lies ahead for the talented journalist.

Whether she remains with ABC or explores opportunities outside the network, there is no doubt that Leigh Sales’ impact on Australian media will be felt for years to come.

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