What Is Desmond Chiam Ethnicity? Religion And Parents

Desmond Chiam Ethnicity

Desmond Chiam is an actor known for his work in the film industry. Growing fame has increased fans’ curiosity as they search for Desmond Chiam Ethnicity and religion.

Desmond Chiam is an Australian actor recognized for his role as Wyatt Cole on Reef Break, General Riga on The Shannara Chronicles, and Dovich on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

He is recognized as Zi- Xin Z Min in the drama series Partner Track on Netflix. The show’s popularity has been steadily climbing ever since. 

Moreover, Desmond has a law degree from the University of Melbourne and a screenplay master’s degree from the University of Southern California. 

However, he decided to pursue his career apart from law in the creative field of break dancing and acting. 

Subsequently, Chiam began his acting career in 2010 with a short film and appeared on Australian television. Later, Desmond moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting. 

In addition to his acting career, he was named CLEO Singapore’s Bachelor of the Year in 2011.

Further, Chiam also has experience in voice acting and may be heard as the English voice of Werewolf Cookie in the popular game Cookie Run Kingdom.

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What Is Desmond Chiam Ethnicity?

Although the actor Desmond Chaim Ethnicity has not been disclosed publicly, it is known that his parents were of Chinese Singaporean descent.

Hence, it indicates that he was of Chinese origin but was born and raised in Singapore, as his family moved to Singapore for trade.

Desmond Chiam Ethnicity
Desmond Chiam ethnicity is Chinese Singaporean. (Source: Instagram)

Therefore looking over his career, he has spent his early years in Singapore. Later, along with his family, Desmond moved to Australia, where he acquired his nationality.  

Furthermore, the Australian actor is married to Sami Jayne. His wife, Jayne, is of Filipino ethnicity.

Whatever the actor’s ethnic background, his dedication to acting is what Desmond Chiam is known for.

Desmond Chiam religion explored

As per the growing fame of the Australian actor, his fans are curious about his religious beliefs.

The actor is Christian as known from his social media. Similarly, his wife, Sami Jayne, hails from the Philippines, Asia’s only Christian nation. 

Therefore, both the actor and his wife follow the Christian religion. He has also shared pictures of him celebrating Christmas on his Instagram.

Desmond Chiam Ethnicity
Desmond Chiam follows Christian faith. (Source: Instagram)

Although Desmond has not emphasized his religious background that much, his professional life is well-documented.

Therefore, as an actor, he should be acknowledged and appreciated for his contribution to the acting field, as he has achieved great success in a very short period.

Desmond Chiam parents

The actor Desmond Chiam was born to his parents on February 24, 1988, in Melbourne, Australia. However, he spent his early childhood with his parents in Singapore. 

Although the actor is well known globally, only a little is known to the public regarding his parents and family.

The Australian actor’s family has chosen to stay away from the media and live a low-profile life.

Desmond Chiam Ethnicity
Desmond Chiam and her mother. (Source: Instagram)

Despite being away from the limelight, Desmond’s parents have always supported and encouraged him and his career.

Further, his parents have raised their son with a decent upbringing. He graduated with a law degree as an educated and successful person. However, his interest in acting drove him towards acting.

Seeing Desmond growing success in acting, it is evident that his parents are his primary source of strength. 

Furthermore, he has shared only a little information regarding his parents and family on his social media. 

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