Where Are Asuelu And Kalani Now: Are They Still Dating In 2023?

Asuelu and Kalani Now

Where are Asuelu and Kalani now? The couple made their first appearance on the TLC reality show 90 Day Fiancé.

Asuelu is originally from Samoa, while Kalani is from Orange County, California.

The two met while Faagata was on vacation in Samoa, and they quickly fell in love.

After dating him long distance, she sponsored him for a K-1 visa so he could come to the United States.

The couple has two sons together, Oliver and Kennedy.

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Where Are Asuelu And Kalani Now: Are They Still Together In 2023?

Lately, Asuelu and Kalani have refrained from sharing pictures on social media, causing fans to wonder if they’re still a couple.

As a result, viewers of the show have been searching online for updates about “Asuelu and Kalani Now.”

In 2022, Kalani moved from Utah to California, while Pulaa consistently posted from Samoa.

Although the couple has dropped hints on social media about their different relationship, they haven’t directly confirmed their status.

In the debut episode of the first season of “The Last Resort,” the truth behind their situation was unveiled.

During their initial therapy session, Faagata painfully revealed that her husband had cheated on her while he was in Samoa.

She recounted how she learned about the infidelity during a FaceTime call when she noticed his tongue was white.

He initially claimed it was due to a yeast infection from a kiss but later admitted to a more intimate encounter, revealing that he had accepted oral sex from someone.

Where Are Asuelu and Kalani Now
Given their split, the question “Where are Asuelu and Kalani now?” has gained much attention. (Source: thelist)

As the therapy session continued, more distressing details about the infidelity emerged. Faagata expressed her deep sense of betrayal, stating that she had trusted and given everything to him.

The Samoan man acknowledged his wrongdoing during therapy and attempted to console his wife, admitting he wasn’t a good person.

While they didn’t name those involved in the cheating, they implied that her husband had been unfaithful to multiple individuals.

A significant revelation came when she disclosed that after discovering his infidelity, her spouse permitted her to kiss someone else.

However, in an act of disappointment, she took it further by engaging in intimate activities with another man.

Faagata shared that it escalated to oral sex and eventually intercourse. The hope remains that the couple can mend their issues in the context of “90 Days: The Last Resort.”

Asuelu And Kalani Relationship Timeline

In the first episode of 90 Days: The Last Resort, Asuelu reveals how he cheated on his wife during his trip to Samoa.

Pulaa from 90 Days: The Last Resort was involved in an infidelity scandal that ruined his marriage with his wife.

The 28-year-old Samoan man had a great relationship with his 35-year-old wife when they first met in 2017.

At the time, they were deeply in love and worked on their issues together. The pair tied the knot soon after they appeared on reality TV.

They also became parents and had two adorable sons, Oliver and Kennedy. While the pair faced many family issues, they managed to stay together and settle in Utah.

Where Are Asuelu and Kalani Now
Asuelu and Kalani had previously been in a great relationship and had two children. (Source: soapdirt)

Unfortunately, things changed for them in 2022. The married couple stopped posting cute content together and no longer talked about each other.

He began posting content from Samoa while his wife sold their Utah home and moved to California.

The pair didn’t reveal what had happened between them on social media. However, they dropped enough clues that hinted they weren’t together.

While the Samoan man posted content enjoying his single life, Faagata began teasing that she had another man in hers.

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