What Happened To Lauren Holiday Eye? Illness And Health Update 2023

What Happened To Lauren Holiday Eye

Lauren Holiday is a famous American soccer player. The netizens wonder about her disease and its connection to her eye. What happened to Lauren Holiday eye? So here is what viewers need to know about her latest health update. 

Lauren Cheney Holiday, shortly Lauren Holiday significantly impacted the international soccer scene.

The gorgeous soccer player’s talent and skills propelled her to great heights, achieving a career-high FIFA Women’s World Cup championship title.

Holiday received recognition as she earned two Olympic gold medals. The former soccer player was a forward and midfielder for the United States women’s national soccer team.

Similarly, she played for the national team from 2007 to 2015. 

She was born on 30 September 1987 to George Cheney and Rita Cheney in Indianapolis, United States. Not many are aware of this fact, as Lauren has two siblings, Caitlin Cheney and Aaron Cheney.

Moreover, the former No. 12 player for the United States received the Female Athlete of the Year award in 2014. 

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What Happened To Lauren Holiday Eye? 

Everyone’s favorite American soccer player Lauren Holiday was spotlighted as she stunned audiences with her breathtaking results in defeating Japan in the 2015 Women’s World Cup Final.

What happened to Lauren Holiday eye? Holiday, 35, was diagnosed with a tumor while she was six months pregnant.

An MRI scan showed a tumor developing on the right side of her brain, near her eye socket.

According to Today, the famous football star shared her first photo after her tumor diagnosis in 2017. Medical experts mentioned the medical condition as a benign brain tumor called meningioma.

The woman has since had a treatment procedure to keep her tumor cells in check. 

Regarding Lauren Holiday’s medical condition and hair loss, a tumor was located on the right side of her brain.

She had a paralyzed face after the treatment as the tumor was located near her eye socket, as suggested by the sources. 

Doctors suggest certain tumor medications, including therapy, can cause hair loss. This could be the case for her hair loss.

Nevertheless, the Olympian soccer star rocked the eye patch look after the treatment. 

What Happened To Lauren Holiday Eye
What Happened To Lauren Holiday Eye? The soccer star had a brain tumor surgery. (Source: People)

Regarding her medical condition, Holiday said,

I wanted to hide my paralyzed face, my eye that is now crossed, and the bald spots from radiation, also my half shaved head.

Medical experts suggest that a meningioma is a tumor forming in the brain and spinal cord tissue layers. The layer is called the meninges.

According to Cleveland Clinic, meningioma is usually not cancerous but can sometimes be malignant. The condition is treatable.

Despite the challenges, the female athlete now learns to live with her medical condition and inspires people to do the same. 

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Lauren Holiday Illness And Health Update 2023

Former female soccer star Lauren Holiday’s latest health update has gained significant traction online, with widespread circulation and discussions.

As mentioned earlier, the Olympian footballer was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor called meningioma in 2016.

Hence, Lauren underwent brain tumor surgery and a medication plan to keep her health in check.

lauren holiday illness and health update
Lauren Holiday follows a healthy lifestyle. (Source: Sporting News)

Likewise, a regular medical follow-up helps keep her updated on her condition. 

Moreover, Holiday’s diet plan to stay in shape primarily consists of macros and clean meals. The athlete seems health conscious, mainly after her illness. 

At this time, Lauren Holiday has chosen not to disclose any details of her recent health condition.

To stay informed about updates or additional information regarding Holiday’s health, we encourage viewers to stay connected with us for the latest developments.

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