Wanda Smith Arrested: Drug Abuse, Is She In Prison?

Wanda Smith Arrested

Is Wanda Smith Arrested news true or is it just a hoax? Let’s delve into this story that shook the radio industry and discover the truth.

For over 20 years, Wanda Smith was a beloved voice on Atlanta’s airwaves as the co-host of V-103’s top-rated morning show, “Frank and Wanda In the Morning.”

With her vibrant personality and distinctive voice, Smith helped make the show a crucial part of Atlantans’ daily routines.

She built a deep connection with listeners who tuned in daily to hear her perspectives and laugh, along with her quick wit.

Smith’s tenure on V-103 ended unexpectedly in 2019 after a controversial incident involving comedian Katt Williams during a guest appearance on the morning show.

Her sudden departure shocked many loyal listeners.

However, despite this abrupt career change, Wanda Smith leaves an enduring legacy from her two decades as one of Atlanta radio’s most recognizable personalities.

Even off the air, she remains an influential figure in the community and an icon of Atlanta’s airwaves. Few had a voice as far-reaching and beloved across the city.

Wanda Smith Arrested: Drug Abuse

In recent days, social media platforms have been flooded with rumors and unverified reports claiming that Wanda Smith, a well-known public figure, has been arrested for drug abuse.

However, as of now, no credible information or official news reports confirm such allegations.

Wanda Smith Arrested
Wanda Smith has garnered millions of loyal listeners through her craft. (source: the Atlanta voice)

It is crucial to approach such news cautiously, considering the potential harm it can cause to the person involved, both directly and indirectly.

Sources close to Wanda Smith vehemently deny any involvement in drug-related activities, emphasizing that she has never been introduced to drugs.

These speculations appear to be nothing more than a baseless hoax, underscoring the importance of fact-checking before disseminating information.

The impact of such unfounded rumors can be severe, staining reputations and causing unwarranted stress to individuals and their families.

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Is Wanda Smith In Prison?

Despite recent unfounded rumors circulating on social media suggesting that Wanda Smith is currently in prison or facing legal troubles, there is no verifiable information to support these claims.

On the contrary, she remains fully committed to her professional endeavors, focusing on her work with unwavering dedication.

Wanda Smith Arrested
Wanda Smith was fired from her position following her highly publicized argument with comedian Katt Williams in early 2019. (source: revolt)

Since she departed from V-103 in 2019, details about Wanda Smith’s current location have been relatively private.

Nevertheless, it is essential to note that the absence of public information does not imply any legal issues.

Wanda Smith is recognized not only for her illustrious radio career but also for her contributions to comedy.

Her quick wit and humorous banter have made her a beloved figure among listeners and audiences.

While her journey may have taken her away from V-103, Wanda Smith’s presence and influence in the realms of radio and comedy persist.

Wanda Smith controversy

Wanda Smith’s over 20-year career as an Atlanta radio icon ended in 2019 following a fiery dispute with comedian Katt Williams.

During an interview on V-103’s “Frank and Wanda” morning show, Williams made contentious jokes about Smith’s looks and her husband’s clothing store.

The situation later escalated when Smith’s husband, LaMorris Sellers, allegedly brandished a gun at Williams outside a comedy club.

The tense confrontation sparked vocal fallout on-air between a livid Williams and Smith.

Within days, Smith was terminated from her post at V-103, shocking loyal listeners.

Opinions remain split on where the blame lies between Williams and the Smiths for the ugly incident.

However, the controversy continues to ignite debate about bullying and proportional responses.

For Wanda Smith, her firing sadly concluded over two cherished decades as part of Atlanta’s cultural fabric.

Though off-air, she continues pursuing her passions for comedy and entertainment.

Despite the complex controversy, Smith retains her legacy as an iconic Atlanta radio voice, connecting deeply with millions of loyal listeners.

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