Was Fred Again Grandfather John Morgan British Royalty? Parents And Wiki

Fred Again

As we explore the lineage of Fred again, an intriguing question arises: Was Fred Again Grandfather, named John Morgan, associated with British royalty? Let’s learn about his ancestry, parents and Wikipedia biography via this article. 

Undoubtedly skilled in multiple forms of music, Frederick John Philip Gibson, often referred to as Fred Again (stylized as Fred again..) or merely called Red (stylized as FRED), has become highly recognized for his contributions to the industry.

At the young age of sixteen, Gibson started participating musically by joining a cappella group at London Studio, which well-respected musician Brian Eno owned.

This early introduction helped provide him with opportunities to refine and enhance his craft even further.
2014 marked an exciting time for him when he collaborated with musical legends Eno and Karl Hyde on their project albums “Someday World” and “High Life”-as co-producer and songwriter (respectively).

Was Fred Again Grandfather John Morgan British Royalty

The familial background of acclaimed musician Fred Again traces notable ties to the British aristocracy.

However, solid evidence for recognizing him as part of the Royal bloodline, like his family members, remains absent due to few details on his grandfather, John Morgan’s ancestry matters.

While there may not be factual information proving whether John Morgan was definitively connected to the two society’s highest echelons, the pedigree of Fred Again asserts affiliations with the British peerage.

His parents and great-grandfather were in high positions in society.

At the same time, his great-grandmother Ann Fleming was an exceptional British socialite who had been married to Lord O’Neill, Lord Rothermere, and James Bond author Ian Fleming.

Hence, even without solid backing for John Morgan’s royal legacy, Fred Again is considered a member of the aristocracy by ties associated with his upbringing.

His musical growth was enriched by being invited at age 16 to join cappella rehearsals at Brian Eno’s studio, which made his experience more profound.

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Fred Again Parents

Born on July 19th in Balham, South London, Frederick John Philip Gibson (also known as Fred Again) is from an accomplished lineage that deserves attention.

His Father is Charles Anthony Warneford Gibson, a distinguished King’s Counsel barrister, while his mother, Mary Ann Frances Morgan, also has an impressive background.

Fred Again Grandfather
Fred Again turns a scrap of words into world hits. (source: livenation)

The family tree extends beyond them with connections to Shane O’Neill, an aristocrat and financier who was given the title Baron O’Neill and linked to the Earl of Dundonald.

Another surprising influence in Fred Again’s ancestry comes from Ann Fleming, the famed British socialite who later married Ian Fleming, author of the James Bond series.

In terms of education, from 2006-2011, he attended Marlborough College in Marlborough Wilshire – renowned as one of England’s most prestigious private boarding schools.

Fred Again Wiki

Fred Again, a talented British record producer, singer, songwriter, and DJ widely known as Frederick John Philip Gibson, has made invaluable contributions to the music industry.

He has collaborated with renowned artists, co-writing and producing successful tracks that have topped charts for weeks.

His involvement in co-writing George Ezra’s “Shotgun” led to its number-one chart position for 12 consecutive weeks in 2018.

Fred Again
Fred Again with Skrillex and Fourtetkeiran in Coachella. (source: Instagram)

His success continued that year with collaborations such as Clean Bandits’ “Solo” featuring Demi Lovato and Rita Ora’s “Let You Love Me.”

Fred Again is also well known for his incredible work on Ed Sheeran’s No.6 Collaborations Project. He wrote and produced 12 out of 15 tracks that contributed significantly to their chart-topping success.

Likewise, Fred Again’s impressive achievements cannot go unnoticed. In 2020 he received an accolade from the Brit Awards for his remarkable work in the music industry when he was named Producer of the Year award.

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