What Happened To Saint Obi? Illness And Health Before Death

Saint Obi illness and health

Nigerian Actor Saint Obi’s death news is a trending topic online as people have been interested in learning about the Nigerian Actor’s health issues before his demise. What Happened To Saint Obi? Let’s find out. 

Late Nigerian Actor Saint Obi was born on 16 November 1965. He was a film director and film producer. The legendary Nigerian personality hailed from Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

Unfortunately, he passed away on 7 May 2023, but he left behind a divine legacy.

Obi became famous for his work in Nollywood. His contributions to the Nigerian film industry are mesmerizing, as he was active in the industry since the mid-1990s.

The late Actor was recognized for his stellar performances in Heart of Gold, Sakobi,  Candle Light, Executive Crime, Last Party, Festival of Fire, and Goodbye Tomorrow. 

Saint attended the University of Jos and completed his major in Theatre Arts. He began his acting career in 1996. He landed a commercial on Peugeot television.

Besides acting, Obi also served as a producer and director for some movies, including Four Sisters and Take Me to Maama. Also, people knew him for his generosity and philanthropic works.

Saint Obi’s sudden demise is something that the Nigerian film industry was not prepared for. His legacy and vacancy are difficult to fulfill. 

The man is considered one of the Nollywood pioneers. People will always credit him for his contribution to popularizing Nigerian films, locally and globally.

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What Happened To Saint Obi? 

Saint Obi’s estranged wife has yet to make an official announcement, but several online reports suggest that Obi died surrounded by his elder sister, Mrs. Felicia Jofu. His elder sister resides in the Plateau State capital, Jos.

Actor Obi’s body was brought to JUTH’s morgue. Reportedly, rumors arise that the deceased’s relatives got into a brawl. Hence, the news of his death was prevented from going public.

Saint Obi death
Late Nigerian personality Saint Obi has left a beautiful legacy for the upcoming generation. (Source: PM News Nigeria)

However, other reports suggest that the Actor Guild of Nigeria (AGN) opted to hold off on his death’s formal announcement until his family conflict was settled.

Late Actor Obi is famous for his contributions to the Nigerian entertainment sector. The man was one of the pioneers of Nollywood, and his contributions helped popularize films.

Overall, Obi will always remain in the people’s hearts for his versatile work for Nollywood and for helping to flourish the entertainment sector in Nigeria. 

Obi’s projects were known for their engaging storylines, quality production, and casts’ strong performances. Unfortunately, his untimely demise has shaped a vacant and shaken the entire acting community in Nigeria.

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Saint Obi Illness And Health Before Death

Following The Nigerian Actor’s tragic demise, it is natural for people to search for his health condition before death. However, precise details regarding Obi’s illness and health during his living days haven’t been uploaded to the mainstream media yet. 

As per reports, the Actor died at 57 following a prolonged illness. Reportedly, Obi had been admitted to a medical unit for a mystery illness treatment several months before passing. 

Obli left this world in the early morning of 7 May 2023, as reported by online outlets.

The prolific Actor and director appeared in at least 100 motion pictures, and his notable projects include Festival of Fire, Sakobi, and State of Emergency, amongst other movies that defined his successful career.

Saint Obi illness
Saint Obi suffered from a prolonged illness. (Source: Sun News Online)

Sadly, Saint is no longer present with us but his works remain in the entertainment industry forever.

The late man’s work paved the way for many young Nigerian actors and filmmakers, as he left a legacy in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

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