What Happened To Kim Chiu Sister Lakam – Is She In The Hospital? Parents And Husband

Kim Chiu

The recent topic of What Happened To Kim Chiu Sister Lakam is gaining media attention as Kim Chiu is a popular Filipino actress, model, host, and singer.

Kim Chiu, whose real name is Kimberly Sue, Yap Chiu, is a Filipino actress, singer, dancer, and Youtuber.

She is presently under the management of ABS-CBN’s domestic talent agency, Star Magic.

Chiu, who is acknowledged as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry of the Philippines, has earned the moniker “Multimedia Idol” due to her remarkable acting skills and significant impact.

Following her victory in the inaugural teen edition of Pinoy Big Brother, she has amassed an impressive list of achievements.

Forbes Asia has recognized her as one of the most influential celebrities on social media in the Asia-Pacific region.

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What Happened To Kim Chiu Sister Lakam – Is She In The Hospital?

The netizens and the fans of Filipino actresses want to know about What Happened To Kim Chiu sister Lakam.

For her birthday, Kin Chiu has just one wish: that her sister Lakam recovers quickly.

Chiu initially expressed her gratitude to her admirers on Instagram for making her feel wonderful on her special day.

 What Happened To Kim Chiu Sister
Kim Chiu Asks Prayers As Her Ate Lakam Gets Hospitalized On Her Birthday (Source: PhilNews)

She says, ‘ I want to thank you for all of your greetings and best wishes before today comes to an end.’ I appreciate you sending me flowers, cakes, and kind birthday notes both physically and online.

But the actress said that spending her birthday with her sister in the hospital this year made it “different” from previous years.

However, she has not revealed the specifics of what had occurred to her sister, but based on the pictures she had posted, it appeared that things were not good for her. Further details on What Happened To Kim Chiu sister Lakam are not yet revealed.

Kim Chiu parents 

Chiu is the fourth child out of five born to William Chiu, a Chinese businessman from Mindoro, and Louella, a Philippine Sangley native who migrated from the Dinagat Islands to Surigao del Sur, Philippines.

She is proficient in Cebuano, Tagalog, and English but has only a beginner’s level understanding of Waray, Hokkien, and Mandarin Chinese.

Due to her parent’s 1998 separation, Kim had a problematic relationship with both of her parents.

Kim Chiu
Kim Chiu for Personal Collection Nature’s Way (Source: Orange Magazine)

Consequently, she and her siblings were raised by their paternal grandmother and moved frequently around the Philippine Visayas during their childhood.

They lived in various locations, such as Tacloban, Leyte, Cebu, Cagayan de Oro, General Santos, and Mindoro, and returned to Cebu City in 2006.

In 2013, she reconciled with her father after being estranged for five years when she visited his second partner and half-siblings in San Jose, Occidental Mindoro.

However, just a month later, her biological mother, Louella, fell into a coma and died on June 23, 2013, due to a brain aneurysm after being hospitalized for a week.

Kim Chiu husband

The popular actress, model, singer, and dancer dated Gerald Anderson, a co-star, from 2006 until 2010.

According to a 2013 episode of Kris TV, she started dating a leading lady and fellow Star Magic performer, Xian Lim, in 2012.

They admitted that they were ‘exclusively dating.’ Kim Chiu stated during an appearance on Tonight with Boy Abunda on November 15, 2018, that she was still dating Lim.

Kim Chiu
Xian Lim pens sweet birthday message for ‘favorite person’ Kim Chiu (Source: ABS-CBN News)

On March 4, 2020, two unidentified gunmen traveling in tandem on a motorbike opened fire six times at Chiu’s van as it was moving down Katipunan Avenue in Quezon City on its way to a Love Thy Woman episode shoot.

Kimberly and her friends escaped uninjured. Investigators are looking at the incident as a potential instance of mistaken identity.

Kim Chiu Health Update 

In current times, the famous Actress Kim is in good health. However, there was a time in 2016 when she had to be hospitalized for three days.

This incident happened while she was on vacation to celebrate the festive season with her loved ones.

It was supposed to be a time of happiness and laughter, but an unexpected allergic reaction ruined it.

As a child, she battled asthma, which led her to partner with GSK for their yearly asthma awareness Campaign called Win Against Asthma.

This partnership aimed to create awareness about asthma and educate people on managing and controlling its symptoms.

Despite her busy schedule, Kim continues to use her celebrity status and platform to inform and educate the public about the impact of asthma and the importance of maintaining good health.

Kim Chiu Age

Kim was born in Cebu City, Philippines, on April 19, 1990. She is a well-known Actress from the Philippines.
At 33, she has already established an impressive career in the entertainment sector, having starred in many movies and television shows.

Her parents are Father William Chiu, who was a Chinese businessman. He was from Minforo and Louella. Her parents were natives of Philippine Sangley and later migrated to Dinagat Island to Surigao del Sur, Philippines.

However, Chiu is a talented Actress and an advocate for various causes. In 2015, she passed the UPCAT and enrolled in the University of the Philippines’ UPOU program.

She utilizes her media influence to raise awareness and promote causes close to her heart.

Chiu is involved in disaster relief efforts. She has worked with PETA on their Campaign to aid those affected by natural calamities.

She also played an active role in relief efforts for Typhoon Yolanda, significantly impacting parts of her hometown. She provided food and water and held week-long clothes auctions to raise funds for the typhoon victims.

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