Virginie Laverdure Wikipedia – Who Is She? Parents Age And Net Worth

Virginie Laverdure Wikipedia

Virginie Laverdure Wikipedia is not yet given. She is an Australian actress, director, singer, voice actor, and businesswoman. The actress is well known for her roles in the movies La Brea, Wakefield, and The Gloaming from 2020 and 2021, respectively.

Before she went for actress she started her career in 2003 as a theatre actress in addition to her employment in the entertainment industry. She began acting later in life but has advanced significantly since then.

The Australian actress Virginie Laverdure plays Abigail in The Lord of Rings prequel- The Ring of Power.

Following her role in The Lord of the Rings: The Ring of Power episodes, the Australian actress has been in the news.

Other actors that appear in the series are Morfydd Clark as Galadriel, and Megan Richards, who plays Poppy Proudfellow.

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Virginie Laverdure Wikipedia – Who Is She?

Laverdure has a brief IMDB bio that lists credits for La Brea, Wakefield, and The Gloaming. Virginie not only excels as an actress but also as a director, singer, and voice actor. 2013’s Dear Genie, a short film in which she played the title role, marked her acting debut.

Virginie traveled widely before she began acting and visited various African countries, according to her Instagram. The actress travel to Johannesburg, Soweto, and Mauritius.

Despite coming to the big screen later than anticipated and possibly even thought, Laverdure has shown that she gives her audience value for the time spent watching her in the numerous characters she portrays in films.

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Virginie Laverdure Parents and Age

The Australian city of Canberra is where Virginie Laverdure was born. It was revealed that Virginie’s birthday is May 29, thanks to her husband’s Instagram post. The year she was born is unknown, though. Her age, according to estimates, is between 32 and 44.

According to various sources, the actress belongs to the African Australian ethnic group. But her parents give birth to and raised her in the Caribbean.

The details about her parents and her siblings were not given in any sources. The actress is very private about her parents.

Virginie Laverdure Wikipedia
Virginie Laverdure with her husband Darryl Beaton( Source: Instagram)

Darryl Beaton is the husband of Virginie Leverdure. Darryl is an accomplished writer, composer, and producer in the music industry.

The couple has been dating for almost more than ten years and then finally got married. We can see Virginie posted their photos as long back as 2014 on Instagram. The two partners frequently share Instagram postings about how much they love one another.

Four lovely children belong to Virginie Leverdure and Darryl Beaton, who are proud parents. Although she posts about her children on her social media pages, their names are not revealed yet. 

Virginie Laverdure Net Worth

According to the sources her net worth is 2 Million USD. Her income mostly comes from her acting jobs but she is also a businesswoman, director, and voice actor.

In her Instagram post she said that she will share the detail of her business very soon.

As of March 2023, she has 1412 Instagram followers with the handle @virginie_laverdure. She hasn’t had her Instagram account verified. She mainly posts about her work and her daily life. Her Twitter account name is @Lyricalvee and has 99 followers.

Virginie Laverdure
Virginie Laverdure doing her job as voice actress for a audiobook( Source: Instagram)

Currently, The actress is busy with an upcoming Netflix series called Wellmania. The release date of the series is March 29, 2023, on Wednesday. The actress in this series plays Valerie Jones.

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